How to Style Your Gold Glass Hurricane Candle Holders

Styling a gold glass hurricane candle holder is easy. Check out the guide for more details about a beautiful candle holder.

For the longest time, the gold color has been used to denote opulence, and that is the same thing you will see with the gold glass hurricane candle holder. It has a way of making sure the space looks great.

In case you are in the market to spruce your home, it is time to consider such candle holders. However, what would be the best way to style a gold glass hurricane candle holder?

Choose The Right Candle

Whether you want to build a perfect wedding centerpiece or you just want to make your home look great, styling the gold glass hurricane candle holder starts with a proper candle for the job.

Popular choices for candle options include pillar, taper, and votive candles. The pillar candles are cylindrical and easily fit into the gold glass hurricane candle holder. Just make sure it is the right size for the candle holder.

The taper candles are also an alternative. If you have a long and narrow hurricane candle holder, it will work well with the taper candle.

The votive candles are mostly small and suitable for small hurricane candle holders. Also, they are suitable for setting up a group of hurricane candle holders.

As part of choosing the right candle, there is the need for the right size too. The candle size determines whether it will work well with the candle holder. The rule of thumb is to choose a candle that is two-thirds the height of the gold glass hurricane candle holder. At least, you will provide enough for the candle to burn evenly and keep the wax from dripping to the sides of the candle holder.

We still recommend choosing the right candle scent and color. These two can sometimes determine the overall look and feel of the gold glass hurricane candle holder. Make sure to focus on the room’s overall color theme if you want to choose colored candles.

As for the scent, make sure the fragrance can suit your personal taste and can create the mood you are going for. Some of the notable scents people use include lavender, vanilla, citrus, and peppermint.

Add Fillers

gold glass hurricane candle holder for pillar candles

You already have the gold glass hurricane candle holder and the right candle. The next thing to use for styling the candle holder is the choice of fillers.

Fillers can be described as materials that can be used to fill the space around the candle in the gold glass hurricane candle holder. As such, which materials can do a good job as fillers?

  • Stones or pebbles are the most obvious choice as fillers. They are good for adding texture and visual interest to the candle holder. Make sure the colors of stones or pebbles can complement the room decor.
  • Sand is another alternative to use as a candle holder filler. Using sand is good for the case where you want to achieve a coastal or beachy vibe. Make sure to use fine-grain sand in a color that also complements the candles chosen.
  • Shells are also common picks for a coastal vibe. You may have accumulated several shells if you visit the coast more often. It is time to put them to good use.

Arranging the filler material around the candle in the gold glass hurricane candle holder is simple. Start by adding a layer of filler material at the bottom of the holder to create a stable base for the candle. Insert the candle and add more filler material around it to keep it stable and still improve the look of the candle holder.

Add Accents

You are almost done styling your gold glass hurricane candle holder. All that is remaining is to add accents to the candle holder.

Accents are the decorative items you add to the candle holder to enhance its look and make the display even better. The possible accents are ribbons, shells, flowers, and greenery.

Ribbons are not new to us in the case of using them for decorations. All you have to do is add a ribbon or twine to the candle holder to add charm to the display. Tie the ribbon with any knot that you know.

Sea glass and shells can work as fillers and accents too. As mentioned before, such is good for showing a coastal vibe.

Flowers and greenery are also welcome to improve the display of your gold glass hurricane candle holder. Fresh or artificial flowers can add beauty to the candle holder.

Displaying the Gold Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

Since you have managed to style the gold glass hurricane candle holder, how best can you display it? Below we see a couple of tips to get you started.

  • Choose the placement of the candle holder appropriately. You should choose a safe location far from flammable materials and should also help add character to the room.
  • We also advise you to group the candle holders if you have several in a room. Grouping of the candle holders will provide you with a stunning display that works so well. Grouping also works well with candle holders of varying heights and shapes.
  • The candle sizes can also be different. Using varying heights and sizes of candles for each gold glass hurricane candle holder can create a dynamic display. Also, choose different candle types depending on the candle holder design.
  • Consider changing the display depending on the season. Sometimes you can change the fillers or accents to keep up with the season. This helps to keep the display fresh.
  • Still, as part of displaying the candle holder, consider cleaning the holder too. The aim is to keep the display beautiful and free from dust and debris. Wipe with a soft cloth soaked in soapy water and dry the holder to leave it looking clean.


This guide made styling and displaying your gold glass hurricane candle holders easier. Focus more on making the display beautiful, and we have provided tips on doing it right. Regular cleaning gives you a beautiful candle holder for the whole year. Do not be afraid to try other styling tips to see how well the candle holder stands out.


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