Reuse Bridesmaid Bouquets As Centerpieces

The best part about bouquet centerpieces is their flexibility. We look at tips on how to reuse them for home and even other event decor.

Flowers are an integral part of planning for a wedding. When you use the right flowers, you should expect to end up with a beautiful wedding ceremony full of bouquet centerpieces. So, what happens to these centerpieces once the wedding ceremony is over? What are some of the creative ways to use bouquet centerpieces? Rather than throwing these flowers, there can a good use for them. That is what we want to look at in this guide.

Choosing The Right Bouquet Centerpieces

Before we can look at how you would reuse the bouquet centerpieces other than the wedding ceremony, we also have to consider choosing the right ones. The most important consideration is the types of flowers and how they are arranged.

Most of the time, you will find that the flowers used at a wedding will be versatile, so it should be easy to find flowers that will work well in other decorations other than a wedding.

Bouquets with a mixture of greenery and flowers will be more versatile. This is because such bouquet centerpieces can easily be rearranged to achieve a certain look.

We would not recommend using too small or too large bouquets as sometimes they might not be cohesive with the color scheme, let us say, in a home.

Some of the options that would have can include:

  • Wildflower bouquets
  • Garden-style bouquets
  • A mix of flowers and greenery
  • Bouquets with monochromatic colors

Consider the season and location of the bouquet centerpieces. Let us say it is a fall wedding, then choose the bouquets with warm colors such as orange, yellow, and red so that the flower can last into the next season.

It is still important for you to consult with a florist to get more ideas on what would be a good choice for your home. Florists tend to provide you with enough information so that you can pick the best bouquet that suits the look you are going for.

Creative Ideas For Reusing Bouquet Centerpieces

bouquet centerpieces vase white

Maybe you are wondering how best someone can reuse these wedding centerpieces. We share some creative ideas for you to consider and get the most out of such wedding decorations.

Place Them In Vases

If you want to create a new centerpiece, you can place the bouquet centerpieces in vases and then repurpose them as decorative pieces for another similar event. The vases are available in different sizes and designs. So, if you make the right choice, you should have a beautiful vase centerpiece with flowers.

Decorating Tables

You also have the option to decorate the bouquet centerpieces for even tables. Of course, once you have placed them in vases, use them on various tables combined with other centerpieces to form a beautiful look. Combining these bouquets with candles, greenery, or many other decorative elements is a good choice.

Create A Backdrop

If you have a wooden frame, it can be the best way to repurpose the bouquet centerpieces. This is where you can create a backdrop by hanging the bouquets on the wooden frame. You can use wires or ropes to hang them in a way they form a pattern.

The backdrop can have many uses, and most people would potentially use it for taking photos.

Set Up A Photo Booth

A photo booth could also use some color, and the bouquet centerpieces from the wedding can be repurposed to do that. Add the flowers to the photo booth to make it colorful or work as props for those who want to take photos. The guests will hold the bouquets while taking photos to ensure they feel part of the event.

Accentuate Specific Areas

What people might not know is that you can also use these bouquets at home. Since the wedding is over, it is possible to take the bouquets home and enjoy the views even better by accentuating specific rooms in the house. It could be your dining area, bedroom, and so much more.

How to Prepare the Bouquets for Repurposing

make bouquet centerpieces

The bouquet centerpieces need a bit of preparation before you can start using them for repurposing. Here are some quick ideas on the preparation process.

  • Remove the ribbon holding the bouquet stems together
  • Go ahead to trim these stems to the desired length. Let us say you want to put the flowers in a vase and trim the stems to suit the size of the vase.
  • You can also add more flowers to the bouquet or greenery too for making it more substantial. This is vital for those using small bouquets and wanting to make them bigger and stand out.
  • Once the bouquets have been arranged in the container, make sure to mix and match them to suit the existing decor of the event or home decor.
  • As part of adding a personal touch, adding a ribbon to the containers is possible. You can always use other decorative elements.

Benefits Of Repurposing The Bouquet Centerpieces

You may be wondering why are some people reusing bridesmaid bouquets. Well, the first benefit is that you save money. Rather than spending more money on buying floral arrangements, you already have some available at the event.

We also see that repurposing the bouquet centerpieces is good for the environment. The flowers that would potentially go to waste now have a new purpose.

You can also have a personal touch when you repurpose the bouquets to get yourself something unique. Once you combine the different bouquets, you can be happy with the results.

You will mostly end up with less waste when you do repurposing. So, rather than throwing away the bouquets, you can minimize the waste and give the flowers a second life. You can create more memorable spaces with such flowers.


When you reuse the bridesmaid bouquets, you can end up saving a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on buying new flowers. You can also save time as you would not have to go out to find more bouquets. We also see that such reuse will spark conversation when a guest gets into a home. So, there is so much you can do with such centerpieces.

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