How Much Are Candelabra Centerpieces

The best candelabra centerpieces will make your home look better. Find out more about their prices and where to get the cheapest options.

Candelabra centerpieces are some of the best options in the market. This can help improve how well you decorate a space. One thing about candelabras is that they can easily work with different themes and spaces. So, what should you expect the price for the candelabra centerpieces to be? We want to examine that in this guide to help you pick the right centerpiece.

Different Candelabras With Prices

clear candelabra centerpieces for event tables

The market right now is filled with many options for candelabra centerpieces. Knowing their prices can help you choose the correct one for you. Here are some examples of candelabras with prices.

Taper Candelabras ($10 to $500)

The taper candelabras are simply elegant and versatile candelabras you can buy. You may find them also being used as table centerpieces. From the name of the candelabra, you get the idea that they are designed to hold several taper candles. They are also avoidable in many sizes and styles.

Pillar Candelabras ($30 to $400)

When seeking to put up beautiful wedding centerpieces, sometimes the choice can be the pillar candelabras. Such candelabras are designed to hold the pillar candles and can help create a dramatic effect in the room. Of course, they are also a good decorative accent.

Crystal Candelabras ($100 to $800)

Crystal candelabras will be great for those who want a stunning and sophisticated showpiece in the home or event. Ensure you buy from a well-known brand to get high-quality crystal candelabras. Most of them will work with taper candles.

Vintage Candelabras ($200 to $1000+)

The candelabra centerpieces can also be vintage. This is where they are designed to have a vintage look. Such candelabras ensure you add warmth and charm to your space. These vintage candelabras will vary a lot in terms of price. Their pricing is mostly based on age, rarity, and condition.

Contemporary Candelabras ($50 to $700)

Another choice for candelabra centerpieces is modern and sleek contemporary candelabras. These candelabras are built to offer a great design for most modern homes. Expect them to come with a range of materials and styles too. The best part about such centerpieces is the variety available that would make you want more.

When in the market for candelabra centerpieces, expect to find more than we have listed above. We see that most will range from $50 to $1000, depending on several factors. So, it is not impossible to always find something within your price range and set up your space even better.

Where to Buy Cheap Candelabras Centerpieces

silver candelabra centerpieces for dinner table

Now that you know the average price range for candelabra centerpieces, the question you might have in mind is where to buy the candelabras. There are many possible places to get candelabras, as we discuss below.

Online marketplaces, including Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, can offer a good range of candelabra centerpieces. The good thing about having multiple sellers on a platform is that it will make it easier to find many similar products. You can also opt for bespoke online stores such as NUPTIO that can help you find the right candelabra centerpieces for your need.

Discount stores will be a good thing for you to consider too. Some notable discount stores include Dollar Tree, Target, and Walmart. They often have several options when seeking candelabra centerpieces. These stores will have offers and discounts mostly during holidays. This is the right time to buy the centerpieces.

You can go right with thrift stores too when seeking the best candela centerpieces. Some of the common choices for thrifty stores would be Goodwill and Salvation Army. With some research, you could get many other thrift stores near you selling candelabra centerpieces.

You might be surprised that garage sales will have some of the cheapest candelabras available for sale. The good thing about buying from garage sales is that you can still negotiate further with the seller to get the best price always.

You can always do a DIY candelabra if you are on a tight budget. There are a number of tutorials online you can check out. The most crucial thing is ensuring you also make the best candelabra by following the detailed tutorials online.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Candelabra Centerpieces

wedding metal candelabra centerpieces

We have seen that the price of candelabra centerpieces varies a lot. What could be the reason? We look at some reasons you might be seeing the price difference.


Candelabras are often made of different materials. Such include wood, crystal, glass, and more. The price will largely change depending on the cost of sourcing the materials, the quality of the materials, and the rarity. As such, you can find metal candelabras cheaper than crystal candelabras.


As expected, if you are going for an intricate or unique design, it will be expensive. So, look at your budget and work with it to get the best design. A simple design might be for you if you have a low budget. However, some people commission artists to create for them one-of-a-kind candelabras. If you have enough money for it, then make a purchase to enjoy unique centerpieces.


It is best to buy from brands when you are looking for the best candelabras. Check out a number of top brands online to find out which option can give you the best value for money. Some brands are known for their luxury nature. Take your time to get a brand that can work for your design idea and budget.


Seasons, whether the candelabras are handmade or mass-produced, and the size of the candelabras are some additional reasons for the difference in costs. Ensure you understand the use of the candelabra and choose the one that would make it possible to enjoy using it. We recommend checking out different options in the market before settling for one that works for your needs to get one.

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