How to Decorate Tiered Stands

Tiered stands can have so many good applications in your home or event. We show you how best to decorate them and make a space beautiful.

Tiered stands are generally stylish and versatile. They can be a great addition to an event or home space. They are ideal for displaying appetizers, fruits, desserts, and flowers. You may also find them good for holding other small household items such as jewelry or toiletries.

It might seem daunting, but you need expert tips to decorate a tiered stand. Here are ideas you can consider.

Pick The Right Stand For Your Needs

If you are ever going to get the most out of tiered stands, they should also be the right type. There are several options for you to consider for tiered stands. Such include rustic wooden stands, glass stands, or metal stands.

The stands can also differ in terms of shape. That is why you can get round or rectangular tiered stands.

The number of tiers is also a big consideration. You can expect them to start from two, three, or more tiers. With the event in mind, you would know which number of tiers will be perfect.

The Color Scheme

The color scheme is also vital if you decorate with a tiered stand. We recommend choosing a monochromatic scheme or a complimentary color scheme depending on the look you are going for. A neutral color scheme, such as white, black, or beige, can offer a timeless and classic look.

Vary The Item Heights

tiered stands display

While decorating tiered stands, it is advisable to create an appealing display. This is important for those who want the best look for an event. Have the shorter items in the front and the taller items put at the back.

Stick To Natural Elements

Still, as part of decorating a tiered stand, consider natural elements as part of the decoration. You can use options such as fruits, leaves, and flowers on top of the stands for a touch of freshness. You can still consider small potted plants or vegetables as an option for decorating the stand.

Mix And Match Items

The other option is to mix and match items for a personalized look on the tiered stands. We can consider mixing and matching appetizers, desserts, or fruits as part of the look. You should end up with a visually appealing display. Some people may also use candles, soaps, and other toiletries for a stylish display.

What Is The Occasion?

You will have to consider the occasion as it can guide you in choosing how to decorate tiered stands. It is worth noting that decorating a tiered stand for a wedding differs from those meant for a formal event. Of course, remember the color as it makes a stand stands out.

Customize The Look

The other reason for having the tiered stands is to personalize the display. You can make it simple, unique, and special. Adding personal touches, such as a family photo or a figurine on top of the stands, is always an option. You can always have a look that you like with such additions to the stand.

Change Things Up

tiered stand farmhouse decor

You should be bold in changing a few things on the tiered stands. You can change the colors, textures, and so much more to match the season, mood, or occasion. Consider gourds, autumn leaves, pumpkins, and more if it is the fall season. You can make the same changes in the case of Christmas decorations.

The seasonal items on tiered stands can be good for celebrating the ever-changing seasons. You can have fresh flowers for the spring months, seashells for summer, leaves and pumpkins for fall, and greenery for winter.

Add Lighting

Consider using lighting on top of the tiered stands to see how well they can work for your space effectively. You can use small LED lights, candles, or even string lights to create impressive displays. The cozy glow will generally make the room look nice.

Consider The Placement

How the tiered stand is placed can determine whether it is good for the space. Consider how well the stands will blend into the space as part of decorating with them. You can have them on the side table, kitchen island, coffee table, and more. We recommend placing the stands where they can easily be admired.

Use A Centerpiece

You may also find creating a nice focal point in the room with such stands easier. To make this possible, consider adding a centerpiece to the stand and watch people get drawn to it. It can be a large flower arrangement, figurine, or a vase with tall branches.

Keep It Simple

black tiered stands decorative tray

While trying to decorate stands, you might overdo things or get carried away. For that reason, you can keep it simple. Being simple can leave you with an impactful look for a tiered stand. A nice simple design can include using a single color for each tier or displaying a single item on each tire.

Use Stands Of Different Heights

The other option is to use stands of different heights for the tiered display. Most people would be OK with using the small and tall stands at the same time. You can use small stands or risers to add height to the items grouped on the tiered stand.

Use Trays Or Liners

The other option someone can use to decorate a tiered stand is by using liners or trays. Add a tray to each stand to have a polished and clean look. Go for the decorative paper liners to make it look cute and beautiful for the space. Trays are vital for holding smaller items that do not fit on the tier properly or simply hold loose items.


When you have tiered stands around the house, there is so much you can do with them. We always recommend taking your time to understand what your space needs to ensure the stands are put to good use. You can do more research to see how best to use the stands in your space.


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