Non-Tacky Guide to Using Fake Flowers for Wedding Centerpieces

Finding ways to use fake flowers for wedding centerpieces, check out this non-tacky guide to making it look realistic. Continue reading to learn more.

As earlier as you start planning a wedding decoration, the costs increase. Usually, one of the most expensive costs is the florist. But have you ever wondered about the possibility of obtaining fake flowers for wedding centerpieces that appears quite real? The response is “YES! You Can!”

Fake flowers have become very popular as wedding centerpieces in recent years. It won’t take time to find the best fake flowers on the market. This guide will help you make them look as real as possible, whether you want to use fake flowers for wedding centerpieces or wedding bouquets.

Let’s start with some tips you can use for your fake flower arrangement.

1. Avoid Using Greeneries in Your Bouquets

When working with fake flowers, it’s best to avoid using fake greeneries altogether. Fake foliage often lacks the natural texture and vibrancy of real leaves. This makes it noticeable and detracts from the aesthetic.

Some arrangement calls for a little greenery, and it’s fine. So, make sure you choose the velvet-coated ones or have some coating to mute the bright green color. When it breaks off the reflection of the light through the leaves, it looks less tacky!

2. Avoid Using Neon or Bright Colors in Flowers

bright color fake flowers bouquet

It is advisable to avoid bright or neon-colored fake flowers for wedding centerpieces. This is to maintain an elegant and timeless look. Opt for soft, muted tones, or stick to classic white for a sophisticated touch. By choosing a more subdued color palette, you can create an atmosphere of refined elegance. It complements the theme of your wedding.

Another thing is to avoid two-tone designs and ones with colored tips! These are definitely a no-no! Choose a better color to create classy fake flower wedding centerpieces.

3. Avoid Using So Much Variety of Fake Flowers

It is important to stick to one variety of fake flowers for wedding centerpieces. It will help you to get a cohesive and polished centerpiece. Mixing many types of artificial flowers can often appear cluttered and less appealing. By selecting a single variety, such as roses, peonies, or hydrangeas, you can create a clean and cohesive look. This will exude simplicity and elegance.

This is important for silk arrangement because it will make it look less tacky, which is our goal. Using the same variety with different shades will make it look beautiful and great for a classy fake flower arrangement!

4. Remove The Greeneries Attached to The Stem

If fake flowers for wedding centerpieces come with attached fake leaves or greenery. It’s best to remove them. Most artificial foliage tends to look less realistic and can cheapen its appearance. By cutting off the greeneries close to the stem, you can create a sleek and clean look for yours.

5. Select High-Quality Fake Flowers

fake flowers for wedding centerpieces

Buy high-quality fake flowers for non-sticky wedding centerpieces. Look for artificial blooms made from silk or high-grade polyester materials that resemble real flowers. These premium options often have lifelike textures, vibrant colors, and realistic details. It allows you to create stunning arrangements that fool the eye.

6. Hide Stems and Wires

It’s crucial to hide the stems to enhance the look of your fake flowers for wedding centerpieces. One effective way is to use floral tape or ribbon to wrap the stems, creating a seamless and finished look. Additionally, you can place artificial flowers in decorative vases or containers. You can perform this to make sure that the stems are completely concealed. This technique adds an extra layer of elegance and authenticity to your arrangements.

7. Incorporate Realistics Elements

Consider incorporating realistic elements into your centerpieces. This will be an ideal way to enhance the illusion of real flowers further, such as adding faux water or acrylic crystals to the vases to create the appearance of cut flowers in water. You can also add natural-looking foliage or branches. This provides depth and texture to the arrangement. These little details add more solidity to fake flowers for a wedding centerpiece.

8. Cut Extra Threads

In artificial flowers, it’s common to find threads or strings sticking out from the stems. These visible threads can be a giveaway that flowers are fake. Take the time to trim any excess threads using sharp scissors or wire cutters. This small detail will ensure a polished and realistic appearance for your centerpieces.

Wrapping Up

Using fake flowers can be an excellent choice for creating stunning wedding centerpieces. By following this guide, you can achieve an elegant and sophisticated wedding look. This will enhance the beauty of your wedding venue.

If you are looking for fake flowers for wedding centerpieces, our wide range of flowers and centerpieces collection is what you are looking for! You can go through these tips and tricks and get an appealing look.


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