What Do You Put Inside Wedding Lanterns

The wedding lanterns are versatile wedding decor elements you should use today. We give you ideas on how to decorate them for a wedding.

One of the ways you can decorate a wedding is by using lanterns. This popular decorative item has always been used in weddings and is available in different sizes and styles. Because of such versatility, we should be able to creatively use the wedding lanterns to set up the wedding space creatively.

Now that you may be considering using wedding lanterns, what should you put into them for wedding decoration? Below are what will work best for a wedding decoration.


wedding lanterns glass centerpieces

Candles will be the popular choice for those setting up the wedding lantern. The candles are loved for providing a soft and warm glow in the wedding space. Since many types of candles are available in the market, you can choose the right size and shape to fit the lantern.

We also see that candles can be scented too. Choose the best candle scent to create a pleasant aroma so that you can always smell the wedding space nice the entire time.

You may notice that votive and tea light candles will be a good choice for small lanterns. You can consider the pillar candles in the case of larger lanterns.


wedding lanterns filled with flowers for table centerpieces

Besides using candles, you can also consider using flowers inside the wedding lanterns. Fresh flowers should add color and fragrance to the wedding decoration.

There is the option of using silk flowers too. They are good for adding elegance and beauty to the wedding space without worrying they would dry up easily. Choose the right size and type of flowers that would fit correctly in the lantern.

We recommend smaller blooms for the smaller lanterns, while the large flowers can work well in the larger ones.


Flowers are a nice addition to the lanterns, but you can also include greenery in the wedding lanterns to make them more different than what people might expect. Some of the commonly used greenery are ivy, eucalyptus, and ferns.

The greenery addition to the lanterns will give you a natural and rustic touch. You can fill up the empty spaces in the lanterns with so much ease. Make sure you use the right greenery type that complements the wedding theme.

Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights in Lantern Centerpieces

We have already mentioned how you can use candles for lighting the lanterns. However, there is also the option of wrapping the wedding lanterns with fairy lights too. Other than wrapping around the lanterns, the other option would be to put them inside and light them to end up with a warm and cozy ambiance. Just make sure you are using the right fit to end up with proper lighting for a wedding.


decorate candle lanterns with shells

How about for those going for beach-themed weddings? You could also use the wedding lanterns as part of the wedding decoration. Consider adding shells to the lanterns to create a coastal vibe for this part. Place the lanterns onto the top of pebbles or sand to complete the beachy look.

You should use shells that complement each other in shape, size, and color.


The ornaments can be good for those who want to have winter weddings. You will find several ornaments that work well in your wedding lanterns. One option is to add faux snow to the lanterns and create a winter wonderland.

You can always use some personal ornaments you make yourself in the lanterns to create a unique look that most people have not seen before. Since ornaments are available in different designs, getting something that works for you should be possible.

Sand Or Pebbles

It is not uncommon to find wedding lanterns filled with sand or pebbles as part of decorating them. This type of decoration will add a neutral decoration element to the wedding decoration.

The pebbles or sand can also be a base for other decorations. This is where you can add candles or shells on top of the peddles and sand. Some would add small succulents to the lanterns in addition to sand or pebbles.


Pinecones greenery wedding lanterns centerpieces

You still have many more things you can put in wedding lanterns, including pinecones. The pinecones will be an ideal choice for winter or fall weddings. People love the pinecones because they offer the existing wedding decor a rustic and woodsy look.

Pinecones are also easy to add scent to them. They hold onto the scent, ensuring the whole room has a pleasant aroma. It is vital to pick the best pinecone sizes ensuring they also work well with the other wedding decorations.


The use of feathers in wedding lanterns might not always be common, but they will offer a unique and elegant look for a wedding. The features are supposed to add a delicate and soft touch to the decoration. They will also be good for filling up the empty space that might be in the wedding space.

Feathers are available in different color patterns. It is crucial to look at the other colors you use for the wedding and correctly pair them with the other decors.


If you want to be even more sentimental, you should add photos to the wedding lanterns. The most obvious would be using photos of you and your partner. Consider adding more photos, including your family, guests, etc. The use of photos will also help add a personal and intimate element to the wedding space.

You could use the photos in addition to the fairy lights or candles so that the light can illuminate the photos better.


We can see that wedding lanterns are versatile and easily work with different wedding setups. You simply need to be creative in setting up the lanterns, and you should be good. We have already provided you with some creative and beautiful options above. Make sure to choose that you pick what can complement your wedding.


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