How Tall Of Vase Is Needed For Tall Centerpieces Wedding

The best centerpiece vase height depends on your desired look. For a tall centerpiece, a vase of 20 to 30 inches in height is a good start.

Anyone setting up a wedding might be interested in having the best centerpiece vase holding everything together. The vase height is one factor in creating such a centerpiece. What would be the right vase height for a tall centerpiece?

We recommend starting with a 20 to a 30-inch vase as a good pick for centerpieces. For those looking for a dramatic effect, then a vase of more than 30 inches should be fine. Ensure you still consider the vase’s stability, even when picking a taller one.

The Role Of Vase Height In Creating A Tall Centerpiece

gold centerpiece vase for wedding tables

The vase height is quite vital when creating a tall wedding centerpiece. This is because the tall vase will elevate the greenery and flowers. The result is having a grander and more impactful display of the centerpiece.

When you have a tall centerpiece vase, you also get more room to add stems or other greenery. The idea is that you have more space to come up with an intricate and dynamic centerpiece.

We also see that the vase height can be important for balancing different proportions of the wedding centerpiece in its surrounding space. Anyone who has seen a tall centerpiece vase at a wedding knows just how grand it can be. It is a great display also for those with a large venue having high ceilings.

The vase height is also impactful on the overall look of a centerpiece. We often see how a tall vase can create more sophistication and elegance in a centerpiece. The shorter vases, on the other hand, create an organic and natural feel. So, consider which theme you are going for first.

How To Determine The Appropriate Vase Height For Your Centerpiece

glass tall centerpiece vase with flowers

Determining the appropriate tall centerpiece for a wedding is mostly based on the desired effects you hope to achieve. Here are ideas for determining the right height.

  • Of course, choose based on the effect you want the centerpiece to offer. Do you need a grand atmosphere, an elegant look, or are you looking for a natural look? These are some of the questions to ask yourself.
  • The venue size may be vital in picking the centerpiece vase height. Of course, the taller vases work well with the high ceiling venues.
  • What are your options for flower heights? You may also want tall flowers to fill up the tall vases. Choose long-stemmed vases such as delphiniums or gladiolus, and you can be sure the height will be accommodated.
  • Your table size and layout should also complement the wedding centerpiece size. Smaller tables do not do so well with tall vases. That is why you can use the short vases here. However, go for taller vases in the case of longer or bigger tables.

Different Vase Sizes Available For Tall Centerpieces

greenery in glass tall centerpiece vase for wedding decor

You may be thinking about what would be some of the best choices for a tall centerpiece vase. The market is full of vases you can use to create such a centerpiece. Here are good examples.

Cylinder Vases

These vases are some of the popular picks for those who want tall centerpieces. The good thing about these vases should be their versatility. They are simple but still make the centerpiece look modern.

Cylinder vases are available in different heights, starting from 6 inches to over 30 inches. So, you can always get a centerpiece vase to create a tall centerpiece for a wedding.

Trumpet Vases

Trumpet centerpiece vases have a flared top that tapers into a narrow base. Even if you have not seen one, you can tell it is a sophisticated look. These vases are available in sizes ranging from 20 to 30 inches. That is what we want for a tall centerpiece.

Eiffel Tower Vase

The Eiffel tower vase is tall and narrow, and as you already guessed, the vase resembles the iconic Eiffel tower in Paris. Such a vase is ideal for creating a dramatic and modern centerpiece. Paris is associated with romance, so it should work well for a wedding. The height of these vases starts from 16 to 28 inches.

Urn Vase

The urn vase is a classic one. Many people know urn vases, so their use should not be hard to implement. Even if they are classic, they would also have an elegant look with their wide mouth and tapered base. The wide mouth allows for adding more stems into the vase to create a big impact as a centerpiece vase.

The size of a tall centerpiece can start from 20 inches. It will be quite a large urn vase.

Flared Vase

Such a vase would have a wide opening that flares outwards as you reach the top. The wide mouth offers more volume to put more stems into the vase. These vases can offer something different from what you are used to as the usual wedding centerpiece vase. The sizes range from 10 to 20 inches in height.

Oversized Vases

The oversized vases are all about making bold statements. It can be of different shapes; what is important is the size. That is why you would consider getting an oversized centerpiece with a height of over 30 inches. Such a size is quite good for offering a dramatic and grand display.

Tall And Narrow Vases

Are you looking for a centerpiece vase that can create a sleek and elegant display for the wedding? If that is the case, tall, narrow vases can do the trick. These vases can come in all sizes you can think of. However, we recommend going for those that are 20 to 30 inches in height for a tall centerpiece vase. Make sure to pair them with long-stemmed flowers or thin branches.


Most of the time, the tall centerpiece vase you choose will depend on personal preference and still the style of the event. You may also have to consider the flowers you must add to the vase and the table layout. Setting up the wedding venue is not an issue when you get all these things right. You can even combine tall and short centerpieces.


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