How to Personalize Round Table Wedding Centerpieces

When you want to decorate wedding tables, you must consider the shape. In our case, we have a round table we need to look at and ensure everything is decorated properly to stand out. So, how do you personalize round table wedding centerpieces? Below are ideas for decorating a round table for a wedding.

Use Vase with Flowers

tall vase with flowers for round table wedding centerpieces

This is generally the first thing that comes to mind when decorating a round table for a wedding.

The vase can take different shapes, colors, or designs. What is key is how it blends into the wedding theme.

Make sure the vase is filled with flowers based on their height or design. With a good bouquet, the vase can stand out with ease. Since vases will be the central round table wedding centerpieces, they must be attractive. It is what people see when they get into space.

As for flowers added to the centerpiece, ensure they match pretty well. Consider getting flowers in season, so they are affordable and easy to find.

Use Candles

Candles are one thing that has always been part of round table wedding centerpieces for a long time. However, should you also be using them?

Yes. There is nothing wrong with using candles, considering how they can help create an elegant atmosphere for the guests. We recommend personalizing the centerpiece with candles, especially during dinner parties for a wedding.

Many types of candles exist in the market. They can include taper, votive, pillar, and more.

If you do not like flame candles, you can pick flameless ones. Battery-powered candles are now popular because some venues might not allow flamed candles.

Include A Bowl Of Fruit

It might be common at home, but you can also have a bowl of fruit to work as part of round table wedding centerpieces. Other than having fruits in the bowl, they can be snacks, sweets, and other bittings that would keep the guests snacking on something during the whole event.

It is often an easy and fast way of decorating a round table at a wedding. This is a common thing for Mexican weddings.

Display Ornaments

hanging ornaments for wedding centerpieces

Sometimes, you can easily get a few ornaments from the house and easily decorate them as part of the round table wedding centerpieces.

Since round tables at weddings are small, we recommend using small ornaments. Together with the ornaments, you can then consider adding books or anything else that would add personality to the items you have chosen to display.

A Woven Basket Or Tray

A basket or tray is also a way of grouping things for round table wedding centerpieces. A good example is having a small vase filled with flowers and a few candles added around the vase. In this case, use a tray to group everything together and have a clean setup.

Baskets and trays help with the overall organization of the tabletop.

Use Round Placemats

On the part of being creative, you can use normal round table essentials such as placemats. The round placemats are a great way of decorating round table wedding centerpieces. Other than being part of the centerpiece, they can work as a place setting.

Placemats are largely available in many designs and colors. So, it can easily add color and design to the existing round table wedding centerpieces. They are still not expensive. You can choose different sizes too, just make sure they are not too much.

Fancy Tablecloths

fancy tablecloths for round table wedding centerpieces

As part of personalizing a round table at a wedding could also include the use of fancy tablecloths.

The tablecloth can protect against spills and stains while the guests eat and serve as part of the round table wedding centerpieces.

Tablecloths can add more elegance to a room, making it look more formal and appropriate for special occasions. With many colors and materials for tablecloths available, you can still pick one that can work with the wedding theme.

Utilize Napkins

This is the cheapest way to personalize round table wedding centerpieces. You could add the napkins to the table as decoration, but the guests can also use them.

Place the napkins in a basket or the table edge to bring out a fresh look while also working as good round table wedding centerpieces.

Play Around With Colors

color themed round table wedding centerpieces

Do not be afraid to try out different colors that can work with the wedding setup. We understand that white is the wedding color, but sometimes that can be too boring.

We recommend infusing white colors with neutral metallics or other color types that work well with white.

We have scenarios where the white round tables are accessorized with copper cutlery, gold chairs, quilted tablecloth, and other unique arrangements.

Be Subtle

Sometimes, you can think small and win big too. If you have to decorate small wedding tables, you need to consider smaller details that can work great as centerpieces.

A good example is your beautiful small floral arrangements with additional seashells, votive candles, or other accessories that work with your theme.

Overhead Decorations

hanging tealight holders for wedding centerpieces

Such decorations might not be put directly on the round table. However, their choice is also based on the table shape so that there is proper continuity.

A good choice is getting a low-hanging chandelier with candles to complete the round table look for the wedding.

You can still have lanterns hanging over the table, providing a beautiful look of the venue. You should not have trouble using such decorations.


Round tables are a classic for most weddings. You can find them quite common at weddings because of their versatility. Also, you can arrange several people on the same table without sacrificing a lot of ground space. Because of such, it is vital to follow the ideas shared above to have them decorated properly.

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