11 Trendy Hurricane Candle Holders For Your Wedding Ceremony

Are you looking for the perfect way to light up your rustic wedding? Look no further than the ideal hurricane candle holders!

If you’re looking for a unique and rustic wedding, try to use hurricane candle holders. These beautiful and versatile pieces are suitable for indoor and outdoor weddings. They come in various styles, from vintage and classic to modern and sleek.

This article will highlight 11 of our favorite hurricane candle holders. Give your wedding a special feel.

1. Eclectic Bronze Metal Candle Lantern

ecletric bronze hurricane candle holders

This eye-catching lantern is perfect for setting a rustic yet elegant tone. It features an openwork bronze metal frame with intricate detailing. A wide handle makes it easy to move around if needed. Place a pillar candle inside to cast a warm and inviting glow and bring out the stunning design of this lantern.

An eclectic metal lantern will upgrade your wedding décor. You can make it as a centerpiece or in pairs at the venue’s entrance and make a beautiful statement.

2. NUPTIO Metal Glass Pillar Candle Hurricane

The vintage hurricane candle holders have a classic design with an antique bronze finish. They will charm any reception hall. These sturdy holders will keep your pillar candles safe and secure.

Metal candle hurricane set is a great choice for those special occasions. It’s also lightweight and easy to transport, so you can bring it anywhere you need it. Add this unique vintage piece to your wedding decorations for elegance.

3. NUPTIO Vintage Hurricane Candle Holders

vintage hurricane candle holders

You can add a touch of vintage style to any wedding theme with these candle lanterns. It features a traditional hurricane shape with a gold-plated finish. The intricate detailing gives it an ornate look that will be admired.

4. NUPTIO Geometric Glass Hurricane Candle Holders

geometric glass hurricane candle holders for table decor

Crafted from metal, this stunning candle holder has an intricate design with a lovely gold finish. The holder can fit standard-sized pillar candles. 3 different sizes make it perfect for any table centerpiece or mantle. Using gold candle hurricanes will add sophistication and glamour to any special occasion.

5. NUPTIO Tall Tealight Candle Holder

Glass tealight hurricane candle holders will create an inviting and romantic atmosphere in any setting. The holder is made from metal with a black finish and features intricate floral and foliage detailing. The tall size is perfect for displaying multiple candles, making it a great option for creating a stunning display. The height makes it great for positioning on a mantle or side table to add elegance to the decor.

6. NUPTIO Farmhouse Hurricane Lanterns

farmhouse hurricane candle holders for home decoration

These hurricane lanterns are designed to hang from the ceiling. They come with glass panels for a beautiful light display and can be used to hang pillar candles, tea lights, or LED candles. With their unique design, these lanterns offer a perfect look for your rustic wedding.

7. NUPTIO Glass Hurricane Candle Holders

gold glass hurricane candle holder for pillar candles

These luxurious pieces add sparkle to your wedding decor. Perfect for a classic or modern wedding theme. The high-quality tempered glass will shine in the candlelight, while the gold accents add glamour and sophistication. With the stylish design, large rectangular candleholders will be a hit for your wedding ceremony.

8. Seashell Candle Holder

Nothing could be more perfect for beach wedding decor than a seashell candle holder. It can be used as the centerpiece for your tables. Add a touch of the ocean to your venue. The shells are carefully joined together to make the perfect frame for a large candle. The natural materials also add an extra layer of charm and character to your decor. Let the gentle light of these seashell candle holders light up your big day!

9. Driftwood Hurricane Candle Holders

For a romantic, rustic look, try this driftwood candle holder. The natural, weathered wood looks stunning and is sure to add a touch of warmth and charm to your wedding decorations. With a warm glow and an earthy feel, these driftwood holders are perfect for a beach or outdoor wedding, adding an elegant yet effortless vibe. Try pairing these with soft florals and mason jars for an enchanted woodland atmosphere.

10. Crystal Candle Hurricane

A crystal candle holder can be an elegant addition to your ceremony decor. They come in various styles and shapes, from round to square, classic to modern. Crystal hurricanes add a luxurious sparkle and shine to the atmosphere.

You can use a single crystal holder or several, making a stunning statement piece your guests won’t forget! Place these candle holders in the center of your tables for a unique look.

11. Silver Candelabra Hurricane

The reflective silver finish will make a statement whether you want a traditional or modern touch to your ceremony. Not only do they provide an ambient atmosphere, but they will also add elegance. Pair your silver candelabra with other candle hurricanes for a truly luxurious look.


Hurricane candle holders can bring a lot of elegance and rustic charm to your wedding decor. A hurricane candle holder will perfectly complement your big day. These 11  trendy hurricane candle holders will make your wedding decor stand out, whether for an elegant, vintage, or boho chic look.

If you want to get more inspiration of hurricane holders, please explore our collection here. Let your special day be as unique and beautiful as you are.


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