7 Unique Cake Stands for Your Summer Wedding

Get inspired with our selection of 7 unique wedding cake stands, from vintage cake stands to modern cake displays. Make your cake look amazing.

A wedding cake is more than a tasty treat; it’s also the center of attention at the party. A unique cake stand is a great way to make the cake look more excellent and fit the wedding style. In this post, we’ll look at seven different kinds of wedding cake stands.

7 Different Cake Stands To Make Your Summer Wedding More Special

Rustic Cake Stands

Rustic Wedding Cake Stands

The rustic style is simple and made from natural materials. It’s essential to have a cake stand that goes with the theme of the wedding as a whole, and a rustic cake stand does that. Our vintage wood cake stand and metal round cake stand are great choices.

Geometric Cake Stands

Geometric Wedding Cake Stands

Geometric designs usually include straight lines and regular forms like triangles and hexagons. Think of wedding cake stands that fit the modern, geometric style. Each pedestal has a unique shape and a shiny metal finish that makes the cakes look like works of art.

Vintage Cake Stands

vintage wooden cake stand wedding

Vintage style is nostalgic and attractive. Vintage cake stands are the perfect way to make your summer wedding more special. Not only do they add a unique and timeless touch to your event, but they also provide a great way to display your delicious wedding cake.

With so many different styles available, you can find the perfect wedding cake stand for your special day. From classic silver platters to ornate porcelain stands, these vintage cake stands will be sure to make your summer wedding even more memorable.

Bohemian Cake Stands

boho wedding cake stand

The goal of dressing in a bohemian fashion is to convey an air of free spirit. And experimentation uses a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. If you’ve been looking for a cake stand in this style, you’re in luck! There is a plethora of alternatives to choose from.

With its knots and fringe, a macrame cake stand is a terrific option. The other option is a wooden cake stand with a bright boho design painted on it and a worn-out look.

Mix and match old dishes, cups, and saucers to make a cake stand that looks more interesting. An alternative like this would be great for a bohemian-themed tea party wedding.

Modern Cake Stands

white modern cake stands for wedding

If your wedding theme is modern and sleek, a cake stand that looks more modern and sleek is a good choice. Look for simple shapes, geometric shapes, and striking, modern finishes.

A classic white porcelain or marble cake stand is a great choice. This cake stand is perfect for a modern wedding with a muted color scheme.

A light-reflecting acrylic or glass wedding cake stand may be fascinating. These supports give your cake an excellent floating look.

Beachy Cake Stands

beachy seashell cake stand for weddings

A beach or coastal theme wedding goes well with a natural-made cake stand. Cake stands with a beachy aesthetic tend to got built of raw materials. The materials are wood, seashells, or coral, and to have a muted color palette and organic design.

DIY Cake Stands

diy wedding cake stands

Crafting your wedding cake stands is an excellent project for the creative couple. You can make beautiful and unique cake stands out of old dishes, candlesticks, or even tree stumps.

For example, you could use old dishes and candlesticks to make a tiered cake stand. Put glue on the bottom of the plates where the candlesticks will go, and let the glue dry before stacking. As an alternative, use a tree stump as a plate. You can make a lovely, natural cake stand from a flat, solid stump sanded down and given a clear varnish.

Cake Stand Alternatives

Wedding cakes on conventional cake stands are exquisite, but various methods exist to achieve the same. Try these summer wedding cake stands alternatives:

Cake plates are an easy and classy substitute for cake stands. Among the many options, you can find one in the right size, style, and shape for your wedding theme. Use cake plates in blue or green to represent the ocean and its many tints for a summertime vibe.

Cake pedestals add elegance to wedding receptions. They may offer visual interest to a dessert spread by their varied heights. Consider using pedestals of different sizes to make your wedding cake stands out.

Cake pedestals are a classier alternative to cake plates. Acrylic or glass wedding cake stands are usually used for this, and they put your cake on a higher platform so it looks better. Like the colors of a summer sunset, pink or orange cake risers could help set the mood for a fun summer party.

How to Choose the Right Cake Stand for Your Wedding

Getting a suitable cake stand could be the finishing touch on the decor for your wedding. Choose the best cake stand by following these tips:

  • Think about the theme of your wedding. The style of your big day should match the style of the cake stand you choose. A wooden cake stand might suit a rustic wedding, while a clear acrylic stand would suit a contemporary one.
  • Choose wedding cake stands with colors that go with the rest of your wedding decorations. Your stand can match the rest of your decor or be a different color.
  • Choose a cake stand that can hold a cake of the right size and weight. A sturdy frame gets needed to show off a cake with more than one layer.


Putting the cake on a unique wedding cake stands is a classy and distinctive way to show off your wedding cake at your summer wedding. A wide variety of cake stands are available. Think about the party’s colors, the size of the cake, and how creative you want to be when choosing. Your wedding cake should be the focus of your summer party, and a suitable cake stand can help you do that.


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