13 Creative Ways To Use Candle Holder Centerpiece

A candle holder centerpiece can also work as another decorative piece. Learn more about to achieve this in this guide and create beautiful spaces.

Candle holder centerpieces are supposed to be great at holding different types of candles so that you can decorate a room better. They can be quite versatile in how they can be used. Therefore, we have to look at some creative ways you can consider using candle holders. Check them out below.

1. As A Flower Vase

glass candle holder centerpiece for flowers

A candle holder centerpiece can also work well as a flower vase. We recommend doing this to the big candle holders meant for pillar candles. Such would work well as vases as they have the right capacity. Simply add water and then the flowers to keep them fresh.

You can choose the glass or metal holders and furnish them with flowers. Using faux flowers is also possible if you have a beautiful finish.

2. Hold Pencils Or Pens

This might not be the most convenient way of using the candle holder, but it is often good for most people. Let us say you have an office and many pens and pencils that need somewhere to be placed; consider a candle holder centerpiece to organize your space.

Depending on the design of the candle holder, it can be an impressive decorative piece on the table.

3. Organize Jewelry

If you have several pieces of jewelry available and nowhere to be stored, a candle holder centerpiece can help with the organization. Some good options for storing in holders for candles are rings, necklaces, and bracelets. This will generally make the whole space look tidy.

4. As A Terrarium

geometric candle holder for terrarium

This is best left for glass holders for candles. They can be a good choice for coming up with a mini terrarium. Simply fill the candle holder with small pebbles, sand, and tiny succulents to create a beautiful terrarium. As you can see, having a terrarium without taking up too much space is possible.

5. Use As A Dessert Holder

Depending on the occasion and design of the candle holder centerpiece, we can use the holders as dessert holders. We recommend it mostly for holders that are big enough to hold cupcakes and other dessert-related goodies. Sometimes it could be what you need to get a touch of sophistication on the table setting.

6. Hold Plants

plants and candle centerpieces

Still, as part of decorating candle holder centerpieces, using them as plant holders just make sense. You must place a small plant inside the candle holder to get a decorative piece for the living room or bedroom. We recommend using a candle holder that has a unique design that offers a touch of personality and makes the plant stand out also.

7. Decorate With Shells And Sand

Maybe you want to give your room a coastal and beach makeover. We recommend decorating with shells and sand in the holders for candles to do this. Most people who frequent the beach might have shells and sand they could use for decoration.

Start with the sand at the bottom, then add the shells. This can create the best design you have always wanted and is still a great decorating option.

8. Hold Candy

candy and floating candle in glass candle holder centerpiece

We are used to seeing people use bowls to hold candy in their homes. Well, you can still consider holders for candles to hold candy too. It is a nice way of ensuring you have proper candy storage and can easily pick from the holders.

For this one, we recommend using a holder with a wider opening. This allows you to put your hand into it and take the candy. Of course, candy can also be a decoration if you have no kids around.

9. Greenery

It is not a surprise when we get to use greenery as part of decorating the candle holder centerpiece. This often gives a subtle but sophisticated look. Rather than the usual flowers, this time around, consider using greenery.

We recommend choosing plants whose branches do not wither when you cut them. Good examples of such plants include the eucalyptus. They will remain green even with minimal care.

10. Hold Pumpkins

Yes, we know pumpkins can be heavy, but if you have metal pedestal candle holders, it should be hard to decorate them. The holders will be a great way of adding height to a pumpkin decoration. Also, you get to create a spooky atmosphere.

Consider placing the holders on top of a bookshelf and then adding the pumpkins creatively.

11. Stones And Pebbles

floating candle holder centerpiece

It is not strange, but people do have treasured rock collections. The holders for candles can provide you with the space necessary to showcase them. Alternatively, you can get decorative stones and pebbles from a local store and use them for decorating your space.

This is usually an easy hack to do. All you need is an empty candle holder centerpiece and fill it with several stores and pebbles. Depending on the colors of the pebbles you have, it is possible to create a beautiful pattern from them too.

12. Wine Glass Holder

It should be interesting to see how this works on your end. You must consider holders for candles with a wide flat base to hold the wine glass. Also, the wine glasses should be compatible with the candle holder to prevent them from falling from the candle holder. If the holder has a cute design, you should have an elegant and still functional wine glass holder for the event.

13. As A Plant Hanger

You can get some candle holders having hooks and branches. The idea is to create a unique design whereby you can add many candles to it and have an intricate look. So, the other option is to consider using the holder to hang plants. It could be the climbers or any other type of greenery that blends into the holder correctly.


We have seen that there is so much you can do with holders for candles other than holding candles. This is important, especially for those looking to decorate spaces differently. Other than the tips mentioned above, you can still decorate the candle holders in different ways. Minding the existing decoration and creating something that blends right in is quite important to consider still.


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