Kids’ Table Decoration Ideas At A Wedding

A good table wedding decor for kids will keep them entertained to ensure they can enjoy the event. We share ideas on how to achieve it.

Weddings overall are supposed to be fun and filled with joy. This even applies to the kids. It is possible that while setting up the table wedding decor, you may end up forgetting the kids. Remember that they will also be at the event, so make their time fun and exciting. Creating an engaging time for the kids is vital, so they are not bored. We discuss a couple of ideas on how to set up table wedding decor for kids’ tables.

Use Colorful Tablecloths And Napkins

coloful table wedding decor for kids

One of the easiest ways to create table wedding decor that suits kids is to add color to their table. This includes using colorful tablecloths and napkins. Go for bright and colorful tablecloths as much as possible. Even if that is the case, try to make sure they still match the wedding theme still.

Consider tablecloths like green, pastel pink, and other bright colors. You could add tablecloths with cartoon characters or superheroes if the wedding theme allows it. A good choice would be to use a tablecloth with spiderman, superman, and other favorite kids’ characters.

Create Personalized Place Settings

kids table wedding decor with personalized centerpieces

It can take a lot more time, but a table wedding decor where each kid attending can have a personalized place setting would also be nice. This includes using chalkboards or small frames with each child’s name, so they know where to sit and play with the toys in front of them. Of course, the kid can also feel special for attending the event, and it helps keep them in one place for close monitoring.

Having Fun Centerpieces

fun table wedding decor centerpieces for kids table

You also have the option of using playful centerpieces the kids will love. One of the options to consider is using colorful flowers on the table wedding decor for kids. You can also consider anything interactive that can also work as a centerpiece. A small sandbox can be a good pick in such a case. Fill the sandbox with toys or create a mini coloring station.

The kids could also use small puzzles and games as their table’s centerpieces. The result is that they are engaged and entertained throughout the event.

Activity Kit

activity kit puzzles for kids

You also need to include activity kits as part of the table wedding decor to find a way to keep the kids happy. You can even create some of these kits. Start by creating the coloring books, crayons, small games, and puzzles kids might like to ensure they are always engaged.

Even when setting up these activity kits, it is best to keep them age appropriate. It might not work well if the puzzles are too complex for the kids. Sometimes, you can personalize the activity kits with the kid’s initials, so they do not fight over them.

Use Nuptio Fillable Hanging Clear Balls

hanging balls filled with mini toys decoration

It can also be great to use hanging balls as part of the table wedding decor on the kid’s table. It is a way of distracting them from what is happening around them. You can set them up on the table for them to play with them. You can hang them on a faux tree table decoration to bring a beautiful look to the kids’ tables.

Other than using them on the kid’s table, you can also use them for anniversary parties, dinners, and holiday decorations.

Photo Booth Props

camera for kids

You may have noticed how kids love taking photos. Introduce a mini photo booth at the kid’s table to distract them from the main event. Of course, you simply have to fill the photo booth with props. Since most kids enjoy taking photos, they will take turns going into the booth claiming to be taking photos. You can also provide the kids with disposable cameras to take pictures throughout the event.

DIY Crafts

DIY crafts for kids table wedding decor

Still, on the table wedding decor for kids, there is the option of including DIY crafts to encourage the kids to have fun at their table and no need to wander around the event space. The kids would generally find something to work on and take home as a souvenir from the wedding party. Examples include coming up with bracelets, bookmarks and decorating picture frames.

Use Nuptio Crystal Castle Candy Dish

table wedding decor container

Kids love having candy, and one of the best ways to make it accessible is by placing the candy in the Nuptio crystal castle candy dish. The dish can also hold biscuits and other fun things the kids would love snacking on as they wait for their parents to attend the wedding.

You can also use the same candy dish at home after the wedding. The dish can be used to store past, dried beans, sugar, rice, and grains. So, it is a pretty versatile option at weddings and at home.

Use Fun Lighting

fun lighting for kids wedding table decor

Let us assume it is going to be an evening event. In this case, you can always get the fun lighting set up in the space to create a magical atmosphere for the kids to have fun in. consider using string lights, and glow sticks, and add some sparkle where possible. The kids will be glued to looking at how magical their table lights and that is what you want.

Ensure the kids have the right seat sizes to reach the table. Since they are small, the usual seats would make it hard for them to reach the table. Go for the kid-sized seats to make their time easier.


When you have kids attending, then the table wedding decor also has to match the audience. As part of coming up with the table wedding decor, consider things that would be fun for kids. A good example is having games or even candy on the table. This is to ensure the kids do not think of wandering around.

Also, always consider safety while creating the table wedding decor so that you do not have to rush kids to the hospital because of choking hazards.


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