Guide To Arrange Flowers In A Trumpet Vase For Wedding

Create stunning floral arrangements for your wedding with our guide to arranging flowers in a trumpet vase. Elevate your decor with ease.

The good thing about trumpet vases is their versatility in working with different decorations. You can play around with different flower types, and you can still end up with a beautiful setup for a wedding.

You may have a trumpet vase and a wedding to decorate. How best can you arrange the flowers in the trumpet vase to make it stand out and be gorgeous in the room? Here are some ideas.

Plan The Flower Arrangement

As much as a trumpet vase will be easy to get, the real work comes down to the flowers you would be using. That is why you should always consider the flowers in season. Like spring, the most common flowers are daffodils, peonies, tulips, and Boronia.

Expect that to change from one season to another. This does not mean that the flowers will not be there, but they are a bit more expensive to source since they are not readily available.

If you want year-long flowers, some options would be eucalyptus, calla lilies, gladiolus, scabiosa, protea, and more.

Pick The Right Trumpet Vase

Trumpet vases can be made of different designs, colors, and materials. What we can expect to remain relatively the same is that they would be thinner and longer. So, what kinds of trumpet vases can you get in your location?

If you cannot find the best options from a local store, consider shopping online too. Sometimes you might be surprised by how many online options you would get.

Do not forget about the color, whether it is the vase or the flowers. Look at what you have to work with as the wedding theme. You can always get a good deal when you take the time to check out several sources to find the ideal vase and flower choices.

Add Texture To The Flowers

As part of coming up with a great flower arrangement, there is also the need to add more texture to the decoration. In such a case, you can use additional decorations other than flowers. We are talking of grasses, woody stalks, and anything else in season.

Some might consider seasonal arrangements such as pine cones, berries, pumpkins, and more.

tall glass trumpet vase for wedding table centerpieces

Where Will The Arrangement Be Placed?

The final placement of the trumpet vase can also be important to consider. A good example is looking at the color scheme and the general mood of the wedding venue.

Let us say it is a darker venue, then a splash of color comes in handy to ensure the place is generally brightened. Also, sometimes you would enjoy the best arrangement only if you use the right size of trumpet vase. The long vases can be good for hallways and also small round tables.

Prepare The Flowers And Other Supplies

Before diving into making the arrangement, consider gathering everything you need in one place. This will make it easier to arrange them together more efficiently.

So, what are your supplies?

We have seen that you need to have a trumpet vase and flowers of different colors and sizes. You should also consider floral foam or flower frog key in ensuring the flower stems can be held together nicely.

Floral tape or elastic bands can also be useful for holding the flowers together if you decide to use a trumpet vase with a narrow opening.

Remember to get a sharp knife or garden clippers to help cut the flower stems. Some preservative solution would be nice to help maintain the flowers looking fresh.

Prepare the Vase

Go ahead to prepare the vase, then add the flowers. If you use floral foam, place it in a preservative solution for about 15 minutes and use a sharp knife to cut it to the size and shape of the vase. Place this foam into the vase and secure it with floral tape if the need arises.

Add water to the vessel too. The water is good for keeping the foam soaked in water and maintaining the flowers’ freshness. Some people add a few drops of bleach to kill bacteria so their flowers can keep looking fresh for longer.

glass trumpet vase with flowers centerpieces

Start Making The Arrangement

You are now at the fun part. It is time to make the decoration stand out.

When arranging the flowers, we recommend you start with the larger and more dominant flowers. Start with a single flower type first and then layer it with other varieties, colors of flowers, and shapes.

We recommend you work in a circle whereby you place the flowers on the outer edge first and keep adding more. If you have foam in the vase, it should be easy as it holds the flowers in place.

Layering is an important technique you can utilize in such an application. Experts recommend adding flowers with an odd number for each layer. If the red roses in the outer circle were 7, add 5 white roses in the following inner circle. The odd numbers help make the arrangement look more organic.

You still have to pay attention to the height and width of the flowers. The rule of thumb is that your flowers should be at least one and a half times the vase height. So, when you are using a sharp knife to trim the flower stems, keep this in mind. As for the width, there is no clear rule, but simply find the right balance, and you should be good.

Add Greenery Too

Since you want to make the best flower presentation, we recommend adding greenery. These are added last and can be inserted as many as possible to your liking. They are simply good for improving the appeal of the flowers. You no longer have to use the flowers alone.

Here is a video you can also check out for more tips.


We have shown you how to make the arrangement as easy as possible. If you have a trumpet vase, it should be possible to arrange the flowers the way you like and enjoy it even further when placed at a wedding. So far, such an arrangement is like what you get with other vases, so it should not be too hard to implement.


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