What Can You Put in Hurricane Glass Candle Holder

Hurricane glass candle holders become more attractive with some other items. Here are some filling ideas for your hurricane.

Hurricane candle holders are largely in use as wedding and home decor ideas. Besides placing the candles inside the holder, you can make it more interesting with creative ideas. You can place other things that enhance the venue’s elegance and overall look. Here are some ideas to help you enhance the look of your hurricane glass candle holders.


hurricane glass candle holder with flowers

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers to fill your summer dining table with colors. Fill the base of the hurricane with sand and then place a layer of sea shells over the sand. Take a floral branch of orchids, cut it according to the waist of the hurricane, and put it inside the holder along its waist. It will create a modern-day design and create soothe and comfort in the environment.


Large hurricane candle holders are space-filling. They help to create a focal point in your party, wedding, and home. If you want to make it a part of your kitchen, then kitchen items are the best to fill the holder.

Lemons, oranges, and even apples can help you to fill the hurricane glass candle holder. To make it more cost-effective, use seasonal fruit items.

Sea Shells

sea shells in hurricane candle holders

Sea shells are among the inexpensive decors that help fill your space with various colors. The variety of colors and sizes enables you to fill any size of the hurricane glass candle holder with them.

You can use them solo, and they even go fabulous with other objects, i.e., sand, glittering materials, flowers, natural or faux greenery, etc.

Sand and Fan Coral

You can decorate your summer hurricane candle holders with fan corals and artificial starfish. These are easy to handle and customize. Spread sand on the base that will help you to grip candles. Surround all sides of the candle with fan corals. Place artificial starfish at the front. Light up the candles to enjoy a relaxing environment. They will glitter your space for the whole summer.

Hydrangeas in Hurricane Glass Candle Holder

Hydrangeas can help make your space more attractive when placed in hurricane candle holders. Add adequate water at the bottom to prevent the hydrangeas from wilting. Place 4 to 5 hydrangeas in each hurricane. Place a marble tile that complements your home decor over the glass hurricane candle holder. This arrangement will give your room an attractive ambiance.

Rose Petals

Rose petals are great to decorate your day for a special event. They allow you to create your desired tone at any event. Take rose petals of your desired color. Place a candle in the center, and pour the water into hurricane candle holders. Then place the petals surrounding the candles. Light up the candle with a lighter or remote control to make your day.

Epsom Salt

salt and greenery in hurricane glass candle holder

You can fill your hurricane glass candle holders with greenery and Epsom salt. Fill the base with Epsom salt, then place a candle in the center to leave a mark on the surface. Bring it out, and add minimalistic natural or faux foliage alongside the wall. Place the candle inside and glow up your space.

Bean Filler

Beans are usually used for cooking, but you can accommodate them as a hurricane candle holder filler. To make it happen, find different colors of beans in the market, especially white, green, and blue. Layer them in the candle holder and place a candle at the top of the bean stacks.

You can use both natural and LED candles. However, if you are using it for decor, and want to bring variation to your design, then LED candles are the best because you can control its switching with remote control.

Thanksgiving Day Hurricane Candle Holder

You can decorate your dining table with a hurricane candle holder with the help of corn for Thanksgiving day. Corn is a staple for Thanksgiving day. Fill the base of your hurricane glass candle holder with corn. Wrap artificial autumn leaves with a string around the candle. Place the candle in the hurricane above the corn layer.

Here is your creative in-expensive Thanksgiving Day glass hurricane candle holder centerpiece.

Wrap Up

These are inexpensive and easy craft hurricane glass candle holder filling ideas. You can use them to bring more color and elegance to your home, party, or wedding decor.

Like the fan coral idea, some of them are your go-to home decor for the entire summer season. Follow these ideas and let’s know which one helps create more attraction in your home or your special event.


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