What Height Should Tall Gold Candelabra Be for Weddings

Choosing a tall gold candelabra should be easy and fun. Get the help you deserve in this guide for the best choice for a wedding candelabra.

Candelabras are a staple in weddings. It is common to find them working quite well as centerpieces highlighting the event. So, it is not surprising to see more people interested in choosing tall gold candelabras for their wedding reception.

You may have noticed that a tall gold candelabra can be available in many height options. As such, it is vital to only choose the right height depending on the use. We are here to guide you in making the right decision on the best height to use for wedding decorations.

Height Recommendations for Tall Gold Candelabras

tall gold candelabra for pillar candles

A tall candelabra can have a height starting from 30 inches and can go all the way to 48 inches or more, depending on the brand. Here is how you would use different tall candelabras in a wedding setup.

30 inches

A tall gold candelabra of 30 inches will be the most popular choice for anyone looking to decorate a wedding. The height is mostly tall enough for different wedding decoration needs.

At 30 inches, such a candelabra can still create a luxurious and grand look for the wedding without necessarily overpowering the other decorations on the table or obstructing the guests.

This candelabra height is versatile enough to work well on round and rectangular tables at a wedding.

36 inches

This tall gold candelabra is 6 inches taller than our previous choice. More height means you are able to create a dramatic and luxurious ambiance in the wedding setup. We still recommend focusing on the wedding table size and shape so the candelabra is manageable.

42 inches

When the tall gold candelabra is 42 inches, it is considered a very tall choice. This reason makes the candelabra good for large spaces with high ceilings. Of course, this height is ideal for creating a grand and extravagant atmosphere, perfect for a wedding. Who would not want to show off their wedding decorations?

48 inches

Buying a 48-inch tall gold candelabra is rare, but you can get the candelabra from many manufacturers in the market. Based on their size, we find them ideal for those holding grand events having high ceilings. This height is quite good for creating stunning and impressive visual impact. However, make sure it is strategically so that it only blocks the views of your guests as much as you want to create a beautiful centerpiece.

How To Choose A Tall Gold Candelabra

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You may sometimes be overwhelmed with the many options you have to consider as tall gold candelabras. However, considering these factors, you should find the right one.

The Venue Size and Ceiling Height

This is the most important consideration for a tall gold candelabra. The ceiling height and venue size must align with the candelabra size.

Consider a shorter candelabra if you are holding the wedding in a venue with a low ceiling. The extremely tall candelabras in this space will make the venue uncomfortable and cramped. The 30-inch candelabra should be ideal for low ceilings.

It is the same thing with the tall ceilings. Using the taller candelabras for high ceilings is better so the space does not feel underwhelming and empty.

Table Shape And Size

The table size and shape are other important factors to consider when picking a tall gold candelabra for your wedding. It is no secret that the tall candelabra looks better when you put it on a long rectangular table and may overpower the small round tables.

If the table is long, always consider the 42 or 48-inch candelabras. If you still have to use a tall candelabra on a small round table, consider the 30-inch or below candelabra.

Desired Aesthetics Or Ambiance

The desired ambiance and aesthetics may also determine the choice of a tall gold candelabra for weddings. Aiming for a romantic or intimate ambiance does not always work with very tall candelabras. The 30-inch or 42-inch candelabras are the right choice. These sizes are good for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

However, if you need a dramatic and grand aesthetic, the bigger, the better. The 46-inch and 48-inch tall gold candelabras will be the best choice in such a case. Expect to create showstoppers that the guests will keep admiring.

Guest Comfort And Visibility

The guests must be able to converse with each other during the wedding event. However, if the candelabra causes obstruction, it will be a problem. For that reason, look at the design of the candelabra to see if it will allow the guests to talk to each other without a problem.

This means you have to balance the guest’s aesthetics, comfort, and visibility. Try out many tall candelabras to get a feel of the different options until you get the right one.

Consult The Venue Coordinator

This might be one of the things that people might overlook when choosing a tall gold candelabra for weddings. The venue coordinator can help you know more about the venue and how best to decorate it for a wedding. The coordinator may have been involved in similar projects before and can help you pick the right height for a candelabra.

Work With A Wedding Planner

Working with someone with the skills to choose a tall gold candelabra for weddings is always a good idea. In this case, we recommend choosing an experienced wedding planner to guide you better in choosing the appropriate height. Do not stop there; the wedding planner can advise on how best to style and display candelabra.


One thing about gold candelabras is that they would make the space look more beautiful. It is important to consider the candelabra’s height to fit well in the wedding venue and decoration. If you can pick the right height as guided above, expect to end up with the desired aesthetic and ambiance. The guest’s comfort and visibility will be the best for them to enjoy being at the wedding.


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