Wedding Centerpieces That Don’t Include Flowers

The non-floral wedding centerpieces give you flexibility in decorating your wedding. We share ideas to make the wedding space look better.

It is expected that most people would consider getting flowers as wedding centerpieces. This is because of how well they can deliver on the overall look of the wedding venue. Nevertheless, there are many other ways of decorating your wedding space without necessarily using flowers. We want to see how you can achieve this.

So what are your options for non-floral wedding centerpieces? Check out the various options below.

1. NUPTIO White Christmas Tree Artificial

artificial tree tabletop non-floral wedding centerpieces

It might be a Christmas tree decoration, but it works great as a non-floral wedding centerpiece. This is because of the design that has a welcoming feel. Because of the look, we recommend it for winter weddings or any other, depending on how well you decorate it for the event.

The decor is generally durable and convenient. We find that you can easily take it home after the event is over. Use it for decorating your home, also thanks to its multipurpose nature.

2. Gold Candlesticks for Non-floral Wedding Centerpieces

gold candlesticks for table centerpieces

We have a wide range of products you can use as non-floral wedding centerpieces, including these candle holders. They have a golden brass color, which should be good for any wedding setup. Also, their design gives off a vintage and exquisite feel.

They are designed to work with taper candles. It should be easy to find the use of such candle holders in our homes other than the wedding. People place them in living rooms, bedrooms, bars, and much more.

3. NUPTIO Vintage Style Hanging Lanterns

hanging candle lanterns white for non-floral wedding centerpieces

You can consider these as options for non-floral wedding centerpieces that can work with a wide range of candle types. Since they are sold in a pack of 4, you should have a nice way of decorating them as centerpieces for an evening wedding reception.

We also see them as a nice gift idea for hanging in the house too. That is why you may see them as housewarming gifts. So long as it is a special occasion, this one is a nice gift idea to get yourself.

4. Wedding Boho Guestbook

A guestbook is an essential part of a wedding event. Guestbooks can also serve as non-floral wedding centerpieces. As such, you need a special kind of guestbook to make it stand out.

For our case, we have a nice personalized guestbook with wooden hearts where you write a message to the couple and drop it into the container. This means you can let people be more creative at your wedding and experience something unique.

5. Natural Pampas Grass Decor

pampas grass decor for non-floral wedding centerpieces

Non-floral wedding centerpieces can take different forms. One is using natural pampas grass to decorate the wedding table. The pampas grass has a classic and timeless look that is not easy to go out of style. You can always be more creative with it and ensure it makes the centerpiece look great.

We like how much grass can easily mix and match other elements in the wedding setup. People also find it offers a dreamy and romantic atmosphere, which you need for any wedding. Of course, its durability makes it a wise investment since you can use it for home decor too, with low maintenance.

6. NUPTIO Tea Light Candle Holders

tealight candle holders for wedding tables

Tea light candles can also serve as invaluable non-floral wedding centerpieces for a wedding. This is because of their warm glow. Imagine combining that with beautiful tea light candle holders like those shown above. They create a speckled pattern, which is good for any wedding decoration.

The package features 18 pieces of tealight candle holders which are enough for decorating various tables. The gold finish is definitely enough to make it feel luxurious as you keep using the tealight candles.

7. Topiary Lollipop Centerpiece

Yes, you can also use lollipops as non-floral wedding centerpieces. Let us assume you have a kid’s table. Giving them flowers would not mean much to them. That is why you need such a centerpiece on their table.

If you decide to make the same for yourself, consider filling a small bucket with enough lollipops to make a similar look. Ensure the kids are cautioned against taking the lollipops until the event ends. This helps with teaching them patience.

8. Glass Plus Teak Wood Functional Vase Centerpiece

One thing about non-floral wedding centerpieces is that you can be as creative as you want. This is a good example of distressed teak wood combined with a blown glass bowl to form a beautiful and unique centerpiece.

In addition, there is a terrarium set up in the vase to complete the look. Being a centerpiece for a wedding is going to be something different and better than what you get with other types of centerpieces.

9. Wedding Book Luminaries

This is a beautiful way of telling your love story while at the same time having fun with it. It is a creative piece anyone should consider getting since it will work really nicely. You can even do this at home, but it is still commercially available for those with limited time.

If you have the time, simply use a vintage book page and add beautiful printing. Make any pattern you like, add tealight candles to the decoration, and you should have the best look.


The non-floral wedding centerpieces are what you need for a beautiful look in any wedding space. People often think you only need to use expensive flowers for a beautiful ceremony. That does not have to be the case when you could utilize many other options in the market.

For more collections of wedding centerpieces, please check out our online store. You will find your perfect non-floral wedding centerpieces.


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