What Can You Put On 3 Tier Stand for Weddings

It is time to create memorable displays with a 3 tier stand. This guide helps you achieve that with multiple tips for you to consider using.

A 3 tier stand is a common decorative piece you will find at a wedding. Because of its popularity and flexibility, it can be used to display many things. The 3 tier stand comprises three levels or tiers stacked on top of each other to have a vertical display.

Expect to come across several sizes of this type of stand. Below, we look at many ways you can play around with what you display on the 3 tier stand.

Cupcakes and Desserts

Some of the most common options you can put on a 3 tier stand are cupcakes and other desserts. The stand makes it easier for the guests to look at different desserts available at the wedding and pick what they like.

We recommend using many flavors on different tiers. Of course, the colors should also match the wedding theme.


The three-tier stand could also be good for holding floral arrangements. Since it is a wedding, it should have flowers on display. So, use the stand to add a pop of color to the already existing wedding decor. It is possible to create a beautiful centerpiece depending on the flowers you pick.

We recommend choosing flowers of different sizes and colors to have a unique and beautiful display. Arrange the flowers so you have different flower types or colors for each tier.

Vegetables and Fruit

3 tier stand filled with fruit

Yes, people also eat fruits and vegetables at weddings. It is all about how they are presented. A 3-tier stand can be good for displaying such additional food at a wedding.

This kind of display is ideal for outdoor or summer weddings. Here, the guests can enjoy fresh and healthy snacks. Make sure you use a wide range of fruits and vegetables. With different sizes and colors. This is vital for creating an attractive display.

Wedding Favors

Come up with some wedding favors for your guests. It could be a way of thanking them for attending the wedding. Fill the bowls containing the wedding favors with small gifts or souvenirs so the guests can pick what they like. It is also a nice way of creating a unique and memorable display for your wedding.

Cheese and Charcuterie Board

The other fun thing to put on a 3 tier stand is a cheese and charcuterie board. The board is an attractive display for several appetizers that the guests might like ad also decorates the space. Choose to display different varieties of cheeses and meats to enjoy a unique and delicious display.

Mini Drinks or Champagne Bottles

When you are planning to have a good time at a wedding, drinks are important to have. You can choose to display them on a 3-tier stand so that the guests can easily see them and pick what they like. This is great so that everyone can have a drink when it is time to toast to the newlyweds.

Hold Candles

3 tier stand holds candles and greenery

It is not a surprise seeing that you can use the 3 tier stand to hold candles. Since it is a wedding, the candles can be essential in providing a romantic mood to the event space. We recommend choosing varying candle types, shapes, colors, and designs. Just make sure they can be used together even with their differences. The candles can often add a touch of elegance and warmth to the wedding decor.

Display The Couple’s Photos

It can be excellent for people to know how far you have come as a couple. That is why a 3 tier stand is great for displaying photos and other meaningful items to the couple. You can have a tier displaying photos of the best restaurants you have dates, another displaying photos with your friends and family, and the last tier can be when you got engaged. So, you can always come up with some creative ways to enjoy the display.

Seating Cards

The 3 tier stand is also an option for displaying the seating cards. Place the seating cards in a way the guests can see from a distance so that they know where they are supposed to sit. You can also include any other useful information on the display for the guests.

Tips for Making the Most of the 3 Tier Stand

wooden 3 tier stand for wedding cupcakes

The three-tier stand can be quite versatile. You will enjoy using the stand if you have some of these tips in mind.

  • Look at the size and style of the 3 tier stand. The size and style will help ensure whatever you pick will complement the wedding decor. We recommend going for a larger stand to hold several items. However, not too big that it overshadows the other decorations.
  • Work with decorative accents to make the stand eye-catching. You can use greenery, ribbons, or flowers to have a personal touch added to the three-tier stand.
  • Think about how you place the stand in the decorating space. Choose a nice location for ease of viewing by the guests attending the wedding. A good choice would be to place it near the wedding cake or a dessert table so the guests can easily look at it.
  • Incorporate lighting in your setup of the 3 tier wedding stand. We have already talked about using candles, but you can also consider fairy lights for that warm, inviting glow around the wedding stand. It should make it memorable and beautiful.


From the description of the ways of decorating a 3 tier stand above, we can see that it is a versatile pick. It can easily be used to display flowers, cupcakes, wedding favors, and more. It all depends on your creativity. We recommend taking the time to do a bit of research to see what pairs well with the stand. You might be surprised by how it is possible to get many things on display for such a stand.


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