How to Uniquely Decorate Votive Candle Holders for Weddings

When you want to decorate a wedding venue, you will come across multiple options, including flowers, ribbons, lanterns, and so much more. What we did not mention are candles. Yes, candles can also be a great way of decorating weddings. In this case, we recommend the use of votive candle holders.

The votive candles might be small, but they always have a big presence when used correctly at a wedding. The best is when you can use gold votive candle holders in a wedding space. We want to see how best you can decorate votive candle holders so that they look great for your wedding setup.

Painting The Votive Candle Holders

When you have plain candle holders, it is best to add some color to them by painting. You may end up with gold votive candle holders or any other color you might want.

One way that people paint their candle holders would be to simply dip these candle holders in a bucket full of paint.

We would recommend that you add patterns too to the candle holder. This means using tape and sprays paint. Attach the tape in a pattern you like, then spray the paint onto the glass candle holder. Once the paint is dry, pull off the tape to reveal the nice design.

Make sure that you are using paint meant to be used on glass material. This is for those who would be using glass votive candle holders. The last thing you need is the paint to keep dripping rather than sticking.

Write The Guest Names On The Candle Holders

Painting should not be the only way you decorate the votive candle holders. In addition to painting, you can write the names of the guests attending the wedding.

For this part, we recommend using a paint pen in a nice color that complements the other decor already put on the candle holder. Draw a flower, heart, or any other special symbol you share with the guest sitting at the table.

We recommend using a paint pen in easy-to-read colors. Use gold, blue, or black, as they are easily visible.

Dip The Candle Holders In Glitter

gold votive candle holders

Another way would be to consider adding glitter to the candle holder to give it sparkly lighting.

Start by applying clear glue onto the candle holder so the glitter will stick easily. Pour the gold glitter onto a plate to make it easier to apply it to the candle holder. That is how you end up with gold votive candle holders. Well, you can always choose any other glitter color based on preference.

Roll the votive candle holder in the glitter, ensuring that all the sides have a good amount of glitter attached to them. Let the glitter dry into the glue and now go ahead to start using it.

It is best to use fine glitter to give off a clean look and attach to the glue better.

Sticking Decals For Quick Decorations

Sometimes you might need more time to paint the votive candle holders. The result is simply sticking decals to the gold votive candle holders to enhance its look for a wedding setting.

Visiting a local craft store should leave you with hundreds of options for decals. You can choose hearts, gold designs, and even words. Most of them will have glue already. Pull the protective sticker and attach the decal to the glass candle holder.

Add Photos Onto The Candle Holders

Still, as part of decorating votive candle holders for weddings, add photos on the back of the candle holders. It can be photos that bring out memories of how your love has grown over the years to now you are finally marrying each other. It could still be family photos based on where people will be sitting during the wedding ceremony.

It should not be hard for you to attach the photos to the sides of the candle holders. This includes using glue to attach the photos with ease. Ensure the photos can be cut to size because the candle holders for votive candles would be small.

Add Glass Beads To The Candle Holders

votive candle holders with glass beads

Consider adding beads to the gold votive candle holders if you have them. The good thing about glass beads is that they give off a reflective look to the candle holder.

Cover the candle holder with hot glue to stick the glass beads to it easily. Try to combine different colors of glass beads on the candle holder. We like colors such as gray, pink, and blue. Also, you can arrange the candle holder in a way you get a nice pattern too.

Use Washi Tape To Create A Design On The Candle Holder

Washi tape can also be a great way of decorating candle holders for weddings. The good thing about washi tapes is that they are available in different designs and colors. Go ahead to check out multiple options from a craft store and choose the right pattern.

All that is left is to wrap the washi tape on the candle holder and cut off the ends using scissors. Consider using several patterns on one glass candle holder. Just make sure they look good together.

Combining stripes, plaids, and polka dots can often leave you with the best-looking votive candle holders.

Wrap With A Ribbon

A ribbon is also welcomed to enhance the look of your gold votive candle holders. For many people, this will also be a simple decoration they can easily do and not spend so much on the whole decoration process.

Try to match the color of the ribbon to the theme colors of the wedding. Let us say the theme colors for the wedding are blue and silver, then use thin white, silver, and blue ribbons.


It is hard to go wrong with decorating votive candle holders. You will always like the idea of customizing it to look just as good as you would have wanted. We have highlighted several options for you, making it easier to find one that will work well for your needs. Pick the one you like and improve the look of the candle holders.

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