Product Review: Nuptio Gold & Silver Metal Vases for Wedding Party Table Centerpiece

Gold vases for centerpieces are recommended for the best look. Check out this set of beautiful gold and silver vases to use for your wedding decor.


When dreaming of your favorite centerpiece at a wedding, the chances are you were hoping for gold vases for centerpieces. That is something you can get with these vases. Still, they are available in other colors for you to have options. In case you want to learn more about such vases, check out this detailed review.


Whether it is gold or silver, these vases are beautiful. The design makes it easier for people to find a place to use them. That is how they end up being so versatile. As such, in addition to using them for weddings, they are also good for home decor.

The vases are also good for working both with artificial and live flowers. You can now consider using it with faux flowers from the same brand or get some fresh flowers from a local florist.

There are many other reasons for you to choose the vases. Keep reading to learn more about their construction, design, and price.

gold vases for centerpieces


These gold vases for centerpieces have to stand out to make someone consider using them. Here are some of their notable features.

  • Multiple Sizes Available

Depending on your application, it is sometimes best to have the option of choosing the right size. That is what you get with the vases here. The size starts from 30 cm tall and 12 cm in diameter and goes up to 90 cm tall and 18cm in diameter. With this option, you can find both short and tall gold vases for centerpieces.

  • Durability

Durability is another reason that these gold vases for centerpieces are popular. They are made of iron metal, which should be good for durability. It is not cheap metal as you would think because of the affordable price, but it is still good to live up to regular use of the vases.

  • Multiple Colors

Users would generally want different colors for their wedding vases depending on the wedding theme. We find that this one features two main colors. Gold and silver. It is not only the gold vases for centerpieces you are buying; you can also get those with a silver color.

  • Ease of Assembly

These vases come with a bit of assembly to get them into the standing position to use them. Even though assembly might be necessary, you can always get it done easily, as there are only a few pieces to put together.

The vases still come with a manual to help ensure you can set them up easily.

  • Multiple Applications

When buying gold vases for centerpieces, you hope they would actually live up to versatility. Just because you want to use it at a wedding does not mean it is the only way to use it. You can also use the same at home. That is what happens when you get these vases.

They are popular for bridal showers, event decorations, parties, and more.

You can still use them for holding candles. They are some of the most beautiful candle holders for sure you can get for yourself.

Pros and Cons

vase centerpieces for candles


  • Easy assembly process
  • Affordable vases for centerpieces
  • Impressive durability
  • Multipurpose vases


  • They could use more color variety


Looking at the overall pricing of $32.95 for two vases and $158.95 for 10 vases of the same size, we can say the vases are generally affordable. You can get the updated price from the official website when you change the size of the vase you want. And also can be shopped from Amazon. It is generally a good deal for those seeking gold vases for centerpieces.


Setting up a wedding can take a toll on someone, but the final results generally make it worth going through the trouble. Having such gold vases for centerpieces would make it easier generally as you can create the best stylish centerpieces. We also find that the overall build quality is good to guarantee durability and versatility.

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