11 Beautiful Tall Centerpieces for Weddings

Choosing tall centerpieces for weddings can make the event look great. We share ideas on the best tall centerpieces for your wedding.

Whenever you decide to get a wedding centerpiece, the idea is to make it stand out and look its best. The options mostly include having short or tall centerpieces for weddings. Many people might consider the tall centerpieces as they are grand and offer the attention you need for a wedding centerpiece.

With many ideas in the market, we recommend that you always consider getting yourself some of these tall centerpieces for weddings.

Bright Beachfront Centerpiece

greenery in tall glass wedding centerpiece vases

As seen in the image above, tall centerpieces for weddings are supposed to be bright. The best part about beach weddings is how you can customize as much as possible. We see a lot of greenery combined with flowers to make the centerpiece look even better.

Green Luxury

green luxury in tall centerpieces for weddings

You might not have known how well greenery can make the wedding centerpiece look so good. This is a prime example of how you can set up tall centerpieces for weddings on the cheap side but still make them stand out. Being elevated at the top of the tall stand makes it easier for those seated below it to converse with each other easily. The white flowers finish off the look quite well.

Stunning Glass Centerpiece

stunning glass tall centerpieces for weddings

There is so much you can do with a glass vase. Most people might not realize this, but you can combine different flower sizes in the same vase. A good example is what you see in the image above. Our focus is more on the flowers at the top. You always have to ensure they are matched well and have a good reception when the guests come in.

Candelabra With Flowers

tall candle centerpieces for wedding tables

Well, the combination of flowers and candles brings out some of the best looks for tall centerpieces for weddings. Most of the time, it would be the flowers at the top and then the candles at the bottom. This is vice versa, and we think it works great too. It looks minimalist, but we generally like the final look with the various flowers and lit candles.

Nuptio Geometric Vase Gold Centerpiece

gold flower stand

The moment you see a gold color, you always associate such with richness. That is exactly what this gold centerpiece does. We find it perfect for various occasions other than weddings. It can also search as a centerpiece for a birthday, bridal shower, celebration ceremonies, and more.

Such tall centerpieces for weddings can work with flowers and other decorations placed differently. So, other than the usual flower on top, you can have other flowers flowing down along the sides.

Bohemian Tall Wedding Centerpieces

bohemian tall wedding centerpieces

The bohemian wedding centerpieces are a way of letting go of the rules and just having fun. You can make bold statements with this kind of style. That is why you can find interesting vases for such weddings. You may also get terrariums with succulents and bold blooms beside the vases. Adding feathery details, spikes, and floating candles can be enough to complete the look.

Charming Tree Tall Centerpieces

tree tall centerpieces for weddings

Let us assume you have decided to have a forest or barn-themed wedding; such tall wedding centerpieces will make it stand out. The trees are all about adding style, texture, impact, and beauty to the normal wedding decorations. You can always include different colors of flowers with the same trees to add warmth to the wedding ambiance.

Herbal Centerpieces

herbal tall table centerpieces

Tall centerpieces for weddings can take different forms and designs. One interesting centerpiece is the use of herbal design in the centerpiece. This design is vital for showing your love for herbs. We recommend rosemary, lavender, mint, or sage options to ensure the centerpiece looks its best. Of course, a bit of color is important too. So, go ahead to add flowers such as baby’s breath on the tall centerpieces.

Nuptio Tall Crystal Flower Vase

crystal tall centerpieces for weddings

In case you are looking for the most flexible centerpieces, this can be an option. They come with a beautiful design anyone would want for tall centerpieces for weddings. We find them good for weddings, dinner rooms, cafes, hotels, and so much more. The elegant design and shape also make them desirable in various wedding themes. To top it off, you even have a crystal centerpiece. This is vital for giving it a luxurious look most people want in wedding decoration.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpieces

minimalist tall centerpieces

The minimalist tall centerpieces for weddings will be good for those on a budget and who would also want to keep things simple. Sometimes having too many blooms can be overwhelming, and you can save money too. Such minimalist designs are that they can be DIY wedding centerpieces. You may play around with other different decor elements, including candles, mason jars, and casual assortments to make the centerpieces.

Nuptio Metal Wedding Party Tall Centerpiece For Weddings

tall centerpieces for weddings

The beauty of such Nuptio products is that they can work well with different events. The design works well with flowers and also artificial flowers. We have seen them work well with reception tables at weddings, birthdays, and event decorations. The centerpiece might need some assembly, but it is not too much. It takes only a few minutes, and you are done.


When looking to come up with beautiful tall centerpieces for weddings, we can see that many options are available. Most of the time, they can be easy to set up. That is for those who opt for minimalist designs. However, such centerpieces can also be expensive, depending on how you set up the arrangement. Take the time to come up with the best centerpiece within the budget.


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