What Board to Use for Flower Wall

A beautiful flower wall panel needs a proper board to achieve. Learn about the top options for flower wall boards and how to choose one.

Many weddings have now embraced the use of flower wall panels. This is because it allows for an additional beautiful wedding decoration. Such a decoration can also work well for events such as anniversaries or photoshoots. Because of such, you need to understand which board would be ideal for a flower wall panel.

With several board options in the market, you may not know which to use. We offer expert tips to help you choose the right one. Keep reading to learn more about flower wall panels.

Types Of Flower Wall Panels

wedding flower wall panel decoration

Plywood Board

The use of plywood is the most common choice for those making flower walls because of its durability and strength. The plywood board is also readily available and still cheap to ensure you can easily develop a flower wall panel.

Depending on the application, plywood is available in different thicknesses, making it easier to choose the right thickness. We suggest using thicker boards if you have to use heavy flowers and greenery.

You can attach the flowers and greenery using simple options such as wire, glue, or staples. This has made having a beautiful flower wall easier for most people.

Foam Board

This is another lightweight board for making a flower wall panel. The board is made using polystyrene foam and then covered with plastic or paper. Polystyrene is easy to shape in the nice shape you want or even the thickness. Expect the thickness to vary from 1/8th to ¾ inches.

The foam board is loved for being lightweight, and thus easy to handle. Users can also cut it into different sizes and shapes. This means you can customize it further to your needs.

The foam board can also be covered with either fabric or paper. The aim here is that you can customize it to your needs for a color scheme.

Affordability also makes foam board an alternative to plywood. However, it might be stronger than plywood boards. Such a flower wall panel can also dent or puncture with ease.

PVC Board

A PVC board might just be another top pick for anyone looking to get a durable and weather-resistant flower wall panel. The board is made using polyvinyl chloride plastic. This board will also come in a wide range of options in terms of thickness.

People might opt for PVC boards because of their durability. Also, we find that they are good at cleaning and maintenance. With just some basic cleaning, the board remains in good condition.

Unlike foam boards, PVC boards can support heavy greenery and flowers. The result is that a person can use a lot more flowers to create an intricate design for a flower wall panel.

The board can also be painted to match different color schemes. This is vital for those in the market for a beautiful design for a flower wall to match the wedding theme.

It is a good pick, but it can have a few downsides. The biggest of them all is that PVC boards are more expensive. The price point might sometimes shift the focus to other boards. Also, additional support might be necessary for the large flower walls.


Cardboard is another good choice when making wedding centerpieces from a flower wall panel. The best part about cardboard is that they are easy to find and cheap.

Cardboard can also be customized in terms of thickness so that you end up with something you like and can handle your decorations. The thickness of cardboard is often categorized as a single layer or triple layer.

Once you have the cardboard, customize it into different shapes and sizes that can suit your needs. You may also like the option of customizing the color scheme by choosing a color of cardboard that suits your wedding theme.

Cardboard might be cheaper, but it will not be as strong as plywood board or PVC board. Also, it is not ideal for supporting heavy flowers or greenery and can be damaged easily by moisture.

How To Choose A Flower Wall Panel Board

flower wall panel with greenery decor

Choosing a flower wall panel board can be surprisingly hard when you have so many options. Nevertheless, here are things to consider to help streamline your choice for a flower wallboard.


Consider the weight of the board before using it to create a flower wall panel. Sometimes a heavy board will require additional support or reinforcement. The worst part can be adding more flowers and greenery, making the board too heavy.


Different boards for flower walls will have different durability. You must look for a durable board to reuse even after the event. Some of the most durable options are plywood and PVC. They can easily withstand wear and tear and can be reused multiple times.

Foam boards and cardboards are cheaper but will not have the best durability.

Water Resistance

Another key consideration is how well the flower wall panel is resistant to water or moisture. It can be an outdoor wedding, and it ends up raining that day. Will the board still stay in good condition, or will it be damaged? We can see that boards such as plywood and PVC are better at water resistance than the others.


We also recommend looking at the cost when getting boards for flower walls. Sometimes settling for a cheaper option is okay if the couple is on a budget. Also, if the couple is okay with not reusing the flower wall again, a cheaper choice is okay. However, you can opt for a more expensive option and reuse the board for other applications.


The flower walls at a wedding seem essential sometimes. Using the right board is what you need to do. We have examined the best options in the market and how best someone can utilize them. We still talked about their overall performance, cost, and durability. Now you know which to choose based on your needs and budget.


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