Will Hurricane Glass Candle Holder Break if Too Hot

A good hurricane glass candle holder will last you for a long time. However, too much heat can potentially break the glass candle holder.

One of the top ways to decorate a home or any other space is to use a hurricane glass candle holder. This type of candle holder is known for being stylish and still safe. Most of the time, such candle holders would be made of quality glass that should withstand the heat generated by burning candles. Another reason for a hurricane glass candle holder is that it also protects from wind and other external factors.

Understanding the temperature limits of a hurricane glass candle holder is key to ensuring you get the best safety. In case the glass candle holder is exposed to too much heat, it is possible that it can break or shatter. With glass everywhere, that is not good for people to walk or touch surfaces with broken glass.

Temperature Limit For A Hurricane Glass Candle Holder

A hurricane glass candle holder can work quite well as a wedding centerpiece, but remember it will also have a limit to the temperature it can withstand. The limit is mostly determined by the design, thickness, and material used to make the candle holder.

The temperature limit, in this case, is the highest temperature a hurricane glass candle holder can withstand before it breaks.

Back to what determines the temperature limit, we see that the material is a big determinant. The hurricane candle holders can be made of crystal, ceramic, or glass materials. We expect that each material with have a temperature limit.

A hurricane glass candle holder can potentially work with high temperatures of up to 150 degrees F. When you use a crystal candle holder, the limit goes up to 300 degrees F, and that of ceramic is even better as the limit is up to 400 degrees F.

The thickness is also another determinant of the temperature limit. A hurricane glass candle holder with a thicker glass material should easily withstand higher temperatures than thinner glass.

The design will be another key consideration. A hurricane candle holder with a narrower opening may have a lower temperature limit as it tends to trap more heat inside. Thus, the temperature could lead to the failure of the candle holder.

What Happens When A Hurricane Glass Candle Holder Gets Too Hot

hurricane glass candle holder for pillar candle

The glass used to make hurricane candle holders will also have limits. When you expose the glass to too much heat, it is possible that it can break. If the glass breaks, there is a risk of injury to those walking in the area where the glass has spread after breaking.

We also see that a broken glass candle holder can lead to potential fire hazards. This is because the flame can contact flammable materials, resulting in a potentially huge fire.

You should be keen about the signs that the hurricane glass candle holder is getting too hot and prevent additional damage.

  • Check for cracks. The glass can split or crack whenever the temperatures get too hot. Put out the candle to let the glass cool.
  • Before the glass can break, you may notice the glass develops a discoloration or changes in color at a certain spot.
  • Sometimes you can smell something burning. It can still be the right way to know that the candle holder is getting too hot.

How To Keep The Hurricane Glass Candle Holder From Getting Too Hot

colored hurricane glass candle holder

Now that we know there are potential dangers to making the glass candle holder get too hot, what are some of the ways to keep the candle holder from being too hot?

Use The Right Candle Size

The right candle size that fits in the hurricane glass candle holder ensures there is plenty of room in the candle holder, and it does not overheat. Also, more heat is allowed to escape from the candle holder to the point it does not get too hot overall.

Monitor The Candle

You can also monitor the candle so it does not burn too hot or close to the glass candle holder. Sometimes the flame can get too large, so it ends up making it hard to control it. Also, this would make the glass get too hot and potentially break.

Use A Heat Resistant Surface

We advise placing the candle holder on a heat-resistant surface such as a metal plate or ceramic. The surface can help prevent the candle holder from getting too hot and damaging the holding material.

Keep It Away From Flammable Materials

As much as the glass keeps the flame from starting a fire, keeping the candle from flammable materials is also a good precaution. Such include papers and curtains. You would prevent a potential fire even if the candle holder glass material is weak, and it can start a fire easily.

Avoid Candles With A High Melting Point

You may come across candles with high melting points, like beeswax and soy candles. Such candles generally generate more heat than traditional paraffin wax candles. So, if you are concerned about the hurricane glass candle holder you are using, opt for candles with a low melting point.

Care Tips For Hurricane Glass Candle Holders

Caring for your hurricane glass candle holders is important for them to last long. Here are some care tips to consider.

  • Clean the glass candle holders regularly to prevent the build-up of soot or wax.
  • Store the glass candle holders carefully so they are not knocked over or damaged.
  • Keep the glass candle holders away from children and pets. This helps prevent accidental breakages, which would otherwise make it hard to keep the candle holder intact.
  • Each time you handle the glass candle holder, do it with care. Be gentle and avoid sudden movements, which would otherwise break the candle holder.


The hurricane candle holders are good when they are still intact. If you decide to expose them to too much heat, you will end up with a broken candle holder. Ensure you note the candle holder’s temperature limit so it never gets there. Still, focus more on keeping the temperature down with the tips mentioned above.


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