12 Creative Ideas to Display Cupcakes at a Wedding

A great cupcake display should leave you enjoying the overall look of your dessert. We share creative ideas for displaying cupcakes at a wedding.

Cupcakes are some of the best desserts you can have at a wedding. The good thing about cupcakes is that they allow you to play around with different display methods. Of course, a nice display will also mean that your guests can enjoy how the cupcakes look before even tasting them. With that in mind, what would be the best cupcake display to consider? Below are ideas to get you started.

1. Create A Cupcake Tower

cupcake display tower for weddings

Creating a cupcake tower might seem like a classic choice, but it is the best way to a cupcake display at a wedding. The towers can be bought or rented. We recommend renting if you have to use the towers for only the wedding day. Of course, renting is also cheaper, and you can choose many options.

Once you have the cupcake tower, stack the cupcakes in tiers. Consider the tower height while arranging the cupcakes so that you have a better view of the cupcakes from far. You need the guests to be easily attracted to the cupcake display simply because of how it is set up.

2. Vintage Tea Cup Cupcake Display

It might be easy for you to consider this type of display too. This is where you place the cupcakes in tea cups to create a vintage chic wedding. Cupcakes placed inside the teacup are then put on top of saucers to act as the base. The result is an elegant look giving the wedding a touch of nostalgia.

3. Tree Slice Cupcake Display

Let us say you have an outdoor wedding and want to incorporate a rustic look. One of the options to help display cupcakes would be to use tree slices to hold the cupcakes. It gives the cupcakes a natural and beautiful look on overall. Also, you end up having more charm added to the dessert table.

That is not all; the tree slice can also contain floral arrangements or ribbons to give it a rustic look.

4. Customized Cupcake Boxes

customized cupcake display box

If you are going for a unique cupcake display, customized cupcake boxes are highly recommended. The boxes can have the couple’s name, wedding date, and other decorations that make them stand out during the display.

Once the cupcakes are placed in the boxes, you can stack them to create a beautiful look.

5. Cupcake Bouquets

Yes, you read it right. There also exists cupcake bouquets as a way to display your cupcakes. Such a cupcake display option creates a beautiful cupcake bouquet for a wedding. This would be an ideal choice for couples who love cake and pastries.

The bouquets will be made using cupcake liners and floral foam to keep them in place. The foam can also be decorated with flowers and greenery to enhance the overall look of the display.

6. Mini Cupcake Stands

Sometimes you might be just looking for a minimalist look. If that is the case, we recommend using the mini cupcake stands. The stands can be made from metal, wood, or clay and can only hold a single cupcake. Being small means transporting them is easy and can easily be set up in different configurations to form a beautiful display.

7. Vintage Cupcake Suitcase Display

vintage suitcase cupcake display

For those in the mood for a travel-themed wedding, you can also use a vintage suitcase for a cupcake display. The cupcakes will be arranged neatly in the suitcase with a map and other travel decors. It is a unique display not many consider, but if you like it, go for it.

8. Mason Jar Display

We recommend this for those who want an outdoor or rustic wedding. As the display name suggests, go ahead to put the cupcakes in the mason jars. The jars are then decorated with a burlap ribbon or even twine. Arrange the jars on a wooden board or crate to complete the beautiful rustic look of the cupcake display.

9. Birdcage Cupcake Display Stand

3 Tier Metal Birdcage Cupcake Display Stand

A birdcage is another option for displaying your cupcakes at a wedding. Well, it is a cupcake stand designed as a birdcage. This is for those who love birds or just want something unique from the ordinary compared to using the usual cupcake stands. Other than working for a wedding event, the same is suitable for baby showers, afternoon tea, anniversary, and so much more.

10. Colorful Cupcake Display

It is a wedding, and it is only right if you add color. As such, consider having a colorful display of cupcakes. Start with using colored cupcake liners and then create a rainbow pattern as an example. You can also consider adding a white or any other neutral-colored tablecloth to enhance the colored cupcakes.

11. Cupcake Wall

We have one for you if you want a trendy but unique way of displaying cupcakes. Consider getting a cupcake wall. The wall is simply full of cupcake holders, and slides the cupcakes into the holders. You can consider different materials for the wall. Such include wood and metal. Once the cupcakes are in the holders, add some greenery plus floral arrangements on the wall to enhance the display.

12. Cupcake Pedestals

mini cupcake display stands white

Another unique way of displaying cupcakes is the use of cupcake pedestals. The pedestals come in different heights and dimensions. Pick the one that can be well arranged to suit your needs. Also, you can choose from the various materials available. The common materials for pedestals include metal, ceramic, wood, or glass.

We recommend choosing pedestals of different heights to create a visually appealing display.


A proper cupcake display for a wedding is vital for bringing out the desired look for the cupcake dessert. The aim is always to understand your wedding theme, the audience, and also what you would like at your wedding. You can always go for the simple cupcake tower or have a trendy cupcake wall. It is all you to decide what works well to create a beautiful dessert.


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