Rules for Long Table Centerpieces

The job of a good centerpiece is to draw attention to the table. That is why people invest so much in coming up with good centerpieces regardless of the table size they are working with.

You may notice that you have a lot more space to fill up when working with long tables. That is why you should always use the right long table centerpieces to suit the situation. For this reason, we have to consider the rules for long table centerpieces.

The Centerpiece Width

A long table can often seat up to 20 people easily. Because of its length, most of the time, people want to have the centerpiece run along the length of the table. This should be easy to achieve; however, what would be the appropriate width for long table centerpieces?

The first rule would be to consider the width of the centerpiece. There is no standard width you should have for the centerpiece, but it is advisable to keep the centerpiece from 24 to 48 inches in size. This is enough to cover the table better and leave enough space for the guests to still use the table.

The good thing about long table centerpieces is that they are flexible. You can use flower vases, artifacts, sculptures, and so much more.

The number of people using it often determines the size of the table centerpieces. A good example is using the centerpiece size of 10 inches for a table for two and up to 30 inches for a table for 20. With such sizes in mind, you would have to consider the table size first and narrow it down to the long table centerpieces’ size.

Lighting Is Important

long table centerpieces for wedding

Still, it might be vital to consider the lighting on the decoration of long table centerpieces. That is why you will often come across such long tables having many candles or other forms of lighting running across the entire length of the table.

The good thing with the lighting is that it makes the conversations lively, and you do not feel like you are in a dingy place. The candlelight flickers also create some of the best beautiful shadows on the walls and table. They are just great for creating a good atmosphere to enjoy the wedding.

No Overcrowding

You may be tempted to add a lot more table centerpieces because of the space you have available for decorations. However, that is still not recommended. You are better off using simple decorations so that you have a table that is manageable with its decoration.

Being able to manage the number of long table centerpieces does not mean you will make it boring. You only want people seated at the table to be focused on the decorations. It also allows them to have a conversation across the table.

Focus On The Type Of Event

Long table centerpieces work for more than just weddings. They can also work with other events, including celebrations, birthdays, graduations, funerals, and more.

Let us say it is a funeral; you would have a different approach for table centerpieces. In this case, you have to approach the decoration of the long table centerpieces with a simple mind. Extra decorative touches might not be necessary. Of course, you may have to use darker jewel tones to symbolize it is a funeral.

You may also use table centerpieces for birthdays, graduations, and other fun activities. Here, do not hold back on decorating with bright colors. It might not be as much as decorating for a wedding, but it should still be able to stand out too.

Weddings, anniversaries, and other romantic affairs could use better-designed and placed long table centerpieces. Also, expect the long table decorations to be unique and colorful.

Table Shape And Length

Since we already know that it is a long table, do not let it stop there. Look at the shape too. How you decorate a round table is different from a rectangle table. Most long tables are rectangular, so you will focus more on keeping table centerpieces in the middle, running along the entire table length.

Even the shape of the long table centerpieces matters a lot. Long tables are flexible and allow for different centerpiece shapes and sizes. Talking of sizes, you are supposed to decorate so that the centerpiece does not obstruct the view of the people seated across each other. This allows them to have a conversation easily.


wedding venue with long tables

Still, on decorating table centerpieces, you still need to consider the venue too. The last thing you need is a venue that might not accommodate your ideas.

To the surprise of many people, some venues have strict rules on what you can use for decorating the tables for a wedding. A good example is the use of open-flame candles. You need to have adequate measures to ensure that such candles do not lead to fire outbreaks. Some even do not allow them.

So, talk to the management to understand what is allowed and not allowed so that you come up with the best design for table centerpieces.

Guest Preferences

You should remember the guest preferences when coming up with long table centerpieces. Some guests might be allergic to certain flower types or even candle scents.

How best would you handle this? Consider using flower types known for not causing allergies. This means that there is less chance of someone being affected. Still, the guests can indicate their allergies while confirming their attendance. This helps ensure their needs are handled better, and you are fine with the guests sitting at the table.


Decorating centerpieces for long tables should not be hard. Most of the time, you would have a great time creating a magical space that people will enjoy when attending the event. It can be a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or anything that needs detailed decoration. You will always have a wide range of options, such as flowers, candles, garlands, etc. Make use of anything you like to ensure the final look of the centerpiece is great.

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