What Else Can You Put on a Cupcake Stand

You can use a cupcake stand for displaying jewelry, appetizers, mini cakes, flowers, and more. Find out creative ways in this guide.

Cupcake stands are awesome. They can be nice for displaying your cupcake creation with so much ease. That is why people often consider getting them for their weddings or even at home. The good thing about cupcake stands is that they can be versatile. Such versatility is what you need so that you can use it more often. We look at what else you can put in a cupcake stand.

1. Display Appetizers

You might be having guests over, and you would like to get them appetizers fast. It would be nice to have them well displayed on a cupcake stand where everything is visible, and they can choose what they like.

We recommend displaying bite-sized appetizers such as meatballs, bruschetta, mini-quiches, and more.

2. Organize Jewelry

cupcake stand for oganize jewelry

Proper jewelry organization means you can find what you need fast. Of course, using the cupcake stand as a display is also recommended. You can have each tier of the stand display something different. For example, have the bracelets on tier one and necklaces on tier two.

3. Display Mini Cakes

The cupcake stand is still an ideal choice for displaying mini cakes. Notable cake choices for such an application include petit fours and mini bundt cakes. Simply place the cupcake stand on the table and fill it with the mini cakes. They will serve as great desserts for the guests attending. The stand makes the cakes more tempting.

4. Display Flowers

You can have flowers on top of the cupcake stand. This is not hard as you can fit so many flowers on such a stand. These flowers can work as centerpieces or part of the decoration in a room. As always, try to mix things up. Have a certain flower type on tier one and another on tier two.

5. Organize Makeup

cupcake stand organizes makeup

Just as we used the cupcake stand to organize jewelry, the same can also work for organizing makeup. Start by arranging the makeup into different categories. You can have one tier with eyeliners, blushes, and more. Using such stands for organizing makeup makes it easier to find what you need.

6. Hold Party Supplies

How about holding party supplies on the stand? If you are holding a party, having the party supplies in a place where people can easily access them is better. You can put supplies such as utensils, napkins, or straws on the stand; if someone needs them, they know where to find them.

7. Display Candles

Candles are a fun way of lighting the room. They are also good for helping create a nice mood in a room. However, where should you place them? The option is to consider putting them on a cupcake stand. Have as many candles as possible, creating a nice pattern to light the room better. We recommend using small candles such as votives. However, you can use pillar and taper candles if your stand allows.

8. Hold Office Supplies

Such a stand is still good for organizing your desk and making the office look neat. Depending on the design, you can put different office supplies on the cupcake stand. It can be pens, sticky notes, or paper clips. You can now easily track most of the time you use around the office better.

9. Display Vegetables And Fruits

cupcake stand for displaying fruits

You now also have the option of displaying the fruits and vegetables on your cupcake stand. We find it a good option to serve as a centerpiece for the room or decor. Displaying fruits and making them accessible to people helps in getting them noticed. We recommend displaying fruits such as grapes, oranges, and so much more.

10. Hold Spices

Such a stand can also provide space for holding your spices. Yes, simply arrange the spices on the cupcake tower, and you can find them whenever you need to use them. Other than organizing the spices, the stand will make them visually appealing. It all depends on how many spices you have available to put on display.

Another creative way under this category is using the stand to hold condiments. We are talking of options such as mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup. The next time you want to use your condiments for a BBQ, they will be easily accessible.

11. Display Small Plants

You can also utilize the small plants to give more life to the cupcake stand. You can use small potted plants or succulents. We find it a quick and easy way of adding greenery to a space. Of course, use a variety of plants to ensure everything is more visually appealing.

12. Hold Wedding Favorites

In case you recently had a wedding, there is so much you would want to put up on display. One such option would be to use a cupcake tower stand. You can use it to hold small jars with different things collected from the wedding. Do the same for pictures too. This makes it possible to have all your memories in a central place.

13. Hold Bath Products

You can use a cupcake tower stand to hold your bathing products. It can be soaps, lotions, bath bombs, shampoo, and more. If you are seeking to have a neat and well-organized bathroom, this one should do the trick.

14. Hold Candy Or Chocolate

The cupcake tower stand can also be useful for holding chocolate or candy. You simply have to ensure they are the favorite kind so you will not miss taking something from the tower. If it is a party, guests can easily find chocolates or candy.

15. Display Mini Sculptures

Use the cupcake tower stand to display small sculptures with ease. The sculptures are supposed to add character to the room. It can be a unique collection of sculptures, and you would like to have them on display.


The good thing about a cupcake tower stand is how it can work well with different items. We have seen from above that it is suitable for holding so many things, and it will still make them look good. It is vital to always vital to be creative with how you use the stand. You might be surprised how it works well for various applications.


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