11 Fun Wedding Guest Book Alternatives Surprise Your Guests

We look at the top wedding guest book alternatives you can try and still have a good time. Find out more in detail about the unique guest books.

When you look at a wedding guest book years down the line, you are bound to remember how it all went down that day. Well, the traditional wedding guest books are still in place today, but what if you try something different? It is possible to come across other wedding guest book alternatives that would have the same effect as the usual guest book.

In your mind, you may be thinking, what are these alternatives? Let us look at the top wedding guest book alternatives below.

1. Polaroid Photo Wall

You can end up with a beautiful Polaroid photo wall with the guests who attended the wedding on it. Have a Polaroid camera plus film close to a blank board or backdrop. Encourage the guests to take photos of themselves attending the wedding and pin them to the empty wall.

The guests can write small notes on the photos and hang them on the board. When you look at the photos, it is easy to flip them on the back and read their kind messages.

2. Nuptio Unique Wooden Hearts

wooden heart wedding guest book alternatives

This is one of the best wedding guest book alternatives, as the wooden hearts are unique and personalized. This can be a more wonderful guest book for your wedding than the traditional one. It is unique, and it will leave the guests talking about it.

Each guest can pick one heart and write their name on the back. Once they are done, they simply insert it back into the holder. On its own, it is a beautiful display. You can imagine how better it is knowing your guests wrote a message or name on them.

3. Vinyl Record Guest Book

If you are a couple who enjoys vinyl records, consider using them as your wedding guest book alternatives. Get yourself a stack of vinyl records or even blank ones, and let the guests sign them with colorful markers. Expect any guests that understand the beauty of vinyl records to sign and write a beautiful message for you.

4. Message In A Bottle

Another choice would be to use the message in a bottle for wedding guest book alternatives. The guests are given small bottles and paper slips. Once they are done writing their message, they simply slide them into the glass bottles. Collect these messages and display them in a large glass jar or individually after the wedding.

Remove the papers from the bottles and go through them to remember the day that was.

5. Art Canvas Guest Book

There is also the choice of using a blank canvas among the wedding guest book alternatives. Start by laying a blank canvas on a table and place several markers or colors around it. The guests can come and sign the piece of canvas, adding their names and wishing you well in your marriage.

We often see people framing the canvas and hanging it as a cherished memory of how their wedding happened.

6. Nuptio Wood Tree Frame Wedding Guest Book

wedding guest book alternatives wooden tree

If you are still seeking wedding guest book alternatives, this could be it for you. The wooden tree frame allows for better personalization of the guest book experience. Each guest will have a chance to write something on the wooden hearts, which are then hung on the tree frame.

Other than using them for weddings, we also recommend them for birthday parties, graduation, anniversaries, and more.

7. Engraved Puzzle Guest Book

This is among the many guest book alternatives in the market. In this case, have a wooden puzzle game custom-made with your names and the wedding date. The puzzle is disassembled, and the pieces are given to the guests to sign. Once the wedding is over, you can have fun assembling the puzzle pieces while reading nice messages from the guests.

8. Coasters Full Of Advice

You may also provide the guests with blank wood, paper, or cork coasters. Do not forget to offer colorful markers or pens so they can write their marriage advice or simply well wishes as you get into the marriage life. The coasters can be used in the house as functional coasters while reminding you of the day you got married.

9. Date Night Jar

Give your wedding guests small pieces of paper and a pen with a prompt on ideas for date night. You can imagine that if you had 300 guests at your wedding, it is possible to have 300 date night ideas. It is one of the best wedding guest book alternatives to consider today.

Once the guests write the date night idea, have them put the paper in a jar. Take one piece of paper from the jar each time you want a random date night.

10. Nuptio Gift Card Box Holder

card box holder wedding guest book alternatives

Still, you can get this gift card holder for all your messages on guest book alternatives. The card box has a slot allowing guests to deposit pieces of paper with congratulatory messages, advice, and so much more. People like it for being affordable and still looking good in terms of the design it offers.

11. Recipe Book

Consider using a recipe book among the wedding guest book alternatives. In this case, the recipe book will have blank pages. It is for the guests to recommend what kind of meals you can try out as you start a new life. Getting recipe ideas from people you know can be nice to get you going.

That is not all; the guests can still use the blank pages to deliver their best wishes on your new chapter of life.


It is possible to find many wedding guest book alternatives in the market. You just have to do more research and be creative too. From the list shared above, stepping away from the norm and doing something different is possible. Ensure the alternative is fun for everyone, including the guests attending the wedding.


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