Basic Rules of Flower Arrangements for Wedding Tables

Setting up the right flower arrangements for wedding tables is easy if you know the basic rules. We discuss these rules and tips to keep in mind.

If you ever get to a wedding without flower arrangements, you will think something is wrong. This just shows how core flower arrangements are vital for any wedding decoration. It may also consume much of the wedding budget if you do not plan it correctly.

Since we know flower arrangements for wedding tables are crucial, we want to see which basic rules you always follow. But first, the importance of flower arrangements in a wedding.

Why Use Flower Arrangements For Wedding Tables

The first reason you would get flower arrangements for wedding tables is that they enhance the visual appeal of the space. They will also create a welcoming atmosphere to make you feel at home.

The vibrant colors of the flowers have a way of captivating your senses. Also, the freshness and beauty of the flowers in the space give off elegance in the room.

The flower arrangements also work as the space’s focal point, making people want to use them even after the wedding. You simply need creatively made flower arrangements that capture the guests’ attention in the wedding venue.

Depending on your flower arrangements for wedding tables, they can also set the tone and theme of the wedding. It can be a way of showcasing your style. They would lay ground on how you decorate the other spaces too.

You may also use the flowers for symbolic purposes. Flowers are mostly used to represent joy, love, purity, and much more. So, you have to choose the flowers carefully to pass along a special message to those attending the wedding.

flower arrangements for wedding tables

Rule 1: Choosing The Right Flowers

Choosing the right flowers is the first step towards having the best flower arrangements for wedding tables. You have to ensure these flowers complement the overall wedding color scheme and theme.

Flowers can be essential to tying everything together. You must choose the right flowers for a cohesive and visually pleasing look.

A good example is choosing the right flowers that suit the theme when you want a romantic but vintage wedding.

Seasonality and availability may also be a reason for choosing the right wedding flowers. If the flowers are out of season, it means paying more for them. How about using flowers already in season and readily available?

Rule 2: Balance And Proportion

Balance and proportion are important aspects you should never ignore. You should now have beautiful flower arrangements for wedding tables.

For you to have a balanced arrangement, consider the flower shape, size, and colors. Think about how these flowers would interact with each other. Try to distribute the visual weight evenly in the centerpiece. We recommend strategically placing the more vibrant blooms to stand out even better.

As for proportions, you need to focus more on how the flowers interact with other decoration elements. Also, the overall size of the arrangement can determine how well it will look once the setup is done.

The flower color, texture, and shape are key in creating beautiful floral centerpieces. We have already talked about colors. This means you can focus more on the texture and shape of flowers. Such can add richness and looks to a flower arrangement.

Rule 3: Containers And Vases For Flower Arrangements

The containers are important in flower arrangements for wedding tables. It means you can present the arrangement better. You may opt for options such as traditional vases or have custom and unique alternatives.

We recommend the classic glass vase if you are unsure what to use as containers or vases. Such a vase is simple and elegant at the same time. When creating a rustic and charming atmosphere, we recommend using mason jars.

You always have to go back to the wedding style and then even when choosing the vases. You must achieve a cohesive look with every piece you add to the flower arrangement.

Sometimes the venue and table settings may determine the style of containers and vases you use for the wedding. An example is choosing vases that work with table linen, dinnerware, and other table decor elements.

Rule 4: Arrangement Techniques

How you arrange the flower arrangements for wedding tables is also vital to the overall look. Traditional round bouquets, cascade, vertical or tower, and minimal arrangements are options.

Several online tutorials talk about how you can achieve some of these techniques. So, it should not be hard to arrange the flowers correctly.

Use height variations, and incorporate greenery, including filler flowers, for a cohesive look.

Rule 5: Durability And Longevity

The durability and longevity mean that your flower arrangements will remain looking good. This remains the same even late in the evening when you have had the reception in the afternoon.

If this is what you need, then opt for resilient flowers. Such options include carnations, alstroemerias, roses, and orchids. These blooms do not need much to remain looking good during the ceremony.

Also, using flowers in their prime can preserve freshness for a long. We do not recommend using flowers that might easily wilt because they are old. Also, avoid flowers with discolored parts, as they will make the arrangement look old.

Rule 6: Personalization

Flower arrangements for wedding tables allow you to add personal style to the wedding. In such a case, you can incorporate family heirlooms, sentimental elements, and other key items.

You could also utilize some additional decorative elements to enhance the look of the flower arrangement. Examples are ribbons, table runners, and candles. These are key in improving the arrangement’s texture, color, and visual interest.


Creating beautiful and meaningful floral centerpieces requires following several rules. This is to make sure that they stand out. Understanding how to tie flowers, vases, and personal decorations together is vital. Remember to have a proper balance and proportions. This will make the arrangements look the best too.


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