How to Remove Wax From a Glass Candle Holder

Glass candle holders are often multipurpose. This means you can have them cleaned and use them for other applications, including holding flowers and much more. However, how would you remove wax from a glass candle holder before using it for other applications?

Removing wax from glass candle holder sets should not be hard when you have the right tips and techniques in mind. That is what we share in this guide to help you remain with a clear glass candle holder.

Freeze The Wax

Freezing is recommended when removing wax from a small votive glass candle holder. Wait until the wax is cooled to room temperature, then place it in the home freezer.

Do not place it in the freeze when it is still too hot, as you risk cracking the candle holder sets.

Give it around one hour in the freezer. This should be enough time for the wax to separate from the glass sides. This makes it easier to remove it with simple tools such as a knife or spoon.

So, use a dull knife to scrape the wax from the glass candle holder. You will still have a few remaining wax deposits, which can be removed easily using a cotton ball soaked in vinegar or baby oil. A bit of elbow grease might be necessary, but it should be easy to remove it.

Melt The Wax In Water

get wax out of a candle jar and glass candle holder

As part of removing wax from glass candle holder sets, melting the wax would generally work for many people. It is also a faster method compared to freezing.

Start by boiling water using a stove or a microwave. As the water is boiling, you could prepare the wax. Preparation means you cut the wax in the glass candle holder into small pieces. These slits would make the water loosen into the wax easier.

You can skip the part of slicing up the wax if it is a thin layer remaining.

Next, pour the boiling water into the glass candle holder sets with wax. The wax will liquefy thanks to the high water temperatures, and you will notice that most of it will start to float on the water’s surface.

Give the wax up to 20 minutes to cool off and harden at the top of the water’s surface. This largely makes it easier to remove it from the glass. Grab the wax with your fingers and use a knife to gently scrape off any remaining wax at the bottom of the glass.

You might always have a few wax remnants in the glass candle holder. Use a sponge and hot water to scrub the remaining wax. You can also use a window cleaner solution to remove the remaining wax to leave you with clear glass.

Use An Oven

Using an oven is another great method of removing wax remnants from glass candle holder sets. We find it the best method when you have to clean several candle holders.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees for a couple of minutes. As the oven is heating up, scrape as much wax as possible from the candle holder with a spoon or butter knife.

Line the oven with parchment paper and place the candle holder on it upside down. This allows the wax to drip onto the paper as it melts. This should all be done within 15 minutes. As you can see, it is also a fast method to use.

Once the wax is melted, hold the candle holder with a towel and wipe any remaining wax with a paper towel while it is still hot.

Let the glass candle holder cool for a few minutes, then wash it with water and soap.

Double Boiling Method

If you do not want to heat the glass candle holder sets directly, you can consider the double boiling method. In this case, you place the set of candle holders inside a large pot already on a stove.

First, remove as much wax from the candle holder with a butter knife. Then, heat the water in the large pot and bring it to a boil before placing the candle holder in it.

The heat from the boiling water will melt the wax in the candle holder. This should make it easier to remove the remaining wax by using a paper towel.

Finally, wash the candle holder with water and soap to have a clean and clear candle holder.

Using a Hair Dryer

use a hair dryer to clean a glass candle holder

A hairdryer is another great method to use. So far, you can see that we are using everything you can find in any home so that it is easier to remove wax from a candle holder.

A hairdryer is good as it will heat the wax, making it soft enough for you to remove it from the glass candle holder sets.

Place the candle holder on an oven mitt to protect the tabletop from the heat. Turn on the hairdryer to warm settings and then heat directly on the bottom and sides of the candle holder.

Once the wax is melted, scraping it from the candle holder should be easy. You could even use a paper towel to remove it from the candle holder.

After you remove the wax, there is still a need for additional cleaning of any remaining residue. We recommend using warm water, a sponge, and soap. The sponge should be good enough to scrape the remaining wax while not scratching the glass surface. Wipe with a paper towel to leave you with a clean glass candle holder.


We have seen how it would be possible to remove wax from a candle holder. Most of the time, you would not have to worry about it being hard. With a few simple supplies, you should have a clear glass candle holder. The good thing about such wax is that you could also use it in other projects. Make a new candle from the wax you collect from different candle holders. You can combine those with a similar scent or color and create a new candle.

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