What Do You Put at the Bottom of a Glass Candle Holder

When you own a glass candle holder, you would be intrigued by how it may sometimes look with other candle holder fillers in addition to the candle. Since glass is transparent, it often makes it easier to find something to put at the bottom of a glass candle holder.

Here are a few ideas to try and see how best the glass candle holder would turn out.

Sand And Seashells

glass candle holder with sand

When you own a glass candle holder, you can use sand to fill it up first and then add the candle. We recommend using colored sand so that it brings out the aesthetics. You will surely come across different colors based on where you get the colored sand.

Some people often get multiple colors of sand and use them to create a beautiful look for their glass candle holders.

Other than sand, you can also use seashells. You may have taken a recent trip to the beach, and now you have several seashells. Start by placing them at the bottom of the glass candle holder to create a beautiful look.

Wood And Wine Corks

wine corks glass candle holder

You may like having wood at the bottom of the glass candle holder as part of the decoration. Most of the time, the wood is cut into small pieces that can then be glued onto the sides of the candle holder. You then insert the candle in between the wood. The result is a glowing effect coming from the little spaces between the glued wood.

It might not be the most common way, but it will be a great choice. You will have the choice of picking different wood shades, shapes, and so much more. Such versatility makes you enjoy working with wood.


This is a common way of people decorating a glass candle holder. You simply take small rocks or pebbles and arrange them neatly at the bottom of the candle holder. If you like, you can spray paint the stones or pebbles to ensure they also look great when set up in the candle holder.

The rocks or pebbles can also create different looks since they are not regularly shaped. This means each candle holder achieves a unique look anyone would like.


glass candle holder with beads

For the longest time, beads and pearls have been used in decorating glass candle holders. If you have any beads around the house, it is time to put them to good use.

Working with beads is generally easy compared to some other materials. Fill a couple of beads into the candle holder and top it off with a candle on top.

What we like about beads is how they give off a rich look. Anyone who wants to make a room look better would not mind using beads in the glass candle holder.


Candy is definitely a great option for putting it at the bottom of the glass candle holder. You may like just how easy it is to arrange candy in a candle holder. There is no formula needed here other than pouring the candy into a candle holder for visual appeal.

Other than using candy for decoration, some might even consider it a way to store their candy. Be careful, as kids might reach in to get some candy and the candle is on, leading to burns.

The good thing is the variety of options you would have with storing candy in a candle holder. There are many colors and shapes available for candy, so consider picking one.

String Lights

Using string lights can also be a great idea for enhancing the look of the glass candle holder. Most of the time, the string lights will not be used together with the candle, which can be a decorative piece on their own.

It can be even better when you have string lights that can change colors. It allows you to set different colors to your liking.


Glow-in-the-dark glitter would also be great to have in a glass candle holder. Since the glitter will glow in the dark, they would make the candle holder look even better. Simply light the candle and watch it look so great at night. It is the most affordable way of decorating the room.

Cereals And Gumballs

cereals glass contains

You can always use things around the house to decorate the glass candle holder. In this case, use cereals and gumballs. The most commonly used cereal is legumes such as beans, peas, and more.

Start by layering different types of legumes at the bottom of the candle holder. You could start with beans, followed by peas, then green grams. The idea is to create a beautiful look for the candle holder.

It is the same thing with gumballs. Layering different gumballs will leave you with an aesthetically pleasing look of the candle holder.

Sugar Sprinkles

glass candle cup with sugar

Sugar sprinkles would also be a good thing for you to decorate a glass candle holder. They are readily available in different stores, so getting them should be easy for those who want to decorate with them.

Since the sugar sprinkles are multicolored, they would make the candle holder also look pretty. Just make sure not to overfill the candle holder with sugar sprinkles. Fill it up to half the candle holder and add the candle on top.


You will come across different ways to decorate your glass candle holder, such as those mentioned above. The whole idea is to ensure that the candle holder looks great. We always recommend that you get creative and use locally available materials. Some of these things you might even have in the house. You could also get them from a craft store near you and improve the aesthetics of your candle holder.

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