What Is a Hurricane Candle Holder

Hurricane candle holder is popular among weddings, parties, and home decorators. With our guide, you will learn about different types and top picks.

Hurricane candle holders are the common ones used on the event of weddings, parties, and home decor. Various designs of hurricane holders are in the market that helps make your day more memorable.

In this article, you’ll learn about different types of hurricane holders and our top picks, besides recommended candles.

Why Is It Called a Hurricane Candle Holder

Hurricane candle holder is large, usually cylindrical one that helps the candles burn evenly indoors and outdoors. Its large sides help to hinder the breeze or draft to blow the candle off.

Hurricane holders are available in multiple sizes, i.e., large, medium, and small, to cater to the different sizes of candles.

They are rooted back to the 18th century. Artisans designed it to overcome the problem of uneven candle burning and accidentally blown off by the wind. When there was a windy season, it was tedious to light up the surroundings because the wind blew off candles each time.

To overcome this problem, large cylinder candle holders were made. They help to overcome both issues. They were mostly made up of glass. Nowadays, other materials are also used for manufacturing these hurricane candle holders.

Our Picks for Hurricane Candle Holders

Here are our top picks of hurricane candle holders that will make the selection easy for you to make your big day more memorable.

Multi-functional Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

glass hurricane candle holder

These glass hurricane holders work great as a table centerpiece for different occasions. You can use it as an advent candle holder, or party decor. And will help you create a warm ambiance in your bathroom.

It has a rustic and modern tone. Gift it to your family and friends on different occasions, i.e., baby showers, and weddings, would be a great option.

Floating Candles Hurricane

hurricane candle holder for floating candles

This hurricane candle holder’s unique and simple design makes it the best match with different types of candles, i.e., pillar, tea light, and floating candles. You can also glow your LED candles in it.

It works with different occasions, like parties, weddings, and special events. You can also decorate your house, office, and drawing rooms.

Metal Hanging Hurricane Candle Lantern

metal hanging hurricane candle holder

With a distressed finish, the hanging hurricane candle holder enables a variety of decoration styles for different occasions and venues. It brings an elegant look, and can be a perfect piece for home decoration. You can place them on the table, or hang them on the wall.

Metal Pillar Hurricane Candles Holder with Glass

pillar hurricane candle holder

These made iron versatile hurricane holders make them useful for multiple purposes. The iron bars help to protect it from breaking and deformation and make it a long living. Such hurricane candle holder is not only capable of using with LED candles but also with others.

You can light up your space by placing votives, pillars, tea-light, taper, or wick candles. It’s also a special centerpiece for Christmas, Halloween, parties, and weddings, no matter indoor or outdoor. You can also make it a floral vase.

Vintage Hurricane Candle Holder for Pillar Candle

vintage hurricane candle holder

Usually, hurricane holders come with the only option to place it on the table, but it’s different from the rest of the companions. This vintage hurricane candle holder has a function that makes it equally suitable for both placing on the table and hanging on walls or tree branches.

Its outer frame is rust-free metal and helps you present a rustic touch to your home decorations. Perfect for your living room, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, weddings, and party decorations.

Raised Base Hurricane Candle Holders

black hurricane candle holder with glass

This metallic pedestal base with floral trim is a great option in hurricane candle holders. The glass helps to glow it more elegantly. The design of this candle holder is suitable for both rustic and modern setups.

It can match all types of candles and provides a great display on the tabletop as a centerpiece. By introducing different colors of candles, you can compliment the season and party tone. Besides your daily home decor, you can glow your wedding, birthday, and party decorations.

Decorative Birdcage Hurricane Candle Holder

bird decorative hurricane candle holder

Decorative design for your living room, side table, coffee table, patio, entryway, and porch centerpiece. The glass hurricane is detachable from the base, and acts as protection for the inner candles. You can easily incorporate them into your modern design. Any candle fits well with it.

Types of Candles for Hurricane Holders

Different types of candles suit them well. You can put it on display with

  • LED candles
  • Scented candles
  • Wax Candles

LED Candles

LED candles are the invention of the current era. These are famous among decorators for some reasons.

  • Easy to control with the help of remote control.
  • Flameless
  • Operational for a long time.

Scented Candles

These candles are also popular among the masses but suitable only for places where the scent is required. Otherwise, they will mix with other scents, i.e., dining table, and eventually ruin users’ experience.

Wax Candles

These are the most traditional and common candles before the arrival of LED candles. People use it even in current days. You can find various candles under the umbrella of wax candles, i.e., pillars, votives, tea lights, floating, etc.

Final Words

Hurricane candle holders were invented to save the candle from drafts and breezes. This design also helps in even burning. To this day, these candle holders are serving well for the purpose they were invented. Along with safety, currently, they are majorly serving for decor purposes.


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