What to Write in a Wedding Guest Book

What to write in a wedding guest book should not be hard to think of. We recommend heartfelt messages, advice, best wishes, and more.

A wedding is to be taken as a celebration of love, a beginning of a new journey together as a couple, and a day filled with joy and laughter. Among all the excitement, we cannot forget to fill the wedding guest book.

The wedding guest book is a tangible representation of the day that has been. The job of the book is to capture the heartfelt messages from your friends and family. You can also have well wishes and memories penned down by the guests attending. Some guests find it a perfect time to offer advice or simply encouragement as you start a new capture.

So, what are some of the things to write in a wedding guest book? This guide looks at how best to fill a wedding guest book and other aspects of the wedding day.

Ideas for Wedding Guest Book Messages

A wedding guest book is usually a blank canvas for everyone attending the event. They can write heartfelt words and best wishes to the beloved couple. The aim is usually to inspire the new couple to go and have a fun life living together.

Below are ideas to get you started on what you may write in the wedding guest book.

– General Well Wishes

In this case, you encourage the guests attending to express their good wishes and congratulations in their own words. Ensure there is enough space for the guests to write their messages on how they have enjoyed the day, and they can convey more best wishes for your marriage.

– Sharing Memories

The guests can also use the wedding guest book to share memories of the couple. This encourages the couple to keep up the fond memories and be open to doing more of such in the future. Being married does not mean you stop being adventurous and creating memories.

– Advice For The Couple

It is not bad to offer advice to the newlyweds, especially for those who have already been married for years. Tell the couple more details on how to relate to each other, the lessons you have already learned, how they can solve conflicts, and more.

– Personal Messages

It is also great having personal messages for the couple. It can be a way of reaching out to the couple and telling them you are there for them. If you know each other personally, then this would be the best thing to do. Let them know that they can rely on you as before. You can still make it fun and not too serious all the time.

message on wedding guest book

Examples of What To Write In A Wedding Guest Book

Below we have come up with a few options you may consider writing in a wedding guest book as part of encouraging or wishing luck to the newlyweds.

“May your love shine brighter with each passing day. Thank you for inviting us to celebrate this special moment with you.”

“Wishing you a lifetime of laughter, love, and endless joy. Congratulations on your beautiful union!”

“To the perfect couple, may your journey be filled with wonderful adventures, sweet moments, and a love that grows stronger with each passing year.”

“Congratulations on finding your perfect match. May your love story be as magical as this day and as everlasting as your commitment to each other.”

“Here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after! Wishing you a lifetime of shared dreams, unwavering support, and unbreakable bonds.”

“As you start this beautiful journey together, may every day be filled with abundant love, understanding, and respect. Cheers to a lifetime of bliss!”

“To the newlyweds, may your marriage be a beacon of hope, a sanctuary of love, and a source of strength. Congratulations on your wedding day!”

“Today, two families become one, and two hearts merge in love. May the joy you feel today stay with you always.”

“Here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after! May your love story be eternally filled with happiness and blessed with countless beautiful memories.”

“Congratulations on finding your perfect puzzle piece. Wishing you a lifetime of adventures, shared dreams, and a love that completes each other.”

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How To Create An Engaging Guest Book Display

A wedding guest book will only receive the attention it deserves depending on how you package and present it. You can do a few things to make people notice the wedding guestbook.

First, consider the right location. Ensure the guest book is in a location that is easily accessible and visible to the guests. Pick a highly-trafficked area, such as the venue entrance or the cocktail bar area, or where you will likely see more engagement.

Ensure the guest book also has the writing utensils such as pens or markets close to it. This means that each time someone comes to write a comment, they can easily do it without looking for a pen elsewhere.

To create visual appeal, you may still personalize the wedding guest book display with photo frames. Remember, the aim is to get as many people as possible to get close to it and write something about or for you as a couple.

You still need to communicate about the importance and purpose of the book. Let us say you include a brief explanation in the wedding invitations or website so people know about it. It is even better to have signage indicating where the wedding guest book is located for easy access.

Sometimes it is okay to have prompts that can make someone stuck on what to write keep going. An example is the question, “What is your best memory of the couple?” There can be more other prompts. Be creative to help overcome the writer’s block of some of the guests.

If you can implement these strategies, then expect an overwhelming response. This is because the guests feel encouraged to participate in the signing of the wedding guest book.


The wedding guest book is sentimental to the couple and the guests attending. It is vital to consider its significance if you want to create something unforgettable for such a special day. Expect the guest book to have advice, best wishes, compliments, and more. You can still read the book years later and feel how much people rooted for your marriage.


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