Pros and Cons of Silk Flower Wedding Centerpieces

Adding silk flower wedding centerpieces is the best substitute for flowers to give a stunning look to the place. Know the pros & cons before using.

When you are preparing for a wedding, there are lots of things that you must take into account. You must choose everything carefully, from the ceremony space to the reception venue. The event’s tone, ambiance, and aesthetic all depend upon your personal preferences. While decorating the wedding venue, floral centerpieces play a vital role. It helps you in adding elegance to your perfect marriage setting. However, the use of traditional fresh flowers has been in trend for a long time. But with the passing days, silk flower wedding centerpieces have taken over the spot.

There are several advantages of using silk flowers as décor for weddings. It is the best substitute for its counterparts. But all that glitters are not gold; hence, these floral décors have their drawbacks too. If you are going to use silk flowers for your wedding, then you must be very clear about the following pros and cons. Let us know a few of them before making a decision for your special day.

Pros Of Silk Flower Wedding Centerpieces

red rose silk flower wedding centerpieces

1. Durability And Longevity

The original fresh flowers that are used in wedding decors wither with time. But the silk flower wedding centerpieces do not wither or fade even after use. They have long-lasting durability and can stay intact for a long period of time. This helps it to spread its beauty throughout the wedding day without fading.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Fresh flowers are more expensive than these silk flowers. Their cost depends upon the type of flower you are using for the decoration. Silk flowers are the perfect substitute for fresh, original flowers. It makes your wedding venue look magical on a low budget without cutting your pocket. It is a must-go wedding item for couples who are looking for budget-friendly floral décor.

3. Low Maintenance

When you are using fresh flowers for decoration purposes, you have to ensure that they do not wither. They must remain fresh and unfaded till the ceremony ends. You have to water, trim, or refrigerate them so that they can stay fresh throughout the day. But with the silk flower wedding centerpieces, you don’t have to worry about these as they don’t require any maintenance.

4. Allergy-Friendly

Silk flower wedding centerpieces do not have pollen in them. They are generally found in the original fresh flowers. Hence they do not emit strong smells. Some guests may get uncomfortable if they are allergic or sensitive to pollen. Thus it makes it a great choice to replace fresh flowers with pollen.

5. Versatility

Silk flowers are replicas of the original ones; deliver a wide range of size, color, and style options. This allows the couples-to-be to choose the flower that matches their wedding theme. The chosen flowers must also suit your personal preferences and personalities. You can get the centerpieces customized according to you for your coming big day.

6. Availability

Are you getting married at the beginning of the year or at the year’s end? No matter the season and month, you will always find silk flower wedding centerpieces for decoration. These flowers do not grow on trees as per the season; hence they are available throughout the year.

7. Reusability

The use of silk flowers reduces wastage because they can be used multiple times. It is a long-term investment, and thus it also saves money that could be wasted on repurchases.

Cons Of Silk Flower Wedding Centerpieces

silk flower wedding centerpieces

1. Lack Of Fragrance

Since silk flower wedding centerpieces have artificial flowers, they do not have their natural scents. They don’t emit any aromatic fragrance in the atmosphere, which can be disappointing for some couples.

2. Limited Realism

Silk flowers may appear as natural blooms from far, but when you come closer, you will find that they lack realism. Over the years, they may have become somewhat realistic. But they still cannot match the original texture and appearance of the fresh flowers.

3. Environmental Impact

Silk flower wedding centerpieces are made up of synthetic materials, and once they are used, they are sometimes disposed of. This harms the environment as synthetics are non-biodegradable and remain in the soil forever. Hence their production and disposal have a negative impact on the environment.

4. Limited Availability

It may get difficult to find a specific variety or color of flower that is needed to decorate the wedding venue. You may have to explore countless online and offline stores to find the actual item that is expected. Even when you find it, there may be some notable differences between its original and artificial form.

5. Less Sentimental Value

Silk flower wedding centerpieces do not hold any sentimental value as fresh flowers do. For some couples, it may work, but the beauty and freshness that fresh flowers offer are beyond explanation. You will never be able to capture the symbolism of original flowers through silk flower centerpieces.

6. Potential Damage

Silk flowers do not wither or fade, and they are durable. But one of the major drawbacks of this centerpiece is that they are not entirely indestructible. If not handled with care, these pieces can be damaged, and that will result in ruining the whole look of the centerpiece.

7. Lack Of Uniqueness

Unlike fresh flowers, silk flower wedding centerpieces are produced in large masses, which leads to a lack of uniqueness. All the flowers are identical and hence may result in the creation of similar centerpieces. Thus it is a possibility that more than one wedding may use the same silk flower and the same centerpiece.


When choosing between fresh flowers and silk flower wedding centerpieces, you might get confused. Both of the flowers have a set of advantages and drawbacks. What you want to use on your big day totally depends upon your personal preference.

These flowers offer durability, low maintenance, affordable cost, and Versatility, but at the same time, they lack sentiments, uniqueness, fragrance, and realism and have a great impact on the environment. Before deciding on the floral décor for your wedding, you must consider these pros & cons to make the right choice.


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