Make Your Wedding Centerpiece Fake Tree Look Fuller

When it comes to creating wedding centerpieces, fake trees become a popular choice. Not only do they add an exquisite touch to the decor. But, they are also denoted as a symbol of everlasting love. A wedding centerpiece plays a crucial role in setting the ambiance for your special day. If you’ve opted for a beautiful fake tree as your centerpiece, you may find that it lacks the lushness and fullness you desire.

Don’t worry, though! There are many effective and attractive ways to enhance the appearance of your fake tree. Making it a stunning focal point that wows your guests. In this blog post, we’ll share some expert tips and tricks to guide you in transforming your wedding centerpiece into a lush, full-grown tree.

Guide to DIY a Stunning Fake Tree Centerpiece

black fake tree centerpiece with tealights decoration

Fluff and Arrange The Branches

The first step to enhance the fullness of your fake tree is to fluff and arrange its branches. Separate and spread the branches, allowing them to fill up more space. And create a lush appearance. Bend and shape the branches to give them a natural and organic look.

By paying attention to the placement and density of the branches, you can add volume and depth to your centerpiece. Turning into looking fuller and more appealing.

Add Faux Foliage and Flowers

To elevate the lushness of your fake tree:

  1. Consider adding faux foliage and flowers.
  2. Choose high-quality silk or artificial foliage that complements your wedding theme and colors.
  3. Attach the foliage to the branches, focusing on areas that appear sparse.

By attaching fake greenery and flowers, you can fill out the gaps. And transform your centerpiece. And turn it into a verdant masterpiece. Use different textures and shades to create an exquisite blend. It will match your wedding style.

Adorn with Hanging Ornaments

Another way to enhance the fullness of your fake tree is by adorning it with hanging ornaments. Opt for lightweight ornaments. Such as crystal chandeliers, glass baubles, or twinkling fairy lights. Hang them at varying heights throughout the branches. And create an illusion of depth and fullness.

The shimmering ornaments will add light and a magical touch to your centerpiece. Turning it fuller and more captivating. Choose ornaments that harmonize with your wedding theme. And incorporate accents that reflect your personal style.

Incorporate Cascading Ribbons or Fabric

Cascading ribbons or flowing fabric can be used to create a breathtaking illusion of fullness and movement for your fake tree centerpiece. Select ribbons or fabric in complementing hues and textures that coordinate with your overall wedding color palette.

Begin from the top of the tree and let the ribbons or fabric cascade down, draping around the branches. This will create a mesmerizing visual effect and make your tree look abundant and wealthy. Try different ribbon widths and lengths to achieve the desired fullness and elegance.

Introduce Twinkling Lights

Nothing adds enchantment and radiance to a centerpiece like twinkling lights. Add fairy lights or LED string lights into your artificial tree to infuse a magical glow. Wrap the lights around the branches, focusing on areas that appear sparse.

The soft illumination will create an ethereal ambiance while concealing any gaps. Making your fake tree centerpiece look fuller and more stunning. Opt for warm white or soft pastel lights to maintain a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

Supplementing With Decorative Elements

white fake tree with hanging decoration for wedding centerpieces

To further amplify the fullness of the fake tree, supplement it with decorative elements. This includes hanging ornaments, cascading ribbons, or even small decorative birds or butterflies.

These extra elements will add layers and dimensions to the tree. Also, giving it a fuller and more stunning appearance. Experiment with different combinations and placements. Find the perfect balance between elegance and whimsy.

Extra Elements To Try

  • Layering Fabrics: Consider draping sheer fabrics. Such as tulle or organza around the branches of the fake tree. The softness and transparency of fabrics will create an ethereal and voluminous effect. Adding depth and fullness to the look.
  • Hanging Crystal Strands: Hang beaded garlands or crystal strands on the fake tree’s branches. The shiny nature of the decorations will catch the light and create a dazzling show. Make your fake tree look more lush and glamorous.
  • Utilizing Fairy Lights: String fairy lights throughout the branches of the fake tree. This will create a magical and enchanting atmosphere.


Following the above creative tips, you can turn your fake tree into a stunning focal point. This exudes fullness and vibrancy. Test with these tips and adapt them to suit your unique wedding theme. Also, your personal wedding style.

Let your imagination drive wild and bring your dream centerpiece to life!


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