How Much Do Tall Wedding Centerpieces Cost

The tall wedding centerpieces are good for decorating a space. Expect to spend from $75 to over $500 per piece when using them for a wedding setup.

When attending a wedding, you may notice different types of wedding centerpieces. Among them, there will be tall wedding centerpieces. They are simply tall because they will be standing higher than an average centerpiece on a table. They can usually be from 2 to 5 feet tall or even more.

The tall wedding centerpieces are designed to create a dramatic and elegant effect. They are also great for filling vertical spaces in various rooms. That is why even tall centerpieces can be hanging from above. They do not always have to be on a table.

Tall centerpieces can cost from $50 to over $500, depending on many factors. This includes the type of centerpiece, flowers used, size, and complexity of the centerpiece design.

Price Of Different Types Of Tall Wedding Centerpieces

tall wedding centerpieces for beachy themed event

You might be interested in getting a couple of tall wedding centerpieces. However, what are your options, and what are the prices? That is what we look at below to understand the prices of different centerpieces.

Floral Arrangements On Tall Pedestals or Stands

This is definitely the most common way of achieving tall wedding centerpieces in a room. Such a decoration would feature a large bouquet of flowers on top of a tall stand or vase.

Our 10Pcs geometric column vases are a good example to help in achieving a tall centerpiece. The set costs $213.98 to $236.98. It’s a bargain price, and the gold accents give it an elegant look that can be used this season and beyond!

Candelabra Centerpieces

Candelabra centerpieces are known to help spruce up the wedding, giving it a complete look. Yes, if you enjoy candles as part of the decorations, candelabras will do a good job of leaving you with the best wedding ever.

The candelabra centerpieces will cost an average of $100 to $300 because they may also include flowers as part of the candle setup.

Balloon Centerpieces

The centerpieces do not have to be flowers alone. You can expect to see also balloon tall wedding centerpieces. It is possible to make a beautiful centerpiece for a wedding for cheap. Balloons are not known for being too expensive. With $75 to $150, you can make a great centerpiece for a wedding.

Feather Centerpieces

Yes, you may also find feather centerpieces because such centerpieces can be made out of anything. In this case, the tall arrangement of features is combined with greenery, flowers, and other decorative elements. Most people spend $200 around on such centerpieces.

Glass Or Crystal Centerpieces

You may also come across other centerpieces too, such as those made of glass or crystal. Good examples include beads or chandeliers. Because of the glass material, they might cost more than what you get with other centerpieces. The tall wedding centerpieces made of glass can cost up to $300 or sometimes more. The size and design complexity often determine the high price.

We have the budget-friendly crystal centerpiece stands for you, check here to learn more.

Topiary Centerpieces

The topiary tall wedding centerpieces can also be good for decorating a wedding. In this case, different elements are sculpted into a tall centerpiece for a wedding. It usually combines flowers, greenery, fruits, balloons, and other decoration materials. This kind of arrangement costs $150 to over $600.

Greenery Centerpieces

You may also see greenery centerpieces being part of the tall wedding centerpieces. For such a setup, it will include branches, ferns, and leaves arranged to form the best look for a wedding centerpiece.  This is something you would go for when you are on a budget. Expect it to cost $75 to $200.

Those are just some of the common centerpieces for a wedding. The price is likely to vary a lot because you can use various elements to create centerpieces. So, have an open mind and consider different designs and prices for wedding centerpieces.

How To Save Money On Tall Wedding Centerpieces

glass tall wedding centerpieces

Now that you have seen many options for wedding centerpieces, what comes to mind is being able to save on such types of centerpieces. Not everyone has $1000 to spend on a single centerpiece. What if you need five centerpieces? That is a lot of money. That is why we look at how you can save money on such centerpieces.

  • We always recommend choosing flowers in season. Considering you need many flowers to create a huge centerpiece, buying those that are in season saves you a lot. A florist can advise on which flowers to use based on the current season.
  • Working with more greenery in the set up of the centerpieces is also welcomed. The greenery can be a budget-friendly move, but it will remain a good choice for saving more. Just ensure not to overdo it, and you will have a beautiful setup.
  • Rent the vases if it is a one-day use only. Of course, vases will hold the centerpiece in one place. If possible, rent them because you only need them for a day, and that is it. Renting is generally cheaper than buying tall vases for centerpieces.
  • The tall wedding centerpieces are also cheaper if you take the DIY route. If you are feeling creative and want to save money, the DIY centerpieces will be good for you. It is possible to spend more time on a piece than a pro, but in the end, it is going to be worth it.
  • It might sound corny, but if you want to save more, opt for smaller arrangements where possible. You can have one tall focal centerpiece and place smaller arrangements on the other tables. This at least ensures you save money and still have a cohesive look.


The tall wedding centerpieces are always about projecting status, creativity, and opulence sometimes. However, all that does not always come cheap, as you may spend over $500 per piece. We have gone through the wedding centerpieces above, helping you understand what you can get each time. Well, note down your budget and start scouting for the best tall centerpieces for a wedding. Make sure to check out several options before settling on one.


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