How to Store a Glass Vase

If you want to store glass vases, this guide is for you. We share details on how you can keep the glass vases safe and maintain them in good shape.

Glass vases can be what you need in case you want to decorate your wedding event or even just your home. Let us say you no longer have use for the vase; how would you store it? We all know a glass vase can be delicate, no matter how reinforced it can be. So, proper storage is vital for ensuring it remains in good shape and functional. We discuss critical details on storing a glass vase and keeping it from breaking easily.

Benefits of Storing Glass Vases Correctly

Before we get into storing glass vases, let us look at why you should store glass vases. Below are the expected benefits you would get.

  • Prevent Damage

Vases made of glass are prone to breaking, cracking, and chipping. If you can store them correctly, you minimize the chances of damage to the vases. The damages often come from falls and collisions with other objects. We will share tips later on how to keep this from happening.

  • Preserves The Aesthetic Appeal

Vases made of glass can have intricate designs, making them quite desirable. However, if you let them sit unused for long, they might not keep looking good. This is because the elements may lead to cloudiness and discoloration. Proper storage is recommended if you do not use the glass vase more often.

  • Better Organization

Proper storage is better if you want to organize the space holding the vases. The type of storage you choose is vital for organizing the vases and decluttering the room in case the vase is not in use. Of course, locating and retrieving the vase next time should be easy.

Preparing To Store Glass Vases

The first thing to storing the glass vases is to make sure they are well prepared for the storage part. Start with cleaning the vase. The last thing you need is to store dirty vases. Use mild dish soap and warm water to clean the glass vase. Rinse the vases once they are clean to remove all the soap residue.

Dry the vases thoroughly before storage. We recommend using lint-free clothing to wipe the vases or allow them to air dry. Remove all the moisture from the glass before storage to prevent mold growth while the vases are in storage.

You may also remove decorations from the glass vases. This includes options such as beads, ribbons, and others. These items can easily tangle or get damaged while storing the vases.

tall glass vase

How To Store The Glass Vase

Now that you are ready to start the storing process, here is what you should do.

Selecting The Right Storage Container

Choosing the appropriate storage container is vital for the protection of the vases. Consider the size and shape of the container. We recommend choosing a large container that can comfortably accommodate the vases without necessarily crowding them.

The material is also important. The container should be durable and sturdy, giving the vases the best protection. Cardboard boxes and plastic containers are the most common choice. If you opt for cardboard, ensure they are of good quality and reinforced so they do not easily collapse.

Ensure Proper Cushioning

Of course, proper cushioning is important to protect the glass vases from potentially breaking. So, placing the vases in a storage container only after wrapping them with soft material is advisable. The option is to use tissue paper, a clean cloth, and bubble wrap.

Once you are done wrapping, secure the vase using a tape or rubber band to keep the material from moving around. Do not apply too much pressure if you are using rubber bands.

It does not hurt to have extra padding for the delicate vases. Because you want them to remain looking good, consider adding more padding. Or you can also get sleeves of the right size to hold the vases and prevent them from shattering.

Packing And Arranging Vases

florist arranges flowers in glass vases

You can now proceed to pack and arrange the glass vases in the containers. We recommend that you start with creating compartments to secure the vases. Get yourself cardboard inserts or foam sheets for dividing the container into several sections. Once the vases are put into sections, it reduces the risk of damage.

How you position the vases is vital for keeping them from breaking easily. Start with upright positioning to help distribute the weight of the vases and minimize the stress put on the next.

If you have a glass vase with an irregular shape, we recommend that you avoid upright placement. Simply position them in a way that minimizes contact with each other and offers more stability.

Sealing And Labeling The Container

Once you have put the vases into the storage container, we recommend sealing and labeling them correctly.

Sealing the container is vital for ensuring no dust or debris is getting into the storage container. Also, it can help prevent accidental opening when you do not need to use the vases.

If you use a cardboard box, use strong packing tape to seal it. Those with plastic containers can seal with a lid meant for that container.

Labeling is also important so that people know they are glasses and should be handled carefully. The common way of labeling would be “fragile” or “glass” in large font. Anyone who sees such labels would handle the box or container with caution.

Choosing the Proper Storage Location

The choice of storage location can also determine how well the vases can survive. You can consider factors such as temperature, humidity, sunlight exposure, etc.

Having excess moisture is not good for your vases. This is because it can lead to more condensation and mold growth. Mold is not good for your health. Make sure to store in an area with a stable moderate temperature range.

Also, avoid direct sunlight exposure. This could lead to discoloration or fading of the glasses over time.


When you decide to store glass vases, we recommend paying attention to detail. Prepare the vases correctly by ensuring they are clean and choosing the right storage container. Also, ensure proper cushioning and packing so the vases do not easily break while in storage.


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