Where to Place Pillar Candle Holders

Depending on the candle type, some can elevate your mood after a tough day at work. This is why some people may have scented pillar candles in different rooms. Since these candles would have candle holders, it makes it easier to use them in different areas with ease. With that in mind, where should you place a candle pillar holder? Here are a few ideas.


It might seem like the least obvious choice, but it is possible to have a candle pillar holder in the kitchen. We recommend using one that matches the decor and color scheme so that it looks like part of the kitchen and is not an afterthought.

Let us say the kitchen has a rustic style; then it is best to use lanterns as the candle pillar holder and have them on countertops or the kitchen island if you have one.

We cannot forget about the scents too. As much as the food cooking in the kitchen would smell nice, the scented candles would also be relaxing. The most common scents for a kitchen include lemon, orange, cinnamon, and other food-scented candles placed in a  candle pillar holder.

Dining Room

You can still have a candle pillar holder in the dining room. The reason is to help make someone feel welcome in the eating space.

Experts recommend unscented candles for such a space as you want to enjoy the smell of food plus the flavors without having the scented candles interfere with the whole experience.

If you want a classier look, you should get a taller candle pillar holder and add some greenery to it. This should be good enough to create a large centerpiece to make the dining table stand out.

Living Room

wood candle pillar holder

The living room will have the largest option for placing a candle pillar holder. Our favorite is using the candle pillar holder as a centerpiece on a coffee table.

The candle holders would make a great focal point in the room. Sometimes you can use the candles together with dried eucalyptus or flowers to add more scent and color to the room.

Side tables are also quite common in our households. The side table with a burning candle adds a soft light to the space. It can also be relaxing to watch it burn. In case you may knock over the candle, consider using flameless candles.

Do you have a fireplace in the living room? It would be the best place to add the candle pillar holder if you have one. All you have to do is add the candles to the mantel, which generally looks good. This is when you do not want to light the fireplace but still want to enjoy looking at the fire.

If you have shelves around the living room, they could also be what you need to hold the pillar candles. If you want to use the candles on shelves, you should not place them close to other flammable materials. Also, ensuring better air circulation is vital for keeping the flame lit. You could still use shelves for storing the candles when not in use.

We still recommend using the candle pillar holder on a TV stand and sideboards. Here you can show off how good you are at decorating various spaces. The good thing is that since the TV is commonly a focal point of the living room, people get to see your candles too. Playing around with different colors and designs for pillar candles is also encouraged, making decorating easier based on the season.

Still in the living room, you could also place the candle pillar holder on the window ledge from the inside. This helps create a traditional look while simultaneously styling up the whole room. It is a decoration you would use so that the house still looks good for those watching from the outside. We have seen more people use flameless candles at the window since they may still want to keep it open.


The bedroom is one place you will always find the use for candles. Many people see it as a fun way of relaxing at the end of the day when they have scented candles in their bedrooms.

Finding where to place the candle pillar holder in the bedroom is easy. The most common would be the bedside table. So, you can use several candles depending on the look you want to achieve. Using different sizes is highly encouraged.

Besides the bedside table, you can also keep the candles on top of the dresser. This means that it can be good for lighting the dresser and still give you scents as you apply your makeup.

The most recommended scents for a bedroom include lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus, or any other favorite scent you like.


glass candle pillar holder

The candle pillar holder in the bathroom makes the room feel like a spa. You may like to sit in your bathtub after a long day and just relax. As part of relaxing, you can consider some amazing scents to pair with bath time.

Get yourself scented pillar candles of different sizes and arrange them around the bathroom for the best experience. You can even have some around the bathtub to get the most out of the scents and have a good time.

In case you are unsure of the colors, stick to neutral colors. This will make the candles blend into the bathroom decoration even better. Try and match the colors to what you have as bathroom decors, such as shower curtains or rugs.


How you place the candle pillar holder will vary from one person to another. It is quite vital you find what works for your space. Some might consider using wall sconces, while others use trays as candle pillar holders. Try to be creative with the placement. You may find it quite easy to get places where you can set up the candles. Do not forget about the scents too. Work with scented candles most of the time to enjoy the relaxing scents while also watching the glowing candlelight.

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