What Looks Good on a Gold Pedestal Stand for Weddings

When seeking to decorate a wedding, you will come across multiple options, including a gold pedestal stand. The gold color is meant to show richness and a luxurious lifestyle. Since it is a wedding, we can say that such an accessory will work quite well.

A gold pedestal stand alone will not do much to make the wedding venue look great. That is why you need to get things that can decorate and accessorize the stand. We take the time to show it is possible to work with different products and have a pedestal stand that looks great.

5 Ideas on Decorating A Gold Pedestal Stand For Weddings

Here are ideas on how best to decorate a gold pedestal stand for weddings.

Nuptio Metal Hexagon Geometric Flower Stand

Metal Hexagon Shaped Geometric Design Flower Stand

One of the ways that you can use a gold pedestal stand for a wedding is to include a geometric flower vase. As for this package, it is available in multiple sets, meaning you can get as many pieces as you want for the wedding. Also, the shapes available include triangles and hexagons.

No need for assembly. This is unlike other products that might take up your time to assemble. All you need to do is add flowers and place them on top of the pedestal stand. You can get it here.

People would generally like it to have a chic design. Also, the triangular base should make it quite stable, so no toppling easily as in other shapes.


The other option is to use sculptures on a gold pedestal stand for weddings. The best part about sculptures is that you can use them both indoors and outdoors.

A sculpture for a wedding can be almost anything that looks good. It can be a bust, a small-sized human form, plants, abstract art, and so much more.

When working with sculptures, you need to consider lighting. Make sure there is direct lighting so that you make it stand out. As for the height, you need to keep it at eye level so that people can see it directly.


Books on a gold pedestal stand work great for those who are academicians and are having a wedding. One thing about weddings is that you can always include anything that represents your personality. We have seen people using such stands to hold the bible that will be used during the ceremony to join the couple.

Besides a wedding setup, the book on a pedestal would also work great for a home office or library.

Gazing Globes, Candles, and Cloches

It is always fun to light up a wedding, which is possible when you have cloches, gazing globes, or candles.

With so many options for candle types, it is possible to have an easy way of decorating the wedding while also lighting up the room.

The gazing globes can also look good for weddings. You may have them in gardens, but now you can use them at weddings too. The gold pedestal stand with such additions should have a great look.

Nuptio Flower Ball Arrangement

gold pedestal stand with flower balls

Our flower bouquet is another great option for putting on a gold pedestal stand at a wedding. The set contains two realistic flower bouquets that would look great for any wedding decoration. Still, you can use the same for office decoration or Valentine’s day. Click here to learn more.

We use high-quality materials to make flower heads. This includes using soft polyester material attached to a plastic base. The flat base allows you to place the flower balls on the stand and keep them from falling easily.

We also find them adaptable. Thanks to the design, they can brighten up your office, living room, windowsill, and more. Being artificial also means little to take of, such as watering.

Gold Pedestal Stand Options

If you are unsure which gold pedestal stand to consider, here are a few samples to get you started.

Nuptio Gold Tall Metal Flower Vase

flower stands column set

The stand is available in different sizes, from 15.7 inches to 39.4 inches tall. Since we are talking of a gold pedestal stand, it is only available in gold color.

The work of such a stand is to spice up the dull decor you might have in a room. This makes it suitable for birthdays, weddings, and so much more. Because of its height, it can be good for standing out in case someone walks into the venue.

The design is elegant and stable. The idea is to avoid having a flower vase that would easily fall over when you load it with accessories. Also, the assembly process is straightforward for you to have an easy-to-use stand.

Nuptio Tall Geometric Flower Vases Stands

Geometric Flower Vase Metal

This one has two size options, including one 26 inches and the other 31.1 inches. So, it depends on what works well for you. The trumpet design makes them good overall for weddings and related events.

There is the use of high-quality materials such as metal to ensure the durability of the vases. You can use hanging flowers or have a flower ball on the top part, and they will always look good. This is why it can be used as a focal point in wedding decoration.

It is a great gift idea too. If you do not use it at a wedding, it can also be a housewarming present.


There is so much a person can do with a pedestal stand at a wedding. You do not have to rely on using the same cliche decoration type when you can also include pedestal stands. Make sure you choose the right accessory on the stand that works for a wedding. Some might be good for home use and wedding too. So, after the wedding, you can take it home with you and remember the wedding day each time you look at the pedestal stand.

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