12 Ways to Display a Glass Vase

Displaying a glass vase can take many directions. Most important is to have a great vision of how you can implement the designs you have in mind.

Glass vases are versatile to the point that people enjoy using them to decorate their spaces around the house or even the office. One thing that makes a glass flower vase good is how it works for different setups. For this reason, you may be wondering how best to display a glass vase. In this guide, we help you enjoy setting up glass decorative vases and making the space more beautiful. Let us see below.

Candle And Branch Fillers

To kick us off is such a beautiful combination of floating candles and twigs used in the glass vase to form a beautiful centerpiece. There is also the addition of a mirror at the bottom of the vase to add depth. We recommend using votive or tea light candles for making floating candles. As you can see, it is a simple yet beautiful glass centerpiece.

Decorated Glass Floor Vases

The best part about a glass flower vase is that it will be good for even floor decoration. If you can get a huge glass vase, you have to decorate it with the right elements, and you are good to go. Examples include decorative stones, flowers with long stems, sticks, and more. So, let your creativity run wild, and you should have the best decoration.

A Glass Of Yarns

Sometimes you might be surprised by how the simple things in the house can also be used to decorate a glass vase. If you have a glass floor vase, fill it with different colors of yarns in the house. Besides working as a nice display, the glass decor vase stores the yarns neatly. Remember to add some blooms where necessary to complete the look.

Modern Gradient Colored Glass Vases

You may be looking for something modern that gives you a different look than the usual transparent glass flower vase. In that case, you need colored glass decorative vases. Such vases can easily transform your space, as people do not expect it. For this case, you can use dark, clear glass essential for creating a modern backdrop.

As for the vase fillers, you can use water or a few plants, and you should be good.

Twisted Glass Holder With A Charm

A glass flower vase can be boring and plain on its own. However, introducing a vase holder is a fun way of making the glass decorative vase look great. For this case, we have a twisted twig vase holder. You may have not seen such a design before. Well, you can still find other unique designs that make it easier for you to display your vases better than before.

decorative glass vase for home decor

Multiple Vases, Multiple Blooms

You could easily have several glass bud vases, and you are unsure how to use them. Simply group them, but time around, use different bloom types for each vase. You will see that now each vase has a different character. You can randomly have one of the vases contain greenery only to make it more fun.

Create A Succulent Garden

Succulents remain the best way to decorate your glass small vases. However, you should not just use the succulents alone. You should still consider getting other decorations for the same. You can add small rocks, sand, and much more. Just make sure that the succulent garden looks its absolute best for you to enjoy looking at it.

Work With Multiple Shapes Of Glass Decor Vases

People love using symmetry, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, there is also the option of using different shapes of glass decorative vases to make something unique and better too. You start by collecting glass clear vases of different shapes, such as those shown above, and decorate them differently.

As much as the decoration would be different for each vase, they make them look cohesive.

Bold Coastal Vibe

You may have visited the beach recently and collected several shells; now, you have no idea where to use them. You should not worry much about the best way to use these coastal elements when you have glass cylinder vases.

Use these elements in your glass tall vases for a nice decoration. Use as many elements as possible. Who would have thought even ropes look good in a cylinder vase? It is evident in the image above.

Add Fruits

Rather than always resolving to use flowers to decorate the glass large vase, consider using fruits. Yes, you can arrange fruits in an old boring glass cylinder vase without making it look boring. We see that such an option would be ideal for your dining table. We expect it to remain looking good since fruits also look amazing.

Store Extra Change

A glass vase with a huge opening would be ideal for those who want to store change or coins. Having coins as part of the layout has a rich vibe from the look. That is why you may get some people storing coins in the glass bud vases and add a small plant at the top to signify money is growing.

DIY Painting Of Glass Decorative Vases

One way of making glass vases look beautiful is by painting them. We recommend this method because it allows you to be creative with your designs. Make sure that you also use the right paint glass. Normal paint may easily drip off the glass.

Watch a couple of YouTube tutorials to show you how it is possible to paint glass clear vases and make them unique to your liking.

Once the pain is dry, you can add more decorative elements to the glass vases and put them in a space that enhances their looks.


A good glass vase can be your blank canvas for making beautiful and artistic arrangements. We have discussed exploring using glass flower vases for solo arrangements at the house and even for special events such as weddings. What is important is always to use the right glass vase decoration, making it stand out. You can check our glass vases collection for DIY decoration.


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