How Many Centerpieces For Round Wedding Table

You may come across a wide range of options when decorating a wedding. Most of the time, you want something that stands out so that the centerpieces are generally great. You might not have thought about how many round table wedding centerpieces you need.

Different table shapes often determine the number of centerpieces that would fit perfectly on them. Most of the time, a round table will have one wedding centerpiece. It can be tall or short, depending on the look someone is going for. However, there can always be more than one round table wedding centerpiece, depending on the size.

We understand picking many centerpieces for a wedding might not be easy. That is why we discuss it more in this guide to help determine the right number of round-table wedding centerpieces.

How To Determine The Number Of Centerpieces

floating candle centerpieces for round table

It is often tricky to determine the number of round-table wedding centerpieces, especially if it is the first event you are organizing.

The first thing is to understand the size of the tables being offered for the event and how many people will be seated at each table. A standard 60” round table can have up to 8 people comfortably.

Now that you have an estimate reduce the number to around 15%, as not all guests usually attend the wedding. Sometimes they might have travel restrictions, or the event is during the school calendar.

Also, consider the type of table you are decorating. Decorating a head table is not the same as a sweetheart table. As expected, a head table may have more round table wedding centerpieces than a sweetheart table.

You are also advised to work with the RSVPs to understand the number of people who might be attending the wedding. This means that you also make the decoration flexible. If more people confirm their attendance, you get to add more centerpieces to the tables to cater to them.

Several factors might come into play to determine the round table wedding centerpieces.

Choosing The Right Style For Round Table Wedding Centerpieces

white flower wedding centerpiece for table

Choosing the right style for your round table wedding centerpieces is still possible. The first one to consider is the medium arrangements. This arrangement is mostly used for an 8’ round table.

You also get elegant compotes from different suppliers. They would mostly include glass or metal containers to fit a wide range of applications as centerpieces. They also work well for an 8’ round table.

If you need something low, go for the low round table wedding centerpieces. They are usually placed in low trays that sit close to the table. Fill such trays with several types of flowers that would look great for a wedding decoration. Being low makes it easier for those across the table to see each other.

You may also like clusters of blooms to decorate the round table wedding centerpieces. In addition to blooms, you can also have foliage to complete the wedding table’s look. Some even like a minimalist approach. This means having a small cluster of blooms and foliage at the center of the wedding table.

Foliage and garland wreaths can also be great centerpieces on a round table. We recommend this for the extra large round wedding tables. Foliage wreaths look good and will always be a nice alternative to bloom centerpieces.

Additional Tips for Decorating The Round Table Wedding Centerpieces

flower centerpiece for round table at weddings

Flowers are the most popular way of coming up with round-table wedding centerpieces. However, there is a lot more you can still do and consider when doing this. Here are more tips to keep in mind.

The Vases

When you have flowers, how will you hold them in position? You will need the right vases to do the job in this case.

You will come across classic glass vases, ceramic pitchers, acrylic vases, and so much more. Work mostly with your theme to find the right vases for the job. Also, some materials would work seamlessly in different wedding decors.

An example is when working with tall arrangements, consider using transparent vessels. This helps expose the decoration even better.


Candles have always signified romance in different settings. So, it is only right for you to use them as round table wedding centerpieces. This is why you always have to consider adding more candles to a wedding. Using several candles is always a way of giving a sophisticated look. However, do not overcrowd a round table.

Candles are also available in different colors, shapes, and types. We recommend taper candles for a romantic look. The pillar candles can also deliver a bold statement. The votives or tea light candles are great for a nice glow generally. So, there are many fun ways of using candles for centerpieces.


It might not have crossed your mind, but tablecloths and linens are vital when picking round-table wedding centerpieces. You can come across textured, smooth, or velvet table runners for wedding decoration. We recommend using them to boost the wedding table centerpiece appearance.

Linens are good for adding personality to the table decoration. That is why you can consider embroidery, unique materials, and much more to set a wedding mood. Other than having them on the table, linens can also hang from the ceiling.


You may be planning a wedding for literacy fanatics. That is where the idea of using books comes in. Consider placing a stack of books at the center of the table and then add the round table wedding centerpieces on top.

Do not forget to add candles, flowers, and other decorations you can think of. When guests see such small additions to the usual centerpieces, they will be happy about your impressive taste in using different decorations.


We have seen that you will always come across many ways of decorating round table wedding centerpieces. What is vital is how you achieve the look. Work with a florist or even a wedding planner to get a clear path. As for the number of round table wedding centerpieces, it depends on several factors discussed above. Well, one centerpiece often works easily for a round table if you are unsure how to proceed.

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