NUPTIO is a luxurious wedding and party decoration brand that was established in May 2016. The name NUPTIO was inspired by the word “Nuptial,” which means pertaining to weddings, and reflects the brand’s commitment to making every wedding a memorable and beautiful event. By changing the “ial” in “Nuptial” to “o,” the brand imbues its name with a sense of harmony and completeness, symbolizing the union of two individuals in matrimony.

As a wedding and party home decor brand, NUPTIO is committed to developing creative and inspired products such as flower stands, delicate artificial flowers, unique candle holders, champagne glasses, cake stands, and other centerpiece decorations. NUPTIO is skilled at generating countless design-oriented works through infinite creative ideas, showcasing a distinct brand style.

With the design philosophy of “using design trends as a guide for product development and using infinite creativity to build a beautiful centerpiece world,” NUPTIO continuously provides unique decoration ideas and banquet solutions for soon-to-be-married couples and people in need of event decorations. The brand has witnessed countless moments of happiness and unforgettable memories for its customers.

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Core values and brand spirit of NUPTIO brand

Focusing on high-quality products with a strong price-performance ratio.
Our production philosophy is anchored in high-quality standards and emphasizes the creation of low-cost, high-quality products. By guiding a positive feedback loop and rejecting superficiality, we aim to provide customers with the best possible choices. 
NUPTIO is a brand that embodies the essence of innovation.
Guided by the principle that “Good design is innovative,” the brand is committed to delivering products that exceed expectations. From the aesthetics of design to the intricacies of detail, NUPTIO’s products are thoughtfully crafted to meet the psychological and aesthetic needs of its users.
NUPTIO firmly believes in the power of unique and heartfelt love.
Each love and companionship is a precious and distinct expression of the human experience. As such, the brand imbues every product with the same sincerity and care as a testament to the beauty of love. NUPTIO’s commitment to crafting high-quality and exceptional products ensures that each user receives the most genuine and heartfelt blessings.

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NUPTIO – Born in Verona, Italy, the Romance Capital of the World

NUPTIO was established in May 2016. In the beautiful months of Spring and Summer, we help couples tell beautiful and romantic stories. We use exquisitely designed products to help every moment unforgettable for every couple. By utilizing thoughtful design, competitive pricing, and putting the NUPTIO brand values into every product we make, we hope to help bring happiness and good fortune all around the world.


NUPTIO – Full of Energy and Substantial Growth

In 2020, NUPTIO products grew at a rapid rate, and the search volume of NUPTIO keywords had exponential growth day after day. That year, NUPTIO received more than 500,000 new customers, and its products were distributed in over 15 countries around the world. We firmly believe that our goal and brand values are to create an unforgettable moment with high-quality products, are in everything we make.


NUPTIO – Understanding Trends, Continuously Innovating, and Developing High-Quality Products.

In line with the vision of “Creating exclusive wedding memories for millions of couples around the world,” NUPTIO conducts in-depth product design development. NUPTIO is a brand dedicated to developing wedding party decorations and expects excellence in everything we make, and the trusted brand of every couple.