Guide To Wedding Table Centerpieces Rules

Creating wedding centerpieces for tables is quite an interesting process. Most of the time, as a planner, you have to be creative when coming up with table centerpieces. This is because those attending the wedding would appreciate it if you put a lot of thought into making the wedding centerpieces.

So, are there rules for wedding centerpieces for tables?

We try to see several rules you may want to consider when setting up such centerpieces.

Start With The Wedding Theme

fall themed wedding centerpieces for tables

Of course, the theme can affect other decisions you have to make about the wedding. A good example is that some flowers would be available in summer but not during other seasons.

Other than seasons, the theme can also be based on colors and decorating styles. Talk to the couple to understand their favorite colors and what theme they are going for. Common examples include vintage, romantic, rustic feel, traditional, or elegant wedding themes. With the theme in mind, making the wedding centerpieces should be easy.

Consider The Wedding Venue

italian wedding venue with imperial table

You also have to consider the wedding venue when making the centerpieces. A wedding venue might restrict what you can bring into the venue. A good example is having breakable glasses or open flames. So, consult with the venue management to understand what can and cannot be used at the venue to create the wedding centerpieces accordingly.

The good thing about such restrictions is that many alternatives exist. In the place of open flames, you can replace them with battery-powered candles and use bowls made of metal rather than glass. There will always be alternatives to decoration options.

What Is The Shape And Size Of The Tables?

flower and card table setting of wedding centerpieces for tables

The size and shape of the wedding table are probably the most important thing you have to consider if you make wedding centerpieces for tables.

Work by creating a guest list to determine how many people will attend. This helps you know the number of tables you need, the size and shape of the tables, and the height of the centerpieces you should get.

If you are working with round tables, then make sure to use slender and tall table centerpieces. Being tall and slender means those seated at the table can easily converse with each other across the table without obstructions.

Square tables, on the other hand, are also versatile. They give you more room to have a bigger centerpiece on the table. The good thing about such a shape is that it can work with different shapes of centerpieces.

Rectangular tables are the best for those who want to put more centerpieces on wedding tables. It can look sad when you just have one centerpiece to use with one long rectangular table. Consider adding multiple centerpieces or even a garland running the entire length of the wedding table.

The size is also important when choosing wedding centerpieces for tables. Like for a small table, using a large centerpiece can overwhelm the space and potentially ruin how the guests enjoy the wedding. That is why you should consider a smaller centerpiece for a small table.

Even for a large table, you can have the wedding centerpieces for tables being small and strategically placed so that it does not feel crowded too.

Use More Decorations Other Than Flowers

candle wedding centerpieces for tables

When people think of wedding centerpieces for tables, they think it will be only flowers. However, that is not the case. Centerpieces do not have to be limited to flowers alone.

Flowers tend to be expensive and sometimes have a very short storage life. Because of such, there is a need to consider other options for wedding centerpieces.

The first option is to consider candle and lantern arrangements. As we know, you need to show romance at a wedding. That is why you can consider using candles, too, as part of the centerpiece.

Candles are largely great for creating warm, flickering light, which is suitable for setting a romantic mood.

It is the same thing when you use lanterns. It is simply because of their lighting that makes them good for wedding table centerpieces.

You can also use potted plants to make wedding centerpieces for tables. Combine the potted plants with the flowers in vases to see a complete look.

There is also the use of birdcages, natural decor, and glass elements to ensure you have a beautiful centerpiece for a wedding.

Use The Right Tools

greenery flower with lantern wedding centerpieces for tables

It is common to have couples do their wedding decorations, including wedding centerpieces for tables. If you are going to do this, you must have the right tools for the job.

If you have to work with fresh flowers, then pruning shears, thorn strippers, floral tape, and ribbons are just some of the tools you need. The right tools ensure you can achieve the best look for the centerpiece.

Of course, you also need vases to hold the flowers plus greenery.

DIY wedding centerpieces for tables can take a lot of time to complete. The result is that you need more time to work on them. So, dedicate more time to ensuring the piece can be done in good time and it looks good.

Add Unexpected Decorations

use other decorations more than flowers as wedding centerpieces for tables

You have potentially attended several weddings before, and they could have done things differently.

The common wedding centerpieces for tables would have several flowers arranged into a dense bouquet. There is nothing wrong with that, but what if you use other decorations such as stones, seashells, feathers, and more? The idea is to break the monotony and have something different.

Always consider the theme of the wedding. The decorations do not have to be the same color for all the different tables at the wedding, but simply unique and look good too.


Wedding centerpieces for tables can take on different looks and designs. The most important thing is to create wedding centerpieces that the guests enjoy and feel comfortable with. Still, you can work with different florists to ensure you always get the best flowers to include in your centerpieces. There is nothing wrong with still having other decorative items other than flowers.

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