How Do You Dress Up Champagne Glasses For Wedding

Deck up your champagne glasses for weddings! Learn creative ways to embellish champagne flutes for your special occasion.

A wedding should be planned and executed from the venue to the table settings. Champagne glasses gets needed to celebrate the newlyweds and raise a glass to them. Adding decorations to champagne glasses for wedding is a classy touch. In this post, we’ll discuss choosing the best champagne glasses and then show you how to decorate, personalize, and show them off in your way.

Choosing The Right Champagne Glasses For Wedding

champagne glasses for weddings

Champagne glasses range from flutes to tulips and coupes. Champagne tastes best in tulip glass, which enables bubbles to rise from the bottom. The coupe window is wide and low, giving it a classic appearance.

Consider the wedding’s aesthetic and your allocated money while choosing champagne flutes. The glasses you choose for your wedding should reflect the occasion’s formality. Use robust and functional glasses if your wedding will get held outside or in a more relaxed setting. Consider how much champagne will get required and the number of visitors.

Decorating Champagne Glasses

decorate champagne flutes for couples

Personalize your wedding with a touch of DIY by decorating champagne glasses. Glitter, flowers, and pearls are typical embellishments for champagne glasses. You’ll need glue, paint, ribbon, and ornaments to spruce up your champagne glasses for wedding.

Step-by-step instructions for embellishing champagne flutes get provided below.

  1. Use soap and water to clean the glasses, then dry them well.
  2. Put a dab of glue at the bottom of the glass and sprinkle it with glitter or pearls.
  3. Wrap a ribbon around the glass’s handle and affix a charm or flower to it as a finishing touch.
  4. Please do not use the glasses until they have dried.

Nuptio Suggestions for Champagne Glass Embellishment:

– Don’t risk anyone’s health by using harmful substances.
– The glass will seem congested if you add too many ornaments to it.

DIY Champagne Glass Decorations:

  • Create your glitter champagne glasses with a glue dip and glitter sprinkle. Please wait till it’s dry before touching it.
  • Create flowery champagne glasses by gluing or tying a flower on the stem.
  • Champagne glasses may get customized with glue and pearls for a special occasion. Please wait till it’s dry before touching it.

Non-DIY Champagne Glass Decorations:

  • Charms for champagne glasses for wedding may get made by tying a ribbon or hook to the base of the glass.
  • Put a name tag on a little ribbon and tie it around the stem of each champagne glass.
  • A beautiful sleeve for your champagne glass is an easy way to up the class factor.

DIY Personalized Champagne Glasses

personalized champagne glasses for wedding

DIY champagne glasses for wedding are a great way to save money or add a unique touch to your big day. Several approaches exist for this.

DIY Etched Champagne Glasses:

Etching cream, stencils, and a brush are all you need to create beautiful designs on champagne glasses for wedding. Then, wipe off the glass area where the design will go and position the stencil. Etching cream may get applied to the glass with a brush and let to dry. Please take off the stencil and wash the glass once it’s dry.

DIY Painted Champagne Glasses:

Specific tools are required to paint champagne glasses, such as glass paint, brushes, and stencils (if desired). Wash the glass and position the stencil where you want the design to go. Paint the pattern onto the glass with the brush and let it dry. After the paint is dry, remove the stencil and put the glass in the oven.

DIY Vinyl Champagne Glasses:

Vinyl stickers, transfer tape, and a weeding tool are all you need to decorate your champagne glasses for wedding with vinyl. You should begin by wiping off the window and sticking the vinyl decal in the desired location. Remove extra vinyl with the weeding tool, then apply transfer tape over the sticker. Remove the vinyl’s backing, then apply it to the glass using the transfer tape. After the vinyl has adhered to the glass, rub the transfer tape to remove any remaining adhesive.

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Displaying Champagne Glasses

diy champagne glasses for wedding

The placement of the champagne glasses may affect the wedding’s aesthetic. If you’re looking for some creativity, consider these:

Champagne Glass Displays for Reception:

  • A beautiful champagne glass tower gets made by stacking glasses. Including them in your reception’s décor will make the event seem grand.
  • Consider constructing a champagne glass wall if your reception site has a blank wall. This is a novel and exciting approach to showcasing your eyewear.
  • Hanging your champagne glasses for wedding from a tree is an original way to show them off. Ideal for an outdoor ceremony, this may serve as a quirky accent to your wedding’s decor.

Champagne Glass Displays for Tables:

  • Use your champagne glasses as table centerpieces for a classy and easy touch during your wedding celebration. Flowers, candles, or even sweets may get placed within.
  • Use your champagne glasses as place card holders instead of boring old napkins. Add the name and table number of the visitor on a little tag and tie it around the stem of the glass.


A wedding is only complete with champagne flutes. They’re the perfect way to jazz up your wedding day.

You may make your champagne glasses for wedding distinctive in many different ways, such as by adding glitter, flowers, or etching. Do new things and have fun with them without worrying about making mistakes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Which champagne flutes would you recommend for my wedding?

    The answer is, “It depends” on the couple’s tastes and the wedding’s theme. You may go with the traditional flute glasses, but you could also use coupes or tulip glasses.

  • If I wanted to decorate some champagne glasses, what would I need?

    The answer is that it is technique dependent. For instance, you’ll need glue and glitter if you want to use glitter. While working with vinyl, you’ll need a cutting machine and vinyl sheets.

  • Does it matter if I wash out champagne glasses before using them again?

    How and what you decorate with makes a difference. Depending on the material, some ornaments may get removed and wiped away, while others may be more permanent.

  • When planning a small wedding, how do you recommend displaying champagne flutes?

    The reception tables may include decorations like centerpieces or place card holders. A tiny champagne glass tower or wall might also serve as a showpiece for your big day.

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