How Can I Decorate My Room With Tealight Candle Holders

The best tealight candle holders have a way of making the room beautiful. Learn how to utilize them for decorating a room to get the best look.

Tealight candle holders are generally cute and will be a nice addition to your room. It is why people are not afraid to experiment with them to see how well they can make the room look. With so many options for candle holders, how can you decorate a room with them?

We want to show you it is possible to achieve so much more in terms of decoration with tealight candle holders.

How To Choose The Right Tealight Candle Holders For A Room

morden tealight candle holder resin mold

As much as you might come across many tealight candle holders, it is important to have a few ideas in mind to get the best candle holders for the room.

Room Size And Layout

To decorate the room, you must consider its size and layout. It helps plan the number of candle holders in a room.

Smaller rooms do well with one or two candle holders. It is the opposite for the large rooms as they will need more candle holders.

Of course, the layout is still important as it determines where you will put the candles. A table, window sill, or bookshelf can be a start to knowing where best to place the tealight candle holders.

Match The Decoration Style

The candle holder should match how the room looks at the moment. Luckily, there are so many designs for tealight candle holders. You can get modern, bohemian, rustic, and traditional options.

Look around the room to understand the style so that by the time you are buying the candle holders, you know they will work great.

For example, get a blue glass or seashell candle holder for a coastal-themed room.

The Colors And Materials

Manufacturers make tealight candle holders using a wide range of materials. These materials include ceramic, wood, metal, and glass. As always, pick colors and materials that will complement the existing decor in the room.

We like having warmth in a room, so we recommend using tealight candle holders made of copper or wood.

This does not mean you should avoid mixing and matching different styles. Doing such can help in creating a unique look generally. Let us say you get a simple glass candle holder and pair it with an ornate metal candle holder; this makes an amazing contrasting effect.

Create A Focal Point

The candle holders can also be good for creating a focal point in the room.

Start by selecting a statement piece in the room so that you use the candle to highlight it even more. It can be a mantel or a picture. When you group several candle holders around it, you should have a great-looking piece.

Use Scented Candles

Even though you were looking to decorate the room, it does not hurt to have scented candles as part of the tealight candle holders. So, in addition to the ambiance, the room also smells good.

Lavender, cinnamon, vanilla, and chamomile are just a few options you can consider when picking candles and candle holders.

Placement Of The Candle Holders

The decoration is important, but you need to understand the area around where you are placing the candle holders. You can use mirrors, glass, or metallic surfaces to reflect the light to create beautiful effects. It is hard to go wrong with reflecting the light from a candle off nearby surfaces.

Other Uses Of The Candle Holders

The candle holders can still work as decor elements without even the candles. It depends on how well they are decorated. Some people may use them to hold clips, jewelry, and more. So, get multipurpose candle holders for a room.

Tealight Candle Holders Decorating Ideas

Here are some ideas if you want to know how best to decorate with tealight candle holders.

Gold Candle Holder for Tealights

tealight votive candle holders

Gold is a neutral color that mostly works with other colors in a room. It is the same thing with glass. Now that they have been combined, they form a perfect candle holder for tealight candles. They are also good for offering better form and function in a room.

Luxury Tea Light Candle Holders

Luxury Tea Light Candle Holders

If you want the room to scream opulence, such a set of candle holders for tealight candles will do the trick. We find such a design ideal for offices or study rooms at home. Also, they are versatile as they can work with other types of candles other than tealight candles.

Diy Candle Holders for Tea Light Candles

tealight candle holders

The size of tealight candle holders makes it easier to come up with a candle holder from anything. Like for this case, simply get freshly cut logs and curve holes to hold the tealight candles. Arranging them at varying heights creates a nice display in the room.

Tealight Classic Candle Holders

tea light holders

Maybe you are going for a rustic look or something classic. Then these candle holders will do the trick. Being made of iron will make them easily fit in any home or even design. They will always be a great centerpiece on a table, window sill, and so much more. We can see people also using them for a romantic setup.

Stone Tealight Holders

stone tealight candle holders

The good thing about candle holders is how much variety a person is exposed to when seeking the best candle holders. Here we have what appears as tealight holders carved out of stone. It could also be cement used to make the candle holders for tealight in a mold. Whichever the case, you can clearly see how it is a beautiful addition to a room.


The tealight candle holders will do so much for a room. You always have to ensure you use the best design and will comfortably integrate tealight candles into your space. The tips above should leave you with the best-looking and smelling room. Just make sure not to leave the open flames of the candles unattended, as they can be fire hazards.


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