What Is An Appropriate Wedding Reception Centerpiece For A 48” Table

A 48” table is one of the most common options for decorating a wedding. It is a good size to seat several people and still provides space for glass wedding centerpieces. People love how glass wedding centerpieces make the space look, and thus, the reason they are quite common.

If that is the case, which would be the appropriate one to use? We share with you several options to consider if you want to embrace the use of glass wedding centerpieces.

Colored Candles With Glass Candle Holders

colored candles with glass wedding centerpieces

White candles are the ones you would commonly find at a wedding. They do look good; nobody denies that, but what if you consider trying out different colors?

That is why we recommend trying out other colors for candles. Having such colors would generally add warmth to the space without going overboard. Choosing whether to use scented candles or not largely depends on who will be attending. Just do not forget to use glass candle holders to have amazing glass wedding centerpieces.

More Flowers For Everyone

tall flowers vase wedding centerpieces

To decorate the wedding table, you may want to consider more flowers. Of course, it is a wedding, so more flowers make sense. Be careful with the flowers you pick. Remember that different flowers have different meanings. So, choosing the right flower for a wedding function is best.

Since we want to achieve glass wedding centerpieces, the vase has to be glass. Luckily, that is what you get with most vases in the market. Most stores will have all shapes, styles, colors, and designs of vases to consider.

Make sure to get the right size too of the glass vase. This allows the proper arrangement of the different flowers to create beautiful glass wedding centerpieces.

Floating Candles

floating candles for glass wedding centerpieces

Using floating candles is always seen as a budget idea that gets you to enjoy experiencing a clean and beautiful decoration while on a budget.

We recommend using cylindrical vases for the decoration in this part. You can even use tall glasses if you have any in your home.

Start by filling them with water and add small tealight candles at the top. Light the candles, and you should be done with the decoration. Add a bit of greenery around the vases just as an additional look to create the best look for floating candles.

Well, that did not take long to have glass wedding centerpieces for someone on a budget.

Vintage Glass Lanterns

glass candle lantern for wedding centerpiece

Another potential decoration to consider would be vintage lanterns. We are in an era where most people want to use a lot of flashy and fancy glass wedding centerpieces. There is nothing wrong with that, but just know you can also use a vintage glass lantern.

Besides mostly using it to decorate your home, it can still come in handy for making the wedding table look great. They are still low-budget but will make bold statements as glass wedding centerpieces while in use.

The best part is how you would come across multiple designs. This allows you to customize the vintage lanterns to your wedding theme.

Tall Flower Centerpieces

tall flower centerpieces with glass candle holders

One thing about decorating a wedding is that you have many options to consider, even if they are not glass wedding centerpieces. You can do something simple or go large. Well, it is a wedding, sometimes doing something that stands out is what people expect you to do.

For such reasons, we also recommend tall flower centerpieces too. They can be in different shapes and styling, but just make them stand out even for someone not sitting at the same table. It is something that will be a conversation starter.

Crystal Glass Candle Holder

crystal glass wedding centerpieces

We have already mentioned how if it is a wedding decoration, it means going big. Here is another good example of how best you can achieve glass wedding centerpieces too.

The tall and majestic crystal glass candle holder will do so much for decorating the wedding table. Be careful as such decoration can be expensive. However, if you have the budget for it, then it should not be a problem. You can always rent it at a small fee to ensure the wedding table still looks great.

Plants In Glass Vases

plants in glass vase with floating candles

Normally, glass wedding centerpieces might only sometimes involve plants inside the glass vases. So, taking bold steps to create something out of the ordinary is always good.

The best part is how the water in the glass vases will keep the plants looking fresh compared to when they would just be exposed.

We recommend using a combination of tall and short glass vases. Top them off with tealight candles to have a floating candle decoration also.

Sand And Flower Centerpieces

sand and flower for glass wedding centerpieces

Glass vases are generally flexible to help you achieve the best look. That is why you will come across such decorations too. They include sand at the bottom of the glass vase and then topping it off with flowers. You could also add candles at the sand’s top as decoration.

Glass Cloche Terrariums

Glass Cloche Terrariums

If the couple loves terrariums, this can be another choice as glass wedding centerpieces. The good thing about such an option is choosing what to put in the terrarium. The options are endless. You just have to be creative. For this time, a simple moss terrarium should make the table look beautiful for the guests.


The glass wedding centerpieces have a way of making you want more for your wedding decoration. They are also quite versatile. This makes it hard for you to go wrong with the wedding table decoration. Working with a professional event planner can also help you choose the best glass table decorations to ensure you like how the wedding setup turns out.

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