What Do You Write on Wedding Champagne Glasses

Choosing what to write on the wedding champagne glasses should be easy. We share ideas on what you can potentially put on the glasses.

The wedding champagne glasses are vital in any wedding setup. They are mostly used to work as the symbol of love between the couple. Depending on how they are customized, they can also show commitment to each other. As you can see, such glasses can also serve as a souvenir for a wedding in years to come.

It is possible to have several things written on the wedding champagne glasses so that they can work well for your wedding. What if you do not know where to start? We share ideas so that you know the best way to decorate such wedding glasses.

Ideas On What To Write On Wedding Champagne Glasses

mr mrs wedding champagne glasses

Couple Names And Wedding Date

This will be the most classic approach to wedding champagne glasses. In this case, you simply write the couples’ names, each with their glass, and add the wedding date too.

Ensure the writing is done using a creative font that is easy to read but still looks great. If you want to keep such champagne glasses for a long time, this will still be a great pick and timeless.

Mr. And Mrs.

Another popular thing to write on wedding champagne glasses would be the Mr. and Mrs. titles. Include the couple’s last name at the end of each, and you should be good. It is a useful approach mostly if the wife is ready to take up the husband’s last name after the wedding.

Sayings Or Quotes

If a couple wants to add more personality to their wedding champagne glasses, adding a quote to the glass is a great option. The quote or saying can be from their favorite book, movie, or even a meaningful lyric from a song.

You may have come across quotes such as “Happily ever after,” “To forever and always.” and Cheers to love and laughter.”


Another way to ensure the wedding champagne glasses are customized to your desires is simply using the couple’s initials. As you can see, this will be a simple but still elegant way of making the glasses stand out. Do not make it look too obvious. Play around with the font type.

Wedding Location And Venue

The wedding location may mean so much to you as a couple. You can also write it on the wedding champagne glasses. The wedding location and venue work well when combined with other writings. It can be the couple’s name; then, you add the venue at the bottom. Each time you read the wedding venue from the glasses, it reminds you where you exchanged your vows.

Wedding Hashtag

Of course, if the space allows, you could also add a wedding hashtag to the wedding champagne glasses. This is a modern but still fun way of adding your personal touch to the glasses so that you can remember the wedding day.

Encourage the guests at the wedding to share the hashtag on social media so that people can talk about it.

Thank You

The wedding champagne glasses can be a canvas for you to write a special thank you message to the guests attending the wedding. This is for those glasses that the guests will be using. Such a simple and heartfelt opinion will leave the guests happy about attending your wedding.

Considerations When Writing On Wedding Champagne Glasses

wedding champagne glasses

From above, we can see that there will be many things you can write on the wedding champagne glasses. However, you should have some considerations in mind if you want the writing to be the best. Here are a few ideas.

Look At The Font Size And Style

You should always consider the font size and style. Remember, the champagne glass is not so big that you can write anything. So, try something stylish but still fits on the glass. Let us say it is a formal wedding; then a script font is a good pick. As for casual weddings, try something simple and modern.

The font size should also be legible and not too small. People should still be able to read what is written on the glasses.


You must still consider where you would want to write the words on the glasses. The most commonly used option is to write on the bowl of the champagne glass or the stem if the space allows.

The placement should be in a way that allows for a balanced and centered look. It should still leave the champagne glass looking good.

Color And Material

You should think about the champagne glass’s color and material. A champagne glass can be made of glass only or a combination of glass and other materials.

The part where you have to write on the glass will be clear, so you can use a darker color or gold for the writing to be clear and easily visible.

However, if the glass is colored, use a light color, such as silver and white, to make the writings stand out. In the case of crystal material for the glass part, we recommend using a shiny or metallic font vital to enhance the elegance.


What kind of personalization are you going for? Think about what would make the glasses memorable for you and the guests. Some of the options include using the wedding colors or theme. Adding a small illustration about the wedding can also do the job. So, always consider what personalization you want and if it will fit on the wedding champagne glasses.


As always, go for quality customization of the wedding champagne glasses if you want the personalization to last a long time. We recommend working with experienced calligraphers or experienced customizers to have a clean and crisp inscription of the glasses.


There are many options for you to use when writing on wedding glasses. You can do a simple and classic option, such as writing your name or drawing different customized designs of your liking. If you can have the right inscription, you should be happy with the final look of the champagne glasses.


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