What Can You Put In Tall Vases for Centerpieces

Tired of lilies and roses? Let’s look at some of the most unique and creative items you can put in your tall vases for centerpieces at your wedding.

As the wedding day approaches, all brides and grooms start planning everything ahead of time and want to get done with all the wedding preps. You can take the help of a professional for every chore of the wedding, or you can be yourself.

And there’s no harm in being innovative and creative for your big day. Looking for new ideas for your wedding decor? Are you using tall vases for centerpieces and tired of the traditional lilies and roses? Worry not; we got your back. Let’s look at some of the most unique and creative items you can put in your tall vases for centerpieces on your big day.

12 Unique fillers ideas for tall Vases For Centerpieces

1. Artificial Flowers

artificial flowers in tall vases for centerpieces

No, we’re not going to talk about the same roses or baby’s breath; we will discuss the special type of bloom, i.e., artificial flowers. Try using various sizes and colors and mixing them in tall vases for centerpieces. Pro tip: If using a glass centerpiece, fill it with water and put some artificial roses; put on some dried twigs to complete the look. Use an artificial flower ball to enhance its beauty for a fancier vase.

2. Pampas Grass

pampas grass in tall vases for centerpieces

One of the unique things about pampas grass is its availability and the quality to blend perfectly with almost anything. To enhance pampas grass’s true beauty and colors, use it with tall ceramic vases for centerpieces.

3. Ostrich Feathers

ostrich feathers in tall vases for centerpieces

When planning a white wedding, use ostrich feathers to make a feather plume. To complete the look, use the feathers with sleek and tall vases for centerpieces. Ostrich feathers are used for making a feather plume as they’re soft, loose, and smooth. If used properly, these white fairies would enhance the whole look of your wedding reception.

4. Use Twigs

use twigs in tall vases for centerpieces

You can choose a very minimalistic decor if you use a bold color of tall vases for centerpieces. If you want it to be fancy, buy decorative twigs from an arts and craft store. While if you’re on a budget, then you can use anything and use it to decorate your twigs.

5. Coffee Beans

coffee beans in tall vases for centerpieces

For all coffee lovers, here’s your chance to show some love for coffee. Yes, you can use coffee beans as a base and put some blooms in your tall vases for centerpieces for your wedding. You can also use a fancy glass jar and put one giant flower on the coffee beans base.

6. Candies, Marshmallows, and Gummies

candies in tall vases for centerpieces

We’re sure all your friends with kids will love you for this. Use gummies, candies, or marshmallows as the base for tall vases for centerpieces and put them on every table. This decor will surely keep those little ones engaged and relax your friends with kids to enjoy your big day.

7. Balls

balls in tall glass vase

Whichever type of balls you use, bouncy or twine wire, enhance their colors by adding fairy lights. You can use large blooms like marigolds to finish the look.

8. Macarons

macarons in glass hurricane vase

Are you using your backyard or patio for an outdoor wedding? Brighten your wedding day with colored macarons in tall vases for centerpieces. It’s appealing to the eye, plus a little for your guests sitting at the tables.

9. Fruits Or Veggies

lemon in tall vases for centerpieces

To add color and a fruit essence to your event, you can use fruits and veggies as fillers for tall vases for centerpieces. The green or yellow ripe lemons would add zeal and zest to your reception and complement this fruit essence with garlands, ferns, and hydrangeas.

10. Jelly Balls

floating candles with jelly balls in tall vases for centerpieces

Here you have a great variety to choose any color and match it per your wedding theme. Fill tall vases for centerpieces with water, put any colored water jelly balls inside, and fill the vase with tall blooms.

11. Christmas Leftover Decor

decorative vase filler

Wondering what to do with those leftover Christmas decorations? You can use jelly beans as a base and ornaments in a fancy jar. Be a little more creative by matching this look with your wedding theme. Pro tip: If you love this look and it costs you too high, you don’t need to buy these expensive jars; borrow them from a friend or an online store.

12. Taper Candles

candles in glass tall vase for table centerpieces

If you’re a candle lover, this one’s for you; use taper candles with tall vases for centerpieces. Using candles would add charm and glamour to your reception.

Pro Tip

Use colored taper candles matched with your wedding theme for amazing decor.

End Note

Who says a wedding is all about flowers? A wedding is nothing but a union of two souls in love. If you are in love, you don’t need to be old school and use flowers on your big day. You can use whatever your heart loves and desires. After all, it’s your day. We hope we’ve helped you with ways to decorate your wedding and how to make the best out of those tall vases for centerpieces. Which of the idea you liked most and why? Let us know in the comments below.


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