What Size Vases for Wedding Centerpieces

You can get nice vases for wedding centerpieces when you choose the right size. We share more details on how to pick the right vase size.

If you are planning a wedding, one of the centerpieces you need includes flower vases. For it to be a centerpiece, the vases for wedding centerpieces need to be correctly styled and picked based on several factors. Such factors include the size of the vase and the type of flowers to use with the vase.

You may come across a couple of options when seeking vases for wedding centerpieces. Such may include using a vintage vase, bud vase, bowl vase, and so much more. However, if you cannot find the right size, it might not be worth getting one. We discuss finding the right vase size and how to do the calculations in this guide.

Calculating The Vase Size

Most florists would choose a vase based on the flower type they want to use as part of the wedding centerpiece.

The vase size calculation begins by measuring the flower’s full length from the stem bottom up to the top of the bloom. When you get the height, divide the value by 2.5. This should give you the right contemporary or vintage vase you should use vases for wedding centerpieces.

A good example is when you have a 20-inch tall flower bouquet; the best suitable vase will be 8 inches in height. Such a height would be enough to give the bouquet a chance to stand out while at the same time keep in place.

This calculation would also work great in reverse when you have vases, and you need flowers to fill them. In such a case, multiply the height of the vases for wedding centerpieces by 2.5 to get the best flower height to use.

Martha Stewart also advises adjusting the vase height and size when working with short vases such as fish bowls, cubes, or vintage vases. Rather than dividing by 2.5, it is best to divide by 1.5.

Balance the Size With Flowers

glass cylinder vases

One thing about planning vases for wedding centerpieces, you should not be too hung on the size. Yes, it is possible to miss by an inch or two; what is important is how the flowers look once they are in the vases. It is more of a visual representation rather than a mathematical one.

Vases would come in different shapes and designs, and different flowers would grace them differently. For this reason, it is best to always find the right height and trim the stems until you have the best look visually.

How To Arrange Flowers Based on Vase Size

You may come across different vases for wedding centerpieces with different shapes, but the most common would be a tall cylindrical vase. This even applies when seeking a vintage vase. This type of vase would work with lilies, orchids, and roses. The same goes for the other shapes. That is what we want to look at below to help you know how best to accessorize with flowers based on the size of the vase.

Bud Vase

Bud vases for wedding centerpieces would be good for those who want a minimalistic look. This is because it often only accommodates one to three stems. Keep it balanced with tiny clippings from your yard or cast-off from bigger bouquets you might have.

You could also use one solitary rose to complete its look. Smaller flower varieties, such as wispy wildflowers or ranunculus, can also help a lot. Be sure to cut them at varying heights to create an amazing look also.

Short Vase Wide Opening

Still, on size, you may come across a short vase of four to six inches, but it will have a wide opening. Wide openings mean such vases for wedding centerpieces will take up more flowers as compared to a bud vase.

Because you would be adding a lot more flowers in a small space, it is best also to include a flower frog in the vintage vase or any other type of vase. The flower frog helps keep the flowers in place and has easier control over them.

You could still use floral tape to hold the flowers together and fit them snugly inside the vase. We recommend filling the vases for wedding centerpieces with focal flowers such as anemones, dahlias, peonies, and some greenery for an additional great look.

Medium Vase

A medium vase varies from 6 to 8 inches in height and will be the most versatile. Such cases are quite versatile. That is how you would use them for tall and short flowers. It comes down to how well you trim the flowers to fit your needs for decorating a wedding centerpiece.

As much as the vase is versatile, avoid too-tall flowers such as gladiolus or even heavy flowers such as sunflowers. They might be too big they tip over the vase.

Other than using a medium vase for wedding decoration, such can be good for home use. Expect to find a vintage vase too in this category.

Tall Vase

glass vases for wedding centerpieces

In case you have a tall vase of over 9 inches, you can also use it as part of vases for wedding centerpieces. It can work with different flower types; just ensure the stem height is chosen correctly.

The rule of thumb is that the blooms should clear the top of the vase by a few inches to give off a clean look. This can be a good vase for delphiniums, foxgloves, and sunflowers.

Tall Vase Narrow Neck

The tall vases for wedding centerpieces can also have a narrow neck. They are ideal for those who might want to showcase a single branch. It is how such a vase would be flexible to work with different flowers or cuttings you can pick from your backyard. That is how sometimes people choose to use a palm leaf as decoration for the vase.


We find that there are several vases for wedding centerpieces in the market. It comes down to how you want to do the decoration. We have given you several vase size options to consider depending on the type of flower you want to decorate with. Also, do not focus too much on the math part but on how the flowers look while placed in the vase.


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