What Are the Best Plants for Large Urns

Find the best plants for your large urns. Check out this blog for making beautiful displays, from bright flowers to elegant leaves.

Plants can add a serene vibrancy to any setting, indoors or outdoors. You can use different kinds of vases, urns, & boxes to decorate your space with the floor. Urns are a wonderful way to display plants and create focal points in your yard, patio, or entryway. Not all plants use large urns because they need special traits to grow. This post will look at plants that will look good with big urns. This ensures that your space gets an elegant look.

Plants You Can Use To Decorate Large Urns


Boxwood is a hardy shrub that looks great in urns. Its dense leaves and compact growth make it an excellent option for formal arrangements. There are boxwood varieties like Green Velvet and Winter Gem that grow slowly. They have a clean, round shape making them look great. Plant boxwood needs big urns with soil & water to keep its lush green appearance all year.

Alberta Spruce Dwarf

Alberta spruce dwarf is a lovely coniferous plant that complements large urns. The scientific name for this plant is Picea glauca ‘Conica’. Its pyramidal design and vibrant green hue make it a great focal point. This slow-growing plant needs care, making it a good choice for time-pressed gardeners. Alberta spruce dwarf prefers full sun to partial shade and grows in well-drained soil. Regular watering and pruning will help it maintain its attractive shape.

English Ivy

English Ivy adds a quirky touch to your outdoor landscape by spilling over the rims of big urns. This hardy vine is known for its robust growth and adaptability to light situations. Due to its invasive nature, try growing it in a separate container within the large urn to limit its spread.

Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny is a trailing perennial ideal for draping over the sides of large urns. Its vivid chartreuse foliage splashes color and contrasts with other plants. Creeping Jenny needs shade to full sun and grows best in well-drained soil. Water the plants to keep them blooming. Cutting them timely assists you in controlling the growth and maintaining the shape.


Geraniums are beautiful flower plants that brighten large urns. These plants come in various colors, ranging from vivid reds to subtle pastels. Geraniums need regular maintenance so that they can spread their elegance. They prefer full sun but may tolerate light shade. Deadheading spent blooms promotes continual blooming throughout the growing season.

Grasses for Decoration

large urns for outdoor decor

Use grasses like feather reed and fountain grass to add texture to large urns. Their delicate foliage and elegant plumes make an airy and vibrant spectacle. Select grasses that are appropriate for your environment and sun exposure. Once established, these low-maintenance plants need well-drained soil and little watering. Pruning them in the late winter or early spring will refresh their appearance.


Sempervivum is a succulent that grows well in big pots. They look good because the leaves are made like rosettes. The plant comes in different colors and textures. Sempervivum is like dirt that drains well and doesn’t need much water. This makes them great plants for dry landscaping. These plants can handle dryness and do best in full sun to light shade. They can withstand bad weather and give your large urn designs a stern look.


Begonias (Begonia spp.) are adaptable plants that thrive in large urns, whether upright or trailing. These shade-loving plants come in a selection of various colors and leaf forms. This adds elegance to your arrangement. Begonias demand well-drained soil and consistent watering to keep their soil moist. They prefer partial shade and flourish in high-humidity settings. Deadheading spent flowers encourages continued flowering.


lobelia grow in a creative pot

Lobelia is a lovely annual plant that lends a splash of color to large urns. Its delicate blue, purple, or white blossoms provide an eye-catching visual spectacle. Lobelia enjoys partial shade and thrives in well-drained soil, especially in warmer areas. Water the plants to maintain the soil moist, but avoid overwatering to prevent root rot. Deadheading spent blooms promotes new growth and extends the blooming season.


Coleus is a great foliage plant for large urns. Thanks to their bright and vibrant leaves, Coleus plants come in many hues and patterns. They love partial shade to full sun and flourish in well-drained soil. To keep the soil hydrated, you need to water them. Pinching off the flower spikes encourages compact growth. It also encourages the plants to concentrate on their leaves.


Large urns allow you to create a unique plant urn that can turn your space into a visual masterpiece. You can ensure your plants grow and spread beauty throughout the seasons. Pick the plants that look good with your large urn planter. NUPTIO is a website where you may buy large urns. Create an urn display that adds elegance, color, and texture to your outdoor paradise. Check out our website and order now!


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