What Is the Best Height for a Flower Arrangement Centerpiece

Depending on the application, a flower arrangement centerpiece will mostly vary from 10 to over 30 inches. We see how to choose the best height.

A flower arrangement centerpiece would be a beautiful addition to a table or space each time you use it. The flowers are generally good at bringing color, life, and fragrance to any room where they are used. Sometimes a flower arrangement centerpiece might be needed to improve your mood generally.

The height of the flower centerpiece can easily make or break the feel of the flower arrangement. When it is too tall, the flower arrangement may overpower the table’s look. And if it is too short, it may not make the impact you were going for.

We will discuss choosing the best height to get the most out of your flower arrangement.

Common Heights For A Flower Arrangement Centerpiece

flower arrangement centerpiece for wedding tables

There are various height options for a flower arrangement. This largely depends on how and where you would like to use the flower centerpiece. Here are the most common heights for a flower centerpiece.

Low Height Arrangements

This type of arrangement is less than 10 inches in height. For such a height, we find it best for small tables or areas where using the taller flower arrangement would be overwhelming.

We recommend such flower arrangements for an intimate atmosphere. This allows the guests to look over it and converse with each other.

Expect such arrangements to be compact and may include flowers and foliage. This includes carnations, hydrangeas, and roses.

Medium Height Arrangements

The medium height for a flower arrangement will range from 10 to 20 inches. Such a height range makes them quite versatile. This is because you can use the arrangements for both informal and formal occasions. Also, you can use them on tables and other surfaces.

You may find the 10-inch flower arrangements are more compact.  Sometimes they spread out to cover a larger area. Also, the shape and size of the vase combined with the flowers used can determine the final size.

Tall Height Arrangements

Tall flower arrangements will be more than 20 inches in height. For such a height, you would find that they are good for larger event tables or spaces with high ceilings. Because of their majestic size, they will mostly create an impactful statement.

Tall arrangements will mostly need a larger centerpiece vase or container. Some might need additional support, like a wire or floral foam.

Elevated Flower Arrangements

You will like the elevated arrangements also. They are similar to tall arrangements but are often placed on a stand or pedestal to raise the arrangement above eye level. This is what you pick when you have to create a grand atmosphere. Expect such arrangements to be taller than 30 inches. Make sure they are placed on a study or stable stand.

How to Choose A Height for Flower Arrangement Centerpiece

flower arrangement centerpiece glass vase

Deciding on the height of the flower arrangement centerpiece depends on various factors. Here are some of the notable considerations.

Shape And Size Of The Container

The shape and size of the container can be key in determining the height of the centerpiece. A tall centerpiece vase will need tall flower arrangements to fill it out, while the short vase will need a shorter and wider arrangement.

Type Of Flowers Used

The size and type of flowers in use influence the height of your flower arrangement centerpiece. In the case of large flowers such as lilies, hydrangeas, and sunflowers, they would need more space. Such flowers are best for setting up a taller centerpiece.

Small flowers such as daisies or roses can be arranged in a shorter centerpiece vase for a compact look.

Table Height

A flower arrangement centerpiece would also depend on the table height or the surface height of where it will be placed. A low table will generally work well with a shorter arrangement. Using a tall centerpiece may be overwhelming for a short table.

Style Of The Occasion Or Event

The event’s style also helps determine the height of your flower arrangement centerpiece. Let us assume it is a formal event; we recommend you go for a taller and more substantial arrangement. A simple and lower flower arrangement can be good for a casual event.

Decor And Furniture

It is vital that you also consider the surrounding furniture and decor when picking the flower arrangement centerpiece. The last thing you need is for the flower arrangement to clash or seem out of place with the existing decor.

A good example is when you have tall furniture and high ceilings, filling the space with taller flower arrangements is best.

Centerpiece Purpose

The flower arrangement centerpiece purpose is also an important consideration. This is vital as it determines what centerpiece gets to be the focal point of the event. Sometimes, you may find it is better to make the centerpiece stand by being extravagant.

However, if the centerpiece is supposed to complement other centerpieces, it is appropriate to make it lower or shorter.


Lighting is another important consideration when you are looking to set up a flower arrangement. In the case of dim lighting, a shorter arrangement can be impactful or visible. A taller flower arrangement is vital for balancing the space when the lighting is bright.

Event Theme

It is possible that some event themes would dictate what kind of flower arrangement height you use during the set-up process. A tall romantic, and delicate design is best suited for a wedding, while corporate events would use shorter and more structured flower arrangements.


We have largely seen how important it is to get the correct flower arrangement height to have the best look for the space or event. Different events are likely to have different needs. That is why you should always consider the ideas mentioned above to help you see where best to use the flower centerpiece. You can always consult a florist to understand which height of flower centerpiece would be ideal for your space.


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