What Can Be Put in a Vase to Hold Artificial Flowers

Forget the plastic-looking artificial flowers of the past. Those imitations felt so fake that they were laughable. Today, manufacturers of artificial flowers have upped their game. The artificial flowers in vase look like the actual flowers and feel and smell the same.

Let’s face it – natural flowers need your care and attention. And in this fast-paced world, not many have that time. People want excellent scenery without the hustle of watering all the time.

Artificial flowers brighten your home and add a touch of nature to it throughout the year. Choosing an appropriate vase is essential to make the most of your artificial flowers. You can place different items/substances to hold the artificial flowers in vase. Here are some suggestions.

Water for Artificial Flowers in Vase

artificial flowers in vase with water

Water is the typical addition to artificial flowers in vase. It makes them more real than their appearance. Even though artificial flowers don’t need water to survive because they’re not alive, water can still make them look as natural as fresh flowers. Guests can’t tell the difference until they come up close.

Adding water to artificial flowers in vase gives the illusion of freshly-cut bouquets. When you add water, ensure it doesn’t surpass the base of the stems. This will prevent damage to the artificial flowers.

Pebbles, Stones, and Sand

Pebbles, Stones to fill vase

This gives you a more rustic or natural look. Pebbles, stones, and sand fill your artificial flowers in vase. Aside from boosting the visuals, they add stability to the artificial flowers in vase. Use stones, sand, and pebbles of different colors depending on the corresponding décor within your space.

It would also go a long way to use natural pebbles, stones, and sand rather than artificial options. This will help to add a simple and elegant touch to your artificial flowers in vase.

Grass, Bamboo, and Reeds

bamboo reeds

This look is not only natural but also highly textured. It is an excellent option for bright artificial flowers in vase. The bamboo and reeds can be woven around the stems. The grass creates a rugged and natural look.


Moss filler for artificial flowers in vase

Yes, you read that right. Moss can be a great addition to your artificial flowers in vase. However, if you desire a more woodland and garden-inspired look, you should opt for moss. It not only adds depth but also texture to the display. It can also conceal the base of the stems or the vase.

The choice between using artificial or fresh moss is yours. It all depends on what look you’re trying to deliver.

Artificial Water

artificial water for vase filler

The good thing about using artificial water is that you can use a colored version of it. This way, you get a more sophisticated and breathtaking look. It is a gel-like material that mimics natural water – for those who don’t know it yet.

Decorative Elements

shells decorative

To have a more eye-catching design, add several decorative elements to the artificial flowers in vase. Some of the most prolific decorative elements people use include shells, beads, mini lights, and crystals. They not only act as fillers but also decorate the flowers. They also add sparkle and color, creating a whimsical and playful look.


diy buttons

This might come out a little strange from us, but you can also use buttons as fillers for your artificial flowers in vase. It delivers a neutral look at practically a shoestring budget. You might need to look for some old clothes and remove buttons to use in the vases. Use different shades and colors to deliver an artistic impression inside your vase. Take some time and check Pinterest for more ideas on delivering a brilliant design with buttons.

For a more colorful approach, you might consider using a rainbow hue combination of buttons. In addition, you can consider using different button sizes and designs for a texture mix. Unleash creativity!

Wine Corks

wine corks filler for artificial flowers in vase

For wine lovers, this is another impressive DIY design for your artificial flowers in vase. So don’t throw those wine corks away. Instead, use them as décor for your vase. You can either leave the plants seated in the corks or add water to secure everything inside the vase.

Coffee Beans

coffee beans

Fans of drinking coffee will love this option. Now you can see and breathe coffee all day with this addition. And at the same time, you’ll add beauty to your artificial flowers in vase. Fill up the vase with coffee beans. They are particularly great at holding artificial flowers.

Rock Salt

rock salt

Salt crystals add that superb and colorful look to your artificial flowers in vase. Add enough rock salt to the vase and a bit of food coloring for extra effects. Shake until the mixture blends appropriately, then place it in the artificial flowers. If you can, place the vase in the sun to allow the salt to dry appropriately.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you may place many different things in a vase to house flower arrangements. The correct filler will enrich your artificial flowers and create a lovely and distinctive display, from water and sand to reeds and moss.

In the end, the filler you choose will rely on your taste and the appearance you’re going for. There is a filler material that will work for you whether you desire a naturalistic, earthy presentation or something more refined and polished.

Spend some time experimenting to discover the ideal filler and artificial flower mix that meets your preferences and improves the aesthetics of your home.

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